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Customized Fridge Magnets

Can you find any household that doesn’t have magnets on their fridge? in fact fridge magnets are as common as dishes and glasses stacked neatly in the cupboard. beside a good homely kitchen just doesn’t feel as homely without one or more refrigerator magnets.
As a result we have custom fridge magnets which are cost-effective and one reason why you should invest in them. These advertising fridge magnets are relatively cheap comparing to other promotional products such as leather bags or corporate gifts and pens and because of their size they can be easily sent to you.

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Customized Fridge Magnets Manufacturer

Our wholesale fridge magnets are constructed of many different materials, in fact it include paper, soft PVC, resin, acrylic, glass and different combinations beside its available in different shapes, sizes and colors, our magnets for refrigerator is a perfect custom made item for business promotion in terms of functionality and visibility.
Browse below for a basic idea of choosing your promotional magnets and for your next business plan.

3D Refrigerator Magnets Large Resin Artificial Vegetables Fridge Magnets Fruit

Fridge Magnets
Specification :Multi-piece Package
Sticker Type :Magnetic Sticker

Big Number Fridge Magnet Wood Materials

Features: Brand new and high quality. Brightly colored- surely will attract children’s attention. In fact one set with 0-9 Numbers- can easily teach the child to know the Numbers between 0 to 100. Magnet with enough magnetic for better installation and fact a colorful product- a good choice to post it onto refrigerator for home decoration. Description: Material: Wooden. Size: 4cm x 2.5cm x 0.2cm (Appro) Package included: 1 x Fridge Magnet Number Set Small Note: 1.Products and images may exist chromatic aberration-please understanding! 2.Compare the details with yours-please allow 1-2cm differs due to manual measurement!

3D PVC Fridge Magnet

This 3D fridge magnetic sticker is made with quality soft pvc which is durable and waterproof. while you stick it on fridge door or other metal surface, your company logo can be engraved on the surface.
Material: soft PVC and magnet sheet (0.5-1.5mm)
Size: Custom made size available
Logo: Up to 4C
Min Order: 500pcs

3D Lenticular Refrigerator Magnet

Using 3D stereo technique integrates digital technology and covered by a lenticular plate, this refrigerator magnet is good as a business card magnet also.
Material: lenticular plate and magnet sheet (0.5-1.5mm)
Size: Custom made size available
Effect: Animation, morph, zoom and flip
Min Order: 500pcs

Customized Paper Foiled Fridge Sticker

With foiled paper and quality inks which will not fade, this promotional fridge magnet makes your event or activity a great success.
Material: paper and magnet sheet (0.5-1.5mm)
Size: Custom made size available
Logo: Up to 4C
Min Order: 1000pcs

Advertising Acrylic Fridge Magnet

This acrylic fridge magnet is designed with a thermometer. Clear hard acrylic fridge magnet while the inside is the Australia image printed onto high gloss photo quality paper and inserted.
Size: 87*78*6.4mm
Material: Acrylic and magnet sheet (0.5-1.5mm)
Logo: Up to 4C
Min Order: 1000pcs

Custom Made Iron Fridge Magnet

Iron sheet fridge magnet or metal fridge magnet can be printed with full color on metal sheet. It’s the best choice of souvenirs.
Size: 4.5cm x 8cm
Material: Iron sheet and magnet sheet (0.5-1.5mm)
Logo: Up to 4C
Min Order: 500pcs

Poly-Resin Souvenir Magnet For Fridge to customer

Made with polyresin, this fridge magnet is a 3D magnet with big popularity as a country souvenir for tourism. Travelers and tourists just love them super much.
Size: 6cm x 8cm
Material: Resin and magnet (0.5-1.5mm)
Logo: Up to 4C
Min Order: 100pcs

Glass Bead Customized Fridge Magnets

Made by clear crystal glass and magnet, in fact these bead fridge magnets are available in any customized size , shape and printing artwork.
Size: Dia 45mm
Material: clear crystal glass , printed paper and rubber magnet
Logo: Up to 4C
Min Order: 1000pcs


Personalized Car Magnets

Personalized Car Magnets For Advertising

Business car magnets are an surely effective way to achieve two objectives. in fact they can be used to promote social causes. On the other hand, they can also be used to declare personal affiliations.
Our advertising car magnets are widely used as fund raising materials to fund social causes. Because of the visibility of car sign magnet, they can be an effective means to inform people of on-going social activities. while there’s a lot of examples of such causes are peace promotion and prevention of diseases. Aside from these, they are also used to fight for political beliefs.

