Promotional Plastic Bags

Promo gift is a great way to promote your company while also giving your customers, friends, employees gift that they really can use and will love. Our promo plastic shopping and gift bags are great for people at meetings, retail shops, trade fairs and holidays. Plastic gift bags are perfect promotional items to get involved with your community by offering them to organizations that are running fundraisers. Bold colors and stylish designs are available here on our website. And if you cannot find the style you need, please kindly contact us via email or phone.

Promo Plastic Patch BagPromo Plastic Patch Bag

Our most popular bag. Durable die-cut handle with a strong 4 mil patch reinforcement. A sturdy, economical tradeshow bag!
Material: PA/NY (Plastic)
Size: 45*30cm
Minimum Order: 5,000PCS

Die-cut Branded Promo Plastic BagDie-cut Branded Promo Plastic Bag

With this branded promotional die cut bag, your logo will stand out and be easy to see. A great promotional bag that reinforces brand and company recognition. Ideal for: Retail stores, trade shows, malls.
Material: PA/NY (Plastic)
Size: 55*38*11cm
Minimum Order: 5,000PCS

Custom Plastic Bags as Promo ProductCustom Plastic Bags as Promo Product

This bag meets non-toxic or low toxicity testing of environmental protection standards. It is a promotional item widely used in the packaging of gifts, food, toys, stationery, cosmetic, handicrafts, etc
Material: PVC
Size: 30*20*10cm
Minimum Order: 3,000PCS

Promo Plastic Bags for AdvertisingPromo Plastic Bags for Advertising

This transparent plastic bag fit best with gifts, shampoo, beverage, shoes and clothes. It is eco-friendly, durable, fashion and with superior quality. Other colors and shapes are available.
Material: PVC
Size: 30*20*7cm
Minimum Order: 3,000PCS

Printed Paper Bags

Simply imprint your company’s image, logo or any message you want to deliver through our promotional paper bags to enhance your brand cognition or awareness. By providing you with a highly stylish, reusable and professionally designed promotional paper bag in your companies corporate colors and tailored to your exact requirement, we can make everybody remember your brand name soon after they uses these custom printed paper bags again for shopping. We offer custom paper bags at wholesale prices. Find your paper bags below or contact us for more designs.

Promotional Gift Paper BagPromotional Gift Paper Bag

Enhance your image with custom printed packaging. offers custom printing on a variety of products including:
Material: Kraft Paper
Size: 9*18cm
Minimum Order: 1,000pcs

Custom Made Promo Paper Bag

These printed paper bags are made from a high quality paper and hand finished. With rope handles, they are strong and durable bags. They are 100% recyclable, so ideal for those people wanting a luxury bag, with the environment in mind.
Material: Kraft Paper
Size: 20*25*10cm
Minimum Order: 1,000pcs

Promo Gift Paper Bag

This promotional metal hourglass is so fascinating that it is well-received in the market. Many people keep it
Material: Kraft Paper
Size: 32*23*10cm
Minimum Order: 1,000pcs

Die Cut Handle Paper BagsDie Cut Handle Paper Bags to promote

The handles of this elegant paper shopping bag can be die cut into any shape you like. Die cut handle gift bags are made of recycled content.
Material: Paper
Size: 25.5*32*10cm Customizable
Minimum Order: 1,000pcs

Promotional Printed Kraft Paper BagPromotional Printed Kraft Paper Bag

A printed carrier paper bag, inexpensive, practical, has strong handles and environmentally friendly, this small kraft paper bag absolutley tick all the right boxes.
Material: Brown Kraft Paper,
Size: 36.5*32*10 cm as shown, Customizable
Minimum Order: 1,000pcs

Gloss Paper Bag as Promotional Product

High Gloss Laminated Paper Shopping Bags, with matte film lamination.
Featured side and bottom gussets, cardboard reinforced top and bottom, and coordinating soft cord handles.
Material: Colored Paper
Size: 30*15*30 cm, Customizable
Minimum Order: 1,000pcs

Matte laminated Paper Bag to PromoteMatte laminated Paper Bag to Promote

They are constructed of heavyweight matte laminated stock with matching macramé handles, reinforced fold-over top, and cardboard bottom insert. These bags are great for spas, resorts, corporate gifts and salons.
Material: Matte Laminated Paper
Size: 31*13*23 cm as shown, Customizable
Minimum Order: 1,000pcs

Paper Carrier Bag For Your Business

Carrier bag made out of paper is considered more durable carrying items compared to a plastic bag. The average paper carrier bag is able to hold an average load of 25 pounds. The paper carrier bag has received far more and better feedback in terms of durability and practicality over plastic carrier bag.

