Reflective Clothing, the Life Saver!

reflective vest safety

Reflective clothing, also called reflective safety vest or simply safety vest, is one kind of safety clothing made of high visible reflective material. If you expect to be outdoors in the evenings, a reflective vest can probably be your life saver. Why? Because the visibility of drivers during the evenings is so weak that the traffic accident rate is times as in the daytime. Even though there are streetlights, drivers in a fast running vehicle cannot see so clearly nor act so smartly as they do in the day. All you have to do is simply wear the reflective vest over your existing clothes and the drivers will be able to see you on the road when it starts to get dark.

Reflective Clothing are greatly needed

Reflective safety clothing are most popular among motorcyclists because they are smaller ones on the traffic road and easily overlooked by other drivers. Therefore they need to wear reflective vests to make them bright in the night for their safety. Besides, many professionals need high visibility reflective clothing, including policemen, cyclists, motorcyclists, hunters, tow-truck drivers, construction workers, emergency responders, surveyors, film/TV/news crews, and equestrians, etc. How about the ordinary pedestrians? In fact, night walkers also need reflective vest in case to get hit by a car simply because the driver may not see them.

All Kinds of Wholesale Reflective Clothing Supply

As a professional custom reflective clothing manufacturer, we supply all kinds of promotional reflective safety clothing, including Reflective Vest, Reflective Sweatshirt, Reflective T-shirt, Children’s Safety Clothing, etc, just name it. Our product can be custom made in different styles, bright colors. In addition, the reflective stripes which are added to further increase visibility, complement the coloring and also decorate the clothing, can be customized in various materials and shining colors. We can print on the reflective vest with logo or image you want to show at any purposes.

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