Custom Made Mouse Pads

Custom Mouse Pad


A mouse pad is a type of surface enhancing the usability of a computer mouse as well as a fantastic tool to promote a company or business as it can be custom printed. Mouse pad comes in a variety of materials such as PVC/PP, EVA, silicon, fabric, etc., to offer personalized touch to users. Functioning as photo frame, calendar, wrist rest mats, and calculator and so on, a custom mouse pad is a good choice for business promotional use as gifts to customers.

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Custom Made Mouse Pad

Imagine the information of your company being seen by your current or prospective customers every day when they use computers. Isn’t it great? The partner of a mouse, mouse pad, which is printed with your brand, logo and service, is a simple and effective way to promote yourselves for the information is just underneath the hand of computer users. Promotional mouse pads are perfect for business advertising, trade shows, client gifts and give-aways.

custom made mouse padcustom mouse padcustom mouse pads

LENTICULAR 3-D, Motion & Morph Mouse Pads

custom made 3d mouse pad

From lenticular 3D mouse pads, you can see the moving action by changing your viewing angle. Image converts into another image or changes from large to small. Using state-of-the-art printing facilities, we can custom design your pad in any size, shape, and color combination. The only boundaries are your imagination.

By literally adding another dimension, we can promote multiple messages in the same space, grab attention with changing images or motion, draw viewers into your message with realistic 3-D. Clients will be mesmerized as your message comes to life through these lenticular processes increasing the impact of your promotional message.


Mouse Pad Supplier

With years of experience in manufacturing custom mouse pads, we have become a major mouse pads supplier in this market.

Visit our product page and take a look at our personalized mouse pads to be your next effective promotional, It will surely help carry your advertising and marketing message to your potential customers.

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