Custom Made ID Wristbands


Usage of Custom Made ID Wristbands

Custom Made ID BraceletsOur range of custom made ID wristbands include: Paper ID wristbands, Plastic ID wristbands, Textile ID wristbands. We provide all kinds of custom made ID wristbands in a variety of types, styles, colours, and patterns and customized advertising ID wristbands you can choose to the type, the color, the pattern to fit your activities.

Custom Made ID Wristbands Products

You can check below our custom made ID wristbands and see how can look your promotional identification wristbands. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Custom Made Paper ID Wristbands

Advertising Paper ID WristbandsCustom ID wristbands are made standard paper material. Paper ID wristbands can be custom made with any printing like logo, picture, catchword or event name. Custom made paper ID wristbands are available in any PANTONE colour, sizes, designs. Paper ID wristbands are suitable for short events and it is not possible to use them repeatedly and they are not waterproof. Custom made paper ID wristbands are light, soft and comfortable to wear. Contact us for your custom made paper ID wristbands inquiry soon!
Item Code: GS-IDW001
Material: Standard Paper
Size: 260 x 25mm (or custom size)
Min Order: 500pcs

Custom Made Tyvek ID Wristbands

Promotional Tyvek ID BraceletsCustom made tyvek ID wristbands offer both a cheap and simple solution for entry control and visitor management. Cucstom made tyvek ID wristbands are made from tyvek material, what is spun polyethylene and the bracelets feels and looks like paper. Tyvek is extremely durable, non-transferable, stretch resistant, tamper-proof, 100% waterproof. Tyvek ID bracelets are lightweight and comfortable to wear.
Item Code: GS-IDW002
Material: Tyvek*
Size: 250 x 20mm/200 x 20mm/150 x 20mm (or custom size)
Min Order:1000pcs

Custom Made Plastic ID Wristbands

Customized Plastic ID WristbandsEntrance custom plastic ID wristbands are made from materials like polypropylen, polyethylen či PVC – polyvinyl chlorid. All those materials can guarantee, that custom made plastic ID wristbands are highly durable stretch resistant. At the same time plastic ID wristbands are 100% waterproof, light, safe.  Plastic ID wristbands can be printed by logo, picture, bar code, qr code and you easily get advertising gift.
Item Code: GS-IDW002
Material: PVC, PPC, PE
Size: 255 x 2mm (or custom size)
Min Order: 1000pcs

Custom Made Vinyl ID Wristbands

Branded Vinyl ID BraceletsCustom made vinyl ID wristbands are higly resistand and they are great tool for ever promo event. Custom made vinyl ID wristbands can be printed and then you can address thousand people at the same time. Custom made vinyl ID wristbands are suitable for music festivals, fairs, fun parks.  Vinyl ID wristbands are made with special fastening which is not possible to open after its closing. There is just one way how to remove the vinyl ID wristbands – cut them.
Item Code: GS-IDW003
Material: Vinyl
Size: 255 x 20mm/250 x 25mm (or custom size)
Min Order:1000pcs

Custom Made Fabric ID Wristbands

Printed Fabric ID WristbandsCustom made fabric ID wristbands are suitalbe for formal events. Custom made fabric ID wristbands can be printed – logo, brand and you can easily increase your brand awareness. Custom made fabric ID wristbands are available in any PANTONE colour and size and printing in an PANTONE colour available too.

Item Code: GS-IDW005
Material: Fabric / Woven / Polyester
Size: 15 / 20mm width x 360mm length (or custom size)
Min Order: 200pcs


Promotional identification wristbands for your event!

Custom Made Identification Bracelets

An identification wristbands sometimes refers to promotional wristbands or custom identification wristbands. Identification wristbands are classified as one-off identification wristbands and recycling identification wristbands. It can be one time use or reusable. Identification wristbands are always used for large-scale events and activities. Besides, identification wristbands are ideal for festivals, shows, play centers, concerts, night clubs & bars, hospitals, sporting events, hotels resorts, private parties, birthdays, water parks, theme parks, fairs and so on. Our identification wristbands are created of fine, high quality, what means your wristbands, will be hard to tear, they won’t mind to go for a swim and won’t break during a long time concert.

Why Promotional Identification Wristbands from us?

  • free samples
  • promotional identification wristbands in your own design
  • promotional identification wristbands in any color and fashion design
  • promotional identification wristbands in any sizes available on request
  • delivery time less than 19 days.
  • materials: Paper, Plastic, Fabric, Tyvek, Vinyl

Promotional identification wristbands printed with your company’s logo or text will be your next hottest sales item. Promotional identification wristbands can be a kind of promotional gifts or giveaway to promote your business. Promotional identification wristband is an excellent method of visually identifying your paying guests and customers.

Promotional Identification Wristbands for your Next Event!

Identification wristbands are light, convenient and comfortable to wear. Promotional identification wristbands are applicable to festivals, hospitals, parties, hotel resorts, pubs, special occasions etc. Identification wristbands are used for admission control and identification. Our promotional identification wristbands are one time use and no reusable.

Custom Made Identification Bracelets

All promotional identification wristsbands can provided in any colors, any printing and any sizes and can be branded your own design and logo. Please check above information of our most popular types of identification wristbands.

We offer small and large quantities in all our event bands. This will allow you to order as many or as few as you need. You can design the wristbands with your company phrase and logo in any colour you choose.

Are you interested in promotional identification wristbands? Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions, quotation or order.

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