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Wedding Invitations Traditions

A wedding is a ceremony in which two lovers are united in marriage. Wedding traditions and customs differ hugely between countries, ethnic groups, cultures, religions, and social classes. Most wedding ceremonies involve an exchange of wedding vows by the couple, presentation of a gift, and a public proclamation of marriage by an authority figure or leader. Special wedding dresses are often worn, and the ceremony is followed by wedding invitations for family, relatives, friends, colleagues or anyone the couple wants to invite to share the happiness among everyone.

Modern couples have thousands of wedding ideas when it comes to their weddings. The expansion of the wedding industry allows for more options than ever before, including many options for the custom ideas for wedding.Follow wedding invitations ideas on facebook
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Unique Wedding Ideas on a Budget

Traditional wedding ideas are usually costlier, sometimes much costlier in some special cases. Of course all the expenditure varies hugely depending on the plan, the materials used, and the time needed to meet the wedding date. Many couples find that the trade-off for the high cost is not well worth it when they receive their exquisite wedding ideas.

Going for inexpensive wedding ideas does not mean “cheap” quality of your wedding invitations, wedding gifts and wedding decoration. Inexpensive wedding ideas don’t always come in a cheap feature. If you are on a tight budget for your wedding and one of the places you are hoping to save money is by purchasing affordable wedding gifts and wedding decorations, do not satisfy with poor quality. To cut down money anywhere that you possibly can on your wedding ceremony which is used only once is a great way to keep your wedding cost down yet still have a wonderful and memorable wedding of your own.

A Right Place For Affordable Wedding Invitations Ideas

Welcome to this professional weddings ideas site for affordable and unique ideas for wedding. We listed perfect invitations ideas, gifts ideas, decoration ideas and some relevant information on what to choose for your wedding ceremony. Different range of information and tools help you generate the unique wedding ideas easier and cheaper.

Read on to find ways to purchase affordable wedding invitations ideaswedding gifts ideas and wedding decorations ideas that will fit your budget without compromising your taste!

Wedding Invitations Ideas

Wedding invitations are as important as your wedding ring. If you want to have a ideas for wedding invitations on a budget, instead of overspending your money, give inexpensive bridesmaid gifts and groomsmen gifts. Or, consider giving out affordable wedding invitations ideas such as wedding invitations on our hand fans, lenticular cards and silicone bracelets. These are few options that will help you save money, avoiding you from paying a large depth soon after the party is over. We are now offering you good quality of these custom printed wedding invitations at an affordable price.

Browse through our ideas for wedding invitation guide for unique and memorable wedding favors and invitations ideas, and learn how to fit them into your budget.

Click through below to find the most suitable wedding invitations ideas for you.

Wedding Hand Fans

Wedding Lenticular Card

Wedding Silicone Bracelets

Custom Printed Wedding Favor Hand Fans

Hand fans are becoming a modern tradition in weddings. Custom printed wedding hand fans will be more unique and caring wedding favor products for your wedding. You can invite your guest using our unique wedding invitation hand fans by printing your wedding invitations information on such as bride and groom’s name, ceremony venue, date and pictures. They will surely be happy to receive such lovely invitations and attend your wedding with this custom printed wedding invitations fan.

Some of your wedding is during hot summer and sitting at opening area through a wedding ceremony even if the wedding vows can be a challenge. So it is a good idea to make wedding hand fans and set a fan at each place setting or to hand out to your guests? Custom wedding fans can also serve as a wedding favor gifts or wedding souvenir while keeping your guests cool on your special wedding day outside.

Our huge range of selection for wedding favor hand fans is available in various colors and sizes. You can choose the wedding fans made with paper, cloth, silk cover or plastic, bamboo frame to match the theme of your reception, then to print with you and your lover’s name on the cover or on the handle.

A most favorable price for wholesale wedding favor hand fans is available more than you can imagine.  Just browse through our basic ideas below for reference. We have more options and choice if you contact us.Custom Printed Bamboo Fans

Custom Printed Bamboo Fans

This type of custom printed wedding fan is sized 21cm and is made of bamboo frame and paper cover. Any content or pictures can be printed on the fans face for this type of hand fan. There is enough space for bride and bridegroom to print their wedding invitations information on it as a new style of wedding invitations instead of traditional invitation cards.