Personalized Custom Car Magnets Stickers

Our custom magnets for car come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. There are ribbon car magnets that are usually associated with causes related to the prevention of diseases, such as HIV. in fact other designs include triangles, rectangles and flags using rubber magnet and coated paper, synthetic paper, PVC. beside these materials can easily be placed on any metallic part of the vehicle.
in fact browse our below range for magnetic sign for car, truck, or any vehicles. We also have standard size options available for your convenience.

Ribbon Car Sign Magnet

These support our troop ribbon car sign magnets are sized 10cm x 15cm. because they are printed on premium magnetic material in thickness 0.3cm, UV protected inks. in fact you can remove, clean and reposition magnet to promote your cause and tell the world who you are.

Advertising Car Magnet

These advertising pink car magnets are sized 13.5cm x 16cm. because they are printed on premium magnetic material in thickness 03cm, UV protected inks. remove, clean and reposition magnet to promote your cause and tell the world who you are.

Car Sign Magnetic Sticker

These car sign magnetic stickers are sized 7.6cm x 28cm. in fact they are printed on premium magnetic material in thickness 03cm, UV protected inks. because of this stick this car sign magnet on your car, truck or any vehicle without any damage and give people a clear idea.

Die Cut Personalized Magnetic Car Sign

Sized 20cm*20cm, this die cut car magnet is made with high quality 0.30 mil magnet material, because we use UV resistant ink that helps maintain vibrancy and prevent fading. We can die cut your car magnet into any shape according to your design.

Personalized Full Color Car Magnetic Sign

Sized 25cm*50cm, full color car magnetic sign is made according to your design and printed with quality inks which will not deteriorate and fades quickly. in fact our car magnetic sign is one of the best promo products for fundraisers for sports teams, schools, and booster clubs, church’s and military support groups.

Custom Car Magnets 3″ x 11 1/2″

Item/Quantity   200     500     800     1000     1500     2500    5000
1 Color            2.29    1.75    1.26     0.95      0.75      0.65      0.55
2 Colors          3.89    2.34    1.53     1.15      0.95      0.83      0.70
3 Colors          5.49    2.93    1.8       1.35      1.15      1.01      0.85
4 Colors          7.09    3.96    2.55     1.75      1.35      1.19     1.00

Above you can have a basic price list for reference. when the size of your custom made car magnets is different with size shown, please kindly contact us for a precise quote.


Promotional Magnetic Gifts

We have a few magnetic gift

Kindly have a look on our below gift magnet crafts supplies to decide which one for your next promotion. while you are guaranteed that we will do our best to get you value for money.

Lenticular Promo Magnetic Bottle Opener

Constructed with 3D lenticular surface and magnet at the back, in fact this metal bottle opener is your cost effective promotional gifts to those beer lovers. because they can see you every time they drink.
Size: Dia 5.8cm
Material: Lenticular Card ,metal and magnet
Logo: Up to 4C
Min Order: 1000pcs

Gift Magnetic Bookmark

Magnetic bookmarker adopts white card as printing material and a folded magnetic sheet. Company, schools and governments can have our bookmark magnet custom printed with their design as a gift.
Size: 4cm x 24cm
Material: Laminated paper and magnet (0.5-1.5mm)
Logo: Up to 4C
Min Order: 500pcs

Magnetic Promotional Memo Pad

Magnetic memo pad or notepad magnet can be die-cut to your demanded design and printed with your logo. Packed with a pencil, our notepad magnet is popular promotional gifts in office to employees.
Size: 14cm x 10cm
Material: Paper and magnet sheet (0.5-1.5mm)
Logo: Up to 4C
Min Order: 1000pcs

Magnetic Photo Frame as promotional gifts

We can use both paper and PVC to make magnetic photo frames. Any design can be custom printed or custom PVC injection. Our magnetic photo frames are the perfect way to display message and memories.
Size: 10cm x 17cm
Material: Laminated paper and magnet (0.5-1.5mm)
Logo: Up to 4C
Min Order: 1000pcs

Magnetic Writing Board and Pen

Our mini magnetic writing board is a thin, lightweight writing board available with pen and eraser. It is new style display items with paper or plastic surface laminated by PP. Very good to use in office promotion.
Size: 20cm x 25cm
Material: Laminated paper and magnet (0.5-1.5mm)
Logo: Up to 4C
Min Order: 1000pcs

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