Custom industrial glass products

Custom industrial glass products are now beginning to be widely used in the exterior and interior of the building. In addition to adding an elegant impression, the use of environmentally friendly glass also has more value than other materials such as wood and aluminum.

Therefore, we are committed to helping create an environmentally friendly environment.

We are the distributor of custom industrial glass products for the needs of the interior and exterior of the building, apartment, residential, hotel, café, shopping center, and other public facilities. Various types of glass can be here such as Clear glass, Tempered glass, Laminated glass, color glass, Motive glass, glass textures, and many more.

Many types of custom industrial glass products

  1. Bending Glass
  2. Tempered
  3. Non-Tempered
  4. Laminated
  5. Tempered Laminated
A close up of a glass

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  1. Tinted Glass
  2. Tinted Grey (Euro/Dark)
  3. Tinted Dark Blue
  4. Tinted Bronze
  5. Tinted Green
  6. Tinted Blue Green
  1. Printing Glass
  2. Multicolor digital printing (custom design)
  3. Screen Printing (white/black)
  4. Screen Printing (color)
  1. Decorative Glass
  2. Patterned Glass
  3. Textured Glass
  4. Indonesian traditional figure
  1. Laminated Glass
  2. Flat Laminated
  3. Flat Tempered Laminate
  4. Tinted Laminate
  5. Stop sol Laminate
  6. Synergy Laminate

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