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Promotional Inflatables

When it comes to special events, size matters. So does color. Promotional inflatables products simply towering over the crowd, gives you a strategic advantage with special event marketing. Added height gives you the ability to be seen across the convention hall. Advertising inflatables are your perfect choice for promotional products.

Quality advertising inflatables from Czech producer | AIR SHAPE

Custom Inflatables for Outdoor Business Promotion

With a colorful display, such as an exact replica of your product, logo or mascot, you can instantly connect with those who are familiar with your brand as well as engaging the curiosity of those who aren’t. Our advertising inflatables can be beneficial in specific events or marketing situations.

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Advertising Inflatables as Promotional Products

Promotional inflatables products are becoming the hottest, most popular trends in corporate promotion and display of promotional products. Whether your company or organization is large or small, the advertising inflatables can be the most useful promotional products that help you display company logos and ideas ! Advertising inflatables are unique, one-of-a-kind products with your special identity.

Different Printed promotional Inflatables

Wind Dancer® Air Puppet - Dancing Inflatable

With our advertising inflatables, including outdoor displays and product replicas, we can turn your product or service to your target markets, bring brand awareness and meet your goals.

Custom Built Promotional Inflatables products

From events and exhibitions to getting your business on the map – promotional inflatable products will strengthen your brand and create a buzz around your name, especially with our comprehensive and creative designs, based off your ideas. Don’t forget, we can make inflatable advertising for any size to ensure you are the standout feature at your next event!

Our experienced and friendly team will take care of everything from conception to installation to ensure that you gain the results you require. We also provide a wide range of advertising inflatables for sale with everything from air dancers to glowing inflatables for the ultimate festive party, we have got you covered.

Promotional Inflatables products For Sale

Our custom advertising inflatables don’t just have to be used for one-off events. They are all made from quality, durable materials. That means you can bring them out, again and again, year after year. For items like our inflatable buildings, it’s also useful to know that they are made from lightweight materials which are ideal for transporting around to tradeshows and events. With a wide range of advertising inflatables for sale, there are a number of ways that you can publicise your brand in new and exciting ways.

Some of our inflatable advertising can even be made with Velcro patches to make your branding, sponsorship info and other details completely removable and customisable. These ideas are perfect for people working on a tighter budget or those looking to make an investment in an advertising inflatable.

All inflatables for advertising are held at our HQ in Chelmsford, Essex for pick up as and when they are needed!

If you’ve never used an promotional inflatable products before, we can provide full event management to ensure your day goes off without a hitch! A member of our experienced team will transport your inflatable advertising and set it up where you want to ensure that every event is a success. Our team are here to help you succeed with our wide range of promotional inflatables products for sale making a lot more fun for everyone involved!

Custom pvc inflatable

Custom Pvc Inflatable, You Can Buy Various High Quality Custom Pvc Inflatable Products from our’s Custom Pvc Inflatable Suppliers.You have many choices in our here,Contact with us made of custom PVC inflatable.

about Products of Custom Pvc Inflatable

Custom pvc inflatable material

In recent years there have been many developments as to different types of inflatables and the material used to construct them. Hypalon ® and Neoprene are still widely used for the fabric. Hypalon is a synthetic rubber material originally patented by DuPont. Hypalon has many applications in many industries: holding contaminated wastewater, a roofing material, cable covering, and other uses where high temperatures, oil, and UV rays could weaken other materials. Many inflatable boat manufacturers choose Hypalon as an exterior coating, and neoprene to coat the interior side of the fabric. Neoprene was the first synthetic rubber and has been in use for many years. It has proven itself as a material with excellent air holding capabilities and oil resistance.

Hypalon has good properties for resisting abrasion, extreme temperatures, UV degradation, ozone, gasoline, oil, chemicals, and environmental factors like mildew and fungus. When manufacturers use neoprene as the interior coating the blended fabric only gets better. The neoprene increases strength and tear resistance and provides good air holding ability. Hypalon coated onto polyester or nylon fabric with an interior coating of neoprene is considered to be very reliable and durable and can last for more than a decade even in the harshest environments —which is the reason for warranties of five and 10 years.

Designs with Type of custom pvc inflatable

There are many designs and types of inflatables available in the marketplace today. From rigid to soft—inflatables come in just about every combination you can imagine.

There are smaller, lighter boats with soft transoms that can be used with oars, a paddle, or even a low horsepower motor if a motor mount is attached. There are also inflatables with a hard transom, and a sectional floor made of wood, fiberglass, composite, or aluminum. They usually have inflatable keels. These boats can be rolled up once the floor is removed, and can be stored in a relatively small space.
There are many inflatables out there to choose from, but a careful analysis of your boating lifestyle and needs should help you make the right choice.

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