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Custom silicone

Custom silicone products is one of the most beneficial elements for humans. It is also the most widely used element in human daily life. Because its production is characterized by a large number of different variants and options.

Custom silicone rubber is easily processed and shaped to produce various materials. Such as sealants for automobiles, electronics, tires, cables, industrial molds, food molds, art reproductions, toys, play equipment, molds, copiers and baking tools. You can customize and print all silicone products as per your request.

There are unlimited bespoke silicone products that can be customized however you like.
Custom silicone products

Key Features of Custom silicone

Regardless of the application, silicone’s broad properties make it a key component in thousands of consumer and industrial materials.

This great mask storage box can hold 5-10 disposable masks or N95 masks. It not only satisfies the student's reserve in the school, but also satisfies the daily surplus of office workers. This box can completely protect your disposable masks from dust and secondary pollution.
Advertisement for a custom hijab ad case

performance side

You can make Custom silicone products in a range of shapes and types, including: solids, resins, rubber, and liquids. Silicon consists of a wide range of material properties, such as: hard or soft, rigid or flexible, Absorbent or water repellent, conductor or insulator,

Foam or remove foam.

An essential travel accessory, rather than having to lug around bulky bottles of shampoo, conditioner and lotion. These silicone tubes are very flexible and easy to squeeze.
Different color design allows you to distinguish what is in each bottle.
Two different bottle sizes are made perfectly to fit the amount of travel restrictions you fill with shampoo, conditioner and shower gel needed to eliminate traveling with you.
Made of soft-touch silicone so every drop of stored liquid can be used.
Round Silicone Travel Bottles, Cosmetic Container

protection side

Silicone has many of the protective properties that silicone products have. Silicones found in clothing, outerwear, footwear, and personal care products protect people from heat, cold, wetness, electricity and UV damage.
Silicones used in industrial applications also protect equipment from many factors such as: water damage, damage from UV rays, extreme heat, extreme cold, weather changes, corrosion, chemicals and oils.

The bottle can keep drinks hot for 12 while cold for up to 24 hours, making it an ideal item for on the go.
silicone bottles

Custom silicone uses

Silicone products protect and improve our quality of life. In everything from aviation to textiles, they enhance existing materials and make new ones possible. We find silicone in all areas of life such as: aviation and aerospace to construction, electronics, healthcare, household products, paints and coatings, personal care products and many other magazines.

Silicone tubes are acid and alkali resistant. Wide range of applications where high temperatures or extreme working conditions exist. Excellent resistance to ozone and UV rays. Good insulation performance.

Customized promotional silicone products.

Silicone promotional items are popular due to their price and volatility. It just depends on your imagination whether you use a catalog product or start developing your own promotional product.

AirPods open shape cases are made of premium silicone material. It's slim, lightweight, tightly wrapped and shock-resistant, protecting your AirPods case from dust, scratches and bumps. We offer 10~12 colors of silicone for options, personal logos can be silkscreen printed on the silicone directly, or design a unique PVC rubber logo to stick on the silicone case.

Household Products

Bakeware and cookware are more durable, convenient, easy to use and long lasting when made of silicone rubber. The flexible non-stick surface is easy to clean and does not impart any food flavor or odor.

There are many baking dishes for cakes, bread, muffins and other items made of flexible silicone.

Silicones are ideal ingredients for home polishes, floor cleaners and countertops. It enhances shine, spreads easily and does not react chemically with surfactants.

 Double sided bristles helps scrub and cleans the dishes easily. It’s soft bristles are non abrasive, making it gentle on any pot or pan. Each Sponge has a hanging loop for easy storage and quick drying.

Personal Care Products

The gentle and versatile silicone creates many of the positive qualities we associate with personal care products such as a luxurious feel, silky smoothness, and smooth, shiny applications.


Silicon is used for components customized in any way in the medical device sector. It is disposable and reusable and can be easily sterilized or replaced with a new sterile one.

Custom silicone baby toys

You can also customize safety-tested silicone toys that keep baby entertained while providing sensual pampering for textured mixed surfaces. This seems perfect for keeping little hands occupied while walking or shopping.

New Custom Baby Toys Animal Teething Teether Silicone Teether Toys for Baby.It is easy grip for little hands and extremely lightweight makes it easy for your baby to grasp, lift and develop their motor skills.

Customized silicone bracelets and keychains

Our custom silicone bracelets and keychains have inch-wide loops with a durable clasp and a metal carabiner that holds the keys. So it is the perfect product for people who want to keep their message in mind. Made of high quality silicone, these rubber keychains and bracelets work well as promotional gifts, fundraising items, or gifts for special occasions.

If you want customers to literally keep your brand in the palm of their hands, we have the answer! Wristbands are great gift items for a car dealership, real estate agency, or any other business that often uses keys. We take standard bracelets and add special hardware to turn them into key chains.

Silicone intended for industrial and construction use

Silicon is widely used in industry in building and construction. As it perfectly complements products made of other materials, both functionally and aesthetically.
At you can customize silicone in industrial products and building and construction products.

custom insole for promotional shoes

You can use the silicone shoe sole in sports shoes, casual shoes, leather shoes, etc. Because it is of high quality and durable, as well as suitable for long-term use.
This product when printed produces a new product with modern capabilities. And the possibility of profitability as well.

Insole full silicon is super comfortable insole with soft relief zones. It reduces the painful shock waves and lightens the load to feet, knees and the spine. Anatomically designed for better comfort and fitting, it provides even pressure distribution throughout.

Silicone camping and travel bowls

The new slide is collapsible bottles and silicone containers. They can be converted into a design according to customer specifications and can have different applications such as sports, tourism and camping as well as medical bags and bottles for special uses.

SPACE SAVING & PORTABLE - The foldable mess kit takes up no space in your pocket, backpack, briefcase or suitcase. Great for camping trip, hiking, backpacking, travel, train trip, lunch, picnic and sporting events
This fantastic Aqua collapsible water bottle is perfect for those who spend time in the outdoors!
Minimize what you carry when you go jogging, camping, or hiking!

custom silicone lids

To move away from disposable packaging and replace it with tastier and more Eco-friendly packaging for many uses.
The silicone lid helps prevent drinks from spilling and the thermal insulation strip then allows for a comfortable, secure hold even for hot drinks.

Classic coffee cup lid. Designed with a small ventilation hole and a drinking hole.
Silicone is an absorbent material, and it can absorb the smell of the package during transportation. If the silicone item got a little bad smell. No need to worry, just put it in somewhere for a day or two and it will auto start. In addition, silicone is an easy material to collect dust, but it is also easy to wash. Please rinse the cap before or after use to keep it clean.

electronic silicone products directli from manufacturer

Silicon has played an integral role in advances in computer technology, telecommunications, micro and large electronics, and electrical power distribution.
They help protect electronic components from factors such as extreme heat, moisture, salt, corrosion, pollution, and movement in computers, appliances, cars, and aircraft.

There are many, many silicone products that you can customize as per your request.

Customized silicone printing

The use of silicone in many applications is very wide and therefore there is a great need for printing on custom silicone products but this is only possible with silicone based inks. If you have such a requirement, it is better to contact us to produce the whole product, including the brand.

Silicone transfer is another new type of process used in the clothing industry. It can directly transfer single-color or multi-color silicone patterns and silicone LOGO to clothing, gloves, shoes and hats with a heat transfer machine, and the thickness can reach 0.5 MM-2MM. Among the many synthetic rubbers, silicone rubber is the leader among them.
These are custom embossing printing silicone wristbands

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