Contact us for detail price for your own wedding hand fans here. Minimun order is 200pcs . Price ranges from 0.85USD-3.99USD per piece based at different quantity.
Plain White Plastic Hand-Held Fan

Plain White Plastic Hand-Held Fan

This plastic frame cloth wedding fan is of size 23cm in handle length. We have these plain hand held fan in stock which can be printed with couple’s name, date and venue on the handle as a simple wedding invitations. We have more colors of this plastic hand fans to suit your wedding theme.

Minimun order is 100pcs . Price ranges from 0.75USD-3.89USD per piece based at different quantity.
Contact us for detail price for our handle printed plastic wedding hand fans.
Handle Printed Paper Fans

Handle Printed Paper Fans

This style of wedding paper fans is 20cm in length and we have white bamboo frame paper fans in stock to print with wedding information on the handle. This would be a most simple yet meaningful wedding gift to your guests.Minimun order is 100pcs . Price ranges from 0.99USD-3.59USD per piece at different quantity.
Contact us for a detail price for handle printed bamboo paper fans here.

Wedding Invitation Lenticular Cards

Lenticular post cards are a brand new idea for wedding invitation.  Lenticular post cards for wedding give a strong new visual experience of high-end, personalized, dynamic, three-dimensional effect to receivers and your guests.  Just send us normal jpg format of your wedding invitation information including pictures, couple name, wedding date and ceremony venue.   We will give you professional 3D lenticular image design and lenticular printing services and provide a full range of solutions for 3D lenticular image on your wedding invitation card.

Your guests will be so surprised to receive such lovely and sweet lenticular post card for wedding from you.

Tell us your 3D idea, our graphic designer will help to make your very best wedding postcards for your wedding invitation.Lenticular poster cardLenticular poster card

Flip Lenticular Effects invetation Card

Material: PP or PET
With Flip effect, see image from different angle or very vivid image.
Various designs, shapes, sizes and thickness are available
Packing: according to the your requirementswedding invitation lenticular cards

Lenticular wedding postcard

Material: PP or PET
With 3D effect, see image from different angle or very vivid image.
Various designs, shapes, sizes and thickness are available
Packing: according to your requirements

Minimun order is 200pcs . Price ranges from 0.97USD-4.98USD per piece based at different quantity.

Contact us for detail price for a special designed wedding lenticular postcard.

Personalized Wedding Silicone Bracelets

Personalized silicone bracelets are a very popular way to get a message across for many events. These silicone bracelets are becoming new gifts idea to be personalized made with you or your lovers name then give to your guests as a wedding invitation or act as a tickets to attend you wedding ceremony. With their low value, these personalized wedding silicone bracelets can save budgets on your wedding planning. There is a wide variety of colors to choose from us and match your wedding theme or your style. Different producing skills make various effects on our wedding silicone bracelets.

We have printed, debossed, embossed, and ink injected silicone bracelets for your perfect wedding. And we have man size in length 202mm and woman size in length 190mm and kid size in length 150mm for every of your guests.

Check below pictures and decide which kind of silicone bracelets for your wedding, then our graphic designer will help to make a layout for you with detail wedding information.

printed wedding braceletsPrinted Silicone Bracelets3D Lenticular badgesDebossed Silicone Bracelets
wedding invitations braceletsEmbossed Silicone Braceletpersonalized wedding braceletsInk Injected Silicone Bracelet

Material: 100% Silicone
Size: 150mm for kids, 190mm for woman, 202mm for man.

No design fee charged Minimun order is 100pcs silicone bracelets for your wedding.
Price ranges from 0.39USD-2.99USD per piece based at different quantity. Our price includes set up charge, product and shipping cost at your convenience.
Contact us right now for a low price that you won’t believe at your required design and quantity.

Unique Wedding Decorations Ideas

Truly creative wedding decorations often go well beyond ordinary ideas. For an impressively wedding, look for items here to decorate your reception in non-typical places. Gifts Service offers the most unique ideas for wedding decorations to fit every theme, color and style.

Dress up your wedding reception table with one of our below lovely wedding decorations or to have our hanging paper lanterns as your wedding decoration ideas for outdoor or summer parties. And many of our wedding decoration ideas are designed to be functional as well as decorative and take our wedding paper napkins as example.

Take a good look at our wedding decorations ideas for your wedding. We will surely make it a special and unforgettable one.

Wedding Decorations Ideas

Wedding Decorating Balloons

Wedding Paper Lanterns

Wedding Paper Napkins

Unique Wedding Gifs Ideas

Celebrate love with a wedding gifts or presents. Instead of traditional wedding gifts ideas, we will give the newlyweds something that everybody can experience together. And wedding gifts service become commonplace and requesting certain wedding gifts is no longer a faux pas.