Another comparative advantage of paper carrier bag is its being an ideal advertising medium for any marketing campaign in almost any business. Our paper carrier bag can be printed with company logos, brand names, promo rates, contact details and other relevant information that the company wants to disseminate to the consumers.

Researches have shown that consumers would most likely read information on paper carrier bag as it is the information media that they have the highest comfort level. Some say the experience is just like reading a newspaper and by force of habit they would normally check out the information printed in paper carrier bag. Some companies even make innovations by printing important trivia to draw the interest of their consumers.

Recycled Paper Bag Protecting Environment

Recycled paper bag usually come to mind first when people think of eco-friendly paper bag. Paper certainly has built a good reputation for itself over the years. Recycled paper bag is both biodegradable and recyclable, making it a very good choice for you and your customers.

Our company decided to go 100 percent recycled paper in your custom printed bags. And yes, that 100 percent recycled paper bag will cost a little bit more, but will definitely leave a good impression to your customers and to our earth.

Plastic bags, on the other hand, have built a negative reputation because, until recently, they have been non-biodegradable. Therefore, it’s time to use our quality paper bag to expand your business with environmental slogan.

Paper Bags
Paper Bags
Paper Bags

Paper Shopping Bags

Get the latest promotional ideas and share your opinion

Our paper shopping bags are crafted out of white and brown quality kraft paper or white card paper designed in a wide range of size and colors with gloss lamination or matte lamination. Rope handle, twisted handle, grosgrain handle and die cut or even something creative from you can be made to meet your requirement.

Paper shopping bags are one of the least expensive options. No matter what you sell, our paper shopping bag could help you save money while still giving your brand and your product an upscale look. Simply customize your paper shopping bags with a logo or a clever, catchy phrase. Your customers will love this small little favor after buying your products. As an added bonus, these paper shopping bags are also more eco-friendly than most, which means you can be “green” which will surely help to build up good reputations and save some money at the same time.

Gloss laminated Paper Shopping Bag

  • Size:30*15*30 cm
  • Minimum Order:1000 pcs
  • Unit Price:$0.75

Matte laminated Paper Shopping Bag

  1. Size:31*13*23 cm
  2. Minimum Order:1000 pcs
  3. Unit Price:$0.75

White Kraft Paper Shopping Bag

  • Size S:20*25*10cm
  • Minimum Order:1000 pcs
  • Unit Price:$0.75
  • Size L:31*31*15cm
  • Minimum Order:1000 pcs
  • Unit Price:$0.85

Printed Kraft Paper Shopping Bag

  1. Size:36.5*32*10 cm
  2. Minimum Order:1000 pcs
  3. Unit Price:$0.49

Professional Paper Bag Maker

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Who are we?

Professional Paper Bag Maker

As one of the leading paper bag maker of all kinds, we have gained a good reputation both at home and abroad with pursuit of both the first grade quality and fast service for our customers. Our advanced equipments, skilled workers, professional sales team are able to offer you what you want in the need of paper bag. We are said to be a professional paper bag maker of various types of creativity and perfect printing technique for a custom made paper bag.

Facility to produce paper bag

Our factory has now equipped with five sets of carrier handle bag machine, two big brand offset printing machines, the pre-press digital devices and post-press auto processing devices. Manual and a professional high-grade paper bag production line equipment and mechanisms paper bag production equipment. To provide our customers quality paper bag and speedy services, we continuously work with our utmost efforts.

Professional Paper Bag Maker

Process for producing paper bag

Process for producing a paper bag with handles glued to the insides of the facing opening edges, includes perforating a paper web with transverse perforation lines spaced at distances corresponding to the section lengths necessary to produce the bags. At a given distance from the transverse perforation lines the handles are glued in adjacent pairs to the web in such a way that the outer handle parts project beyond the transverse perforation lines. The web is joined together into a tubular web by folding over its side edges, such that the handles face each other.

The overlapping side edges that have been folded together are glued to form a seam. The sections are detached along the transverse perforation lines and each section is provided with a bottom portion at the end opposite the handles. Adhesive coatings are applied to the web in a transverse direction between arms of the handle and Z-shaped folds are made in the adhesive area and folded onto the adhesive, using pressure, to prevent the upper edge of the bag from tearing.

Go to our Contact Page, get a fast quote and request a sample, and you will be deeply impressed with the great quality and the fast responsive service when dealing directly with us, your paper bag maker.

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