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Advertising Promotional Magnetic Stickers

Magnetic stickers that we often say are the rubber magnets with coated paper, synthetic paper, PVC or other printed paper. The surface can be printed with 4-color offset printing or silk screen printing and can be covered by PP waterproof membrane layer matte or light film. They are usually of thickness from 0.5mm-1.0mm and can be printed with anything such as advertising information. These magnetic stickersrong can be affixed to the home refrigerators, water dispensers, car and so on any iron or metal surface.

Custom advertising Magnetic Stickers

Magnetic stickers are an alternative to bumper stickers. Bumper stickers fade and melt away in the elements, leaving a sticky mess on a vehicle. This is unappealing for vehicle resale. Magnetic stickers allow a business, band, or individual to show their colors without damaging the vehicle.

Magnetic stickers
Advertising Magnetic Stickers
Promo magnetic sticker

Wholesale Magnetic Stickers

We offer wholesale magnetic fridge stickers and magnetic vehicle sign stickers for cars, trucks, and vans with low minimum purchase required! Visit our product page to get started. Your customized business magnetic sticker imprinted with your business information can allow you to stand out in your particular niche in the market to customers new and old.

 magnetic fridge stickers
 magnetic fridge stickers
magnetic stickers als promo gadgets

Advertising Magnetic Stickers Manufacturer

We are magnets supplier and manufacturer producing high quality promotional magnets at a great wholesale price with professional service to businesses worldwide. We are a well-established, reliable, professional company that offers our customers the ability to easily access a massive range of custom magnet crafts made by rubber magnet including car magnet, refrigerator magnet and crafts with magnets to meet your need.

Promo Magnetic Stickers

Promo Magnetic Stickers

Looking for a cost effective and reliable means to brand your business? Look no further than the custom printed magnetic stickers that allow you to put not only your company’s unique logo design, motto or slogan, and contact information that most folks would find useful, but is also one of the most inexpensive ways to reach a large audience of potential customers and clients. You can surely benefit from them to drive sales higher and take advantage of customer loyalties.

Custom Promo Magnetic Stickers

Our promotional magnetic stickers are usually The name and logo of your company along with the services and products offered form the main theme of advertising magnets. Depending on your budget the advertising magnets sticker can be put up on billboards or distributed among prospective customers.

Magnetic Stickers as promotional products

Custom designed magnetic stickers for promotion puts your company contact information in a handy format that can be attached to nearly any metal surface, including refrigerators, filing cabinets, or even vehicles. This makes contacting your business even easier – there’s no need to look up your phone number – a quick glance at your attractive personalized magnetic sticker provides all of the information that your potential or existing customers need to get in touch with you. Many companies choose to include not only their physical address and phone number on their custom magnet, but also their web address or URL

Supplier of magnetic stickers

If you have any questions of branded magnetic stickers, contact us and we will provide our expertise suggestion.
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Custom Labels and Stickers

Custom Labels and Stickers

Label stickers are widely used on wrappers, cans, bottles, envelopes, folders etc. They are used in outdoor signs and vehicle number plates. Corporations, organizations and individuals utilize custom label stickers to attain wider coverage among the general public. The great advantage of using decal stickers is their eye-catching nature. Attractively shaped decal stickers come in handy while decorating the windows and vehicle bodies. Label stickers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. They are made from a variety of materials such as paper, adhesive satin, vinyl, etc. The special coating ensures that they are weather-resistant.

Promotional Custom Labels and Stickers

We offer a wide array of promotional adhesive sticker including paper stickers, vinyl stickers and plastic epoxy stickers, which come in various sizes, shapes and colors as per your requirements. Also we can help make your own style labels and stickers. We provide free simple artwork design. We have personnel dedicated to artwork generation and they aim to work with you to provide designs that address all your label and sticker presentation needs.

Custom Labels and Stickers as Advertising Products

When a custom sticker or label is required, we could do the artwork design, with ease of use being of paramount importance. Alternatively, the label may be a selling point of a product, or an identifier where a company logo is the centerpiece. Whatever the requirements for your artwork, our team can help you achieve your goals.

Now browse our product categories and see if any interests you. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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Custom Printed Labels and Stickers

If you are looking for an effective promotional idea to help grow your brand awareness and enhance your business appeal, look no further than our custom printed labels and stickers.

Custom sticker labels are great for a variety of industries including manufacturing, shipping, retail, health care and so much more. These sticker labels usually come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can find indoor and outdoor varieties, full color, embossed, foil stamped, roll labels, etc. They can be used for any need and are prefect for those on a tight budget.

Custom decal stickers make a fun and effective marketing tool. Take a ride around town and you are sure to notice all kinds of car bumper stickers, window decal stickers or label stickers. They are used by companies to promote their products and increase their brand recognition.

Arm yourself with this effective and colorful print product. With the right marketing values and brand building strategies, you can have visually engaging labels and stickers that attract the right kind of crowd for you and your business interest.

Custom Magnet Manufacturer

Custom Magnet Manufacturer

We are magnets supplier and manufacturer producing high quality promotional magnets at a great wholesale price with professional service to businesses worldwide. We are a well-established, reliable, professional company that offers our customers the ability to easily access a massive range of custom magnet crafts made by rubber magnet including car magnet, refrigerator magnet and crafts with magnets to meet your need. Also, we are making efforts on producing new magnet craft ideas to meet the requests and needs of our customers.

Custom Magnet Manufacturer
magnet crafts manufacturer
magnet crafts supplier

Manufacturer of custom made magnetic stickers

Only the best raw material including durable non-toxic magnet material and quality inks are selected to supply better quality magnet crafts. We have professional graphic design groups and an advanced mould development and manufacturing plant to produce what you really want. We also have our experienced staff to assist and suggest you and your company in every step of your requirement, from concept development, proof confirmation to producing the final product.

Production of custom magnetic stickers

In conclusion, we combine high-quality materials (30 mil solid magnetic sheeting with a 85lb pull rating) with years of expert production, layout and design experience to offer you a “one-stop” solution for all of your magnetic stickers display needs.

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promotional magnet supplier
wholesale custom magnet

Custom Magnet Manufacturer and Supplier

What more do you expect from a magnet manufacturer who supplying quality products, lower possible price and great customer service?

Contact Wholesale Custom Magnet

Contact Wholesale Custom Magnet

Contact your great source of supplier of custom magnet here.  Custom magnet crafts at great wholesale price will perfectly a good choice for business marketing.

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