Choose unique and lovely gifts from our wide range of selection of wedding favors gifts ideas to show appreciation and affection to your guests.

We have affordable and special options of wedding gifts ideas.  We even offer personalized wedding favor magic bean and wedding favor magic cube to make your favor truly unique to your wedding day. With a variety of personalized gifts ideas for wedding you’ll be sure to find a unique and special way to delightfully commemorate your wedding day.

Wedding Gift CandlesMagic Bean Wedding Gift
Wedding Magic CubeWedding Favor Paper Sky Lanterns
Wedding Favor Gifts Candles

To add that extra touch of embellishment, our wedding favor gifts candle decorations can surely make an impact. And our wedding favor gift candle shows love and light from couple’s hearts to their guests’ hearts. There is no better way to say “thank you” to guests for attending the wedding. We have produced a wide range of quality gift candle in elegant wedding favor in both scented and unscented categories. With personalized and unique designed tags, these wedding gifts candle can be fit in any theme of wedding.  Never has it been so affordable to enchant guests.
Wedding Gift Lamp CandleWedding Gift Lamp Candle
This wedding gifts candle is made of frosted white glass with a shade top decorated with a white and black “LOVE” printing and a base filled with a poured white candle inside. With Love and light all around, your wedding will be shine and bright.
Dimension: 75*75*90MMMinimun order is 100pcs. Price ranges from 3.49USD-5.49USD per piece based at different quantity.
Contact us for detail price for this lovely wedding gift candle lamp.
Love Book Gift Candle
Love Book Gift Candle
This type wedding candle is packed in a love book. Keep lovely and sweet memory with this love book wedding candles gift set.
Dimension : 120*150*50MM
Minimun order is 100pcs. Price ranges from 3.49USD-5.49USD per piece based at different quantity.
Contact us for detail price for this lovely love book wedding gift candle set.
Seaside Gift Candle Set
Seaside Gift Candle Set

This tea light candle favor gift set comes in four different seashells. These seashell tea light candles are packaged in a transparent gift box with a sweet “Thank You” tag.
Dimension: 80*80*25MMContact us for detail price for this lovely seaside wedding gift candle set. Price ranges from 3.49USD-5.49USD per piece based at different quantity.

Wedding Gift Magic Bean

Giving this wedding gift magic bean to couple’s  guests at wedding is giving them love and thanking them for coming to share delightful moments. Guests will have fun planting the cute little wedding favor gift magic bean. A week later, guests will find the biggest moment when the tiny little sprout emerges from the soil, sweetly proclaiming whatever couples want to say – right on the sprout itself! This wedding favor gift bean is truly amazing, organic and utterly unique!

Magic gift bean can be packed in small little pot or wooden box to make a perfect wedding gift.

Magic gift bean
Magic gift bean
Magic gift bean

Magic gift bean

Words available: “I miss you”, “Good Luck”, “Thank you”, “Love” “I Love You” “Miss You” “Best Friends”.  Message can be custom engraved if in large quantity.
Packing: mini pot, tin box, plastic box or wooden box.
Minimun order is 200pcs to have your own words to say. Price ranges from 1.39USD-3.97USD per piece at different quantity.   
Contact us for detail prices of custom engraved wedding gifts magic bean right now.

Custom Wedding Gifts Magic Cubes

Magic folding cube has always been popular with people. People like this wised little toys. Why don’t you let our custom printed magic cube be a wedding gift favor to your guests? Put your pictures or any text on the cube to show your love or appreciation to your guests. We have different types of magic folding cubes in various sizes. Trust us, your guests will surely like these magic folding cubes as your wedding gifts.

Choose from below types of magic folding cubes, and then tell our graphic designer of your wedding information and pictures you want to show. A layout of your own wedding will be presented soon.Square Magic Folding Cube

Square Magic Folding Cube

We have size 6cm, 7cm, and 7.8cm for this kind of magic folding cube. This custom printed magic folding cube reveals 9-12 custom graphics on 1 interactive premium. New gift concept to be your wedding favors.

Minimun order is 200pcs. Price ranges from 0.95USD-4.99USD per piece basedat different quantity and size.Contact us for detail price for this square magic folding cube.Card Folding Cube Puzzle

Card Folding Cube Puzzle

This style of folding cube puzzle is of card shape in size 1.5*6*8.5CM. It’s the best way to present 4-6 custom images in one fun interactive premium.

