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Door Mats with Logo for Company Promotion

logo_carpetPromotional door mats are one of the most essential room accessories for any type of premises where people go in and, promotional door mats have a great advertising effect. Dirt, dust, liquid beverages, oil, harmful chemicals, etc., are foreign objects that get inside the place easily. These things are absorbed on the concrete floor and can leave stains. These stains accumulate germs, which can be very harmful to people. That´s why you need to have promotional door mats. However, door mats is used not just to trap all the dirt particles and keep them from getting inside the house. A piece of good looking carpeting can contribute greatly to the interior design of the house and company entrance, particularly to the doorway where it is placed.

Different Material for Promotional Door Mats

As a promotional door mats supplier, thousands of door mat shops and carpet stores found us and have becoming our loyal customers. And we are able to provide you with various kinds of premier and quality promotional door mats including indoor door mats, outdoor door mats from different materials like PVC, coir, rubber, polyacrylonitrile, vinyl, polyester, plush or polypropylene.

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Promotional Door Mats with Your Company Logo

Promotional door mats with your company logo can be a very effective part of an advertising campaign, exhibition or general point of sale location. With near photographic image reproduction, promotional door mats can be personalized without design limitations. Custom imprint door mats acts like a horizontal billboard – successfully maximizing a product or company’s potential by utilizing the floor to reinforce your company’s messages.

Promotioanl Door Mats at Company Entrance

Generally promotional printed door mats are used as entrance mat. It is usually placed in front of the door creating a good impression on the users as people usually look down on the carpet when they step on it. Nowadays every company is trying to expand their advertisement in different ways. And using promotional printed door mats is the proven way of promoting one advertisement in a cost effective way. Just placing a logo of any brand or company can be of great advantage. It is a powerful tool to send a company message to the consumer with less effort. It can be placed anywhere in the house, office, industrial place with high traffic and can attract the attention of people more easily.


Custom Made Rugs for Your Company Entrance

We offer custom made rugs and door mats in various material options, colours, sizes and styles according to your requirements. Our leading technology has actually increased their ability to perform its functions to prevent the tracking of dirt and debris into indoor/other spaces as well as to decorate your spaces. With quality manufacturing materials, the increased trapping ability of our comparatively price low cost rugs can reduce the amount of dirt that enters your door by as much as 90%.

If you are looking for any place where your company logo to advertize, we are also ready to work with you on designing your custom made rugs. You can decide whatever styles you want and we are also pleased to give suggestions.

Take your time and browse through our site. Whether you are looking for normal home rugs, commercial rugs, logo rugs or csutom made rugs, we hope you will appreciate our commitment to delivering simply the finest in custom door mats.

Custom Made Vinyl Rugs

These custom printed vinyl rugs are ideal to promote an advertising product message. Used either on the floor or shelf area incorporating stunning photographic quality image media they really get the message across.rubber door mat

Item Code: GS-DM001
Material: Vinyl
Dimension: 50*70cm
Min. Order: contact us for MOQ and price

Custom Made PVC Rugs

A custom made PVC rugs allows to greet visiting relatives and strangers before they even ring the doorbell or knock.

home door mat

Item Code: GS-DM002
Material: PVC
Dimension: 40*60cm
Min. Order: contact us for MOQ and price

Custom Made Rubber Rugs

Custom made rubber rugs is a durable and versatile scraper mat excellent for use indoor or outside any entrance. Display a message or logo in an industrial application! Its special Tread Top surface scrapes dirt, ice and snow off of shoes and away from flooring.

logo door mats

Item Code: GS-DM003
Material: Rubber
Dimension: 45*75cm
Min. Order: contact us for MOQ and price

Custom Coir Rugs

This entrance rugs are made of 100% natural coir fibre. Keep your floors clean with high performance coir rugs for business premises or home.

Custom Made Coir Rugs
Item Code: GS-DM004
Material: Coir Fibre
Dimension: 40*60cm
Min. Order: contact us for MOQ and price

Custom Made Polyester Rugs

Decorative and custom made rugs are popular as they make your flooring impressive as well as guard it from many dust and dirt particles. In this age of price hike, essential gifts like a decorative rugs are more useful to your friends than luxuries.

Polyester Custom Made Rugs
Item Code: GS-DM005
Material: Polyester
Dimension: 60*90cm
Min. Order: contact us for MOQ and price

Custom Made Plush Rugs

Whatever the weather you need an absorbant custom made plush rugs to protect your office from the dirt, grime and moisture from outdoors.

Plush Custom Made Rugs
Item Code: GS-DM006
Material: Plush
Dimension: 50*70cm
Min. Order: contact us for MOQ and price

Custom Made Polypropylene Rugs

Make the look of your doorway unique with a custom made polypropylene rugs which is incorporated with a special design. Perfect corporate gifts to your clients once you place your company logo on it.

Polypropylene Custom Made Rugs
Item Code: GS-DM007
Material: Polypropylene
Dimension: 45*70cm
Min. Order: contact us for MOQ and price

Custom Made Non Slip Plastic Rugs

Custom made an anti-slip plastic rugs traps dirt, oil or water and prevents people from slipping. It’s necessary especially when people have been caught in a heavy shower.

Promotional Plastic Rugs

Item Code: GS-DM008
Material: Plastic
Dimension: 45*75cm
Min. Order: contact us for MOQ and price

Custom Made Printed Polyacrylonitrile Rugs

Custom made rugs can be printed with your company logo. Polyacrylonitrile rugs looks perfect and they will be great for your company entrance.

Printed Rugs from PolyacrylonitrileItem Code: GS-DM009
Material: Polyacrylonitrile
Dimension: 50*80cm
Min. Order: contact us for MOQ and price


Advertising Door Mats From Manufacturer

As a professional advertising door mats manufacturer, we have owns three needle-punching production lines which consist of cotton feeding machine, carding machine and needle looms. Meanwhile we have several reprocessing equipments including gummed foam line, PE-coating line, PVC-coating line and powder-coating line, etc., which make us capable to design and produce superior door mats and custom door mats according to your requirements.
As a measure of our commitment to quality and professionalism we have accreditations including QS9000 and VDA6.1.

Promotional Door Mats Producer
Promotional Door Mats Wholesaler

Professional Advertising Door Mats Manufacturer

We specialize in the manufacturing and production of area rugs and custom logo rugs for commercial and residential applications. From standard residential floor covering needs to custom rug design, we offer quality and value in flooring. Our artisans bring our carpet manufacturing to the next level with their technical ability to create custom print rugs that will distinguish a brand, company or corporate image.

High Quality Advertising Door Mats Manufacturer

For over 10 years, our clients have come to rely on us for our rug flooring industry experience and knowledge in providing quality products that they trust are the best quality and value available. Today, we offer a full range of advertising door mats fabrication services, supported by experienced design artisans, expert carpet craftsman, and the latest design and fabrication equipment.

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