Protective security packaging for cards


In this era of new normal, everything gradually goes cashless. Hence so any types of payment card which can be credit or debit card, transportation card or even a member card becomes a necessity. It is also a significant for the car holders to own a card protector to keep theirs well-protected. Nowadays, cards cannot be apart of our daily life, moreover as the contactless type of card becomes a trend, it has two sides effects. As the contactless cards sometimes don’t require any pin input, it drives the transaction easier, but it also put the cards on risk. The card balance can easily get stolen. It makes a card protective turns to be a practical promotional item because the users will not only have to use it and see the printed logo on it repeatedly, but also protect their card balance from stealing. As we have also included in our broad portfolio advertising security protective covers for payment cards that can shield RFID (radio frequency identification) technology, it offers the customers a practical assistance and protector of their daily-used cards.

RFID is a technology that uses communication via electromagnetic waves to change