Contact us for detail price for this card folding cube puzzle. Price ranges from 0.95USD-4.99USD per piece at different quantity.Round Folding Cube Puzzle

Round Gifts Cube Puzzle

This gift folding cube is of round shape in size 10*3CM. With up to 24 small cubes construction, you can have you, your lover, your family name or any combined graphics shown on our gifts cube puzzle for your special wedding.

Contact us for detail price for this round folding cube puzzle. Price ranges from 1.29USD-4.99USD per piece at different quantity.Triangle Folding Cube

Triangle Folding Cube

This triangle folding cube is available in size 7cm. There are 4 small triangle cubes to show off as much as 20 pictures for you and your lover to remember the sweet moment of your wedding.

Contact us for detail price for this triangle folding cube puzzle. Price ranges from 1.99USD-4.99USD per piece at different quantity.

Paper Sky Lanterns for wedding

Paper sky lanterns are now becoming more and more popular for wedding days. Couples and their guests can write personal messages on each of our sky lantern, which is considered as a blessing wish to the bride and groom. You will find ourpaper sky lanterns a perfect entertainment during the wedding day to add splash of drama and wow factor to the proceedings while spending low cost within your budge.
Ourrpaper sky lanterns are made of 99% biodegradable, non-flammable rice paper and safe wax which is safe and easy way to bring an unique and memorable experience to your special day.
The sky paper lanterns fly in the air for approximately 12 – 15 minutes and can travel for up to 15 miles before gently making their decent. It takes approximately 30 – 45 seconds to fill with hot air before they are ready to be released into the sky.

We have different shapes and size of rpaper sky lanterns for the wedding theme. Some of them are printed with love words to make the best wish to couples.Plain White Oval Sky Lantern

Plain White Oval Sky Lantern

This plain white oval sky lantern is the most popular style for wedding. Bright your wedding night and enjoy your special day by making wish with these standard sky lanterns.

Contact us for detail price of these plain white oval sky lanterns.
Minimun order is 100pcs. Price ranges from 1.59USD to 3.49USD per piece base at different quantity..Heart Shaped Sky Lantern

Heart Shaped Sky Lantern

This sweet heart shaped sky lantern is our special product for wedding couple. Heart in red represents their love for each other will grow in the rest days of their life just like the lanterns fly higher and higher.

Contact us for detail price of these sweet heart shaped sky lanterns.
Minimun order is 100pcs. Price ranges from 1.59USD to 3.49USD per piece base at different quantity..Rope Tied Sky Lantern

Rope Tied Sky Lantern

This is our new style sky lantern which is tied with non-flammable rope at the bottom in length of 45M. You don’t have to worry about where the lanterns go and still enjoy playing paper sky lanterns by this kind.

Contact us for detail price of these rope tied sky lanterns.
Minimun order is 100pcs. Price ranges from 1.79USD to 3.79USD per piece base at different quantity..

Professtional Producer for Wedding Favor

Who are we?

Wedding Invitation Maker

Being a professional wedding favor producer, we have our own factory and it is approximately 12,000 square feet and equipped with state of the mould shop, producing plant and the art printing equipment. It’s no doubt that we can highly provide flexible wedding favor producing capacity for your quantity demand.

Having the sales team, customer service, graphics and delivery department in different regions of the world, gives us the flexibility to keep the market trends and do better and better in this wedding industry.

Wedding Favor Production Technique

Our wedding favor production graphic team uses the most advanced technique and software to have a layout on your customized products. In addition, we use high end precision workstations, scanners, printers, and any equipment needed to insure the image on our products is clear.

Our printing facility for wedding favor production has a huge capacity to print on produced wedding favor items. We use 1, 2, and 4 color presses to print up to 4 colors. We also have large format screen printers to print on your wedding invitation products.

We have more than three compressors in our plant and this insures that if one compressor is being serviced or repaired, our production flow or delivery will not be affected by such situation. All the orders are produced at a lightening fast speed.

What we gained?

We are a progressive leading wedding invitation maker always stick to our goal and looking for innovative ways to improve our ability. After all these years’ efforts with our quality products, competitive prices and fast response service, we have gained a good reputation over this industry.
Waiting for a chance to work with you for your wonderful wedding.

Wedding Invitation Maker
Wedding Invitation Maker
Wedding Invitation Maker

Contact Wedding Invitations Manufacturer Here

Let a real wedding invitation manufacturer provides you special yet splendid wedding invitation ideas with affordable prices.

Email us or call us now, we will be manufacturing good quantity wedding favor products for your special day, which our customer service team would be so glad to help and always chase for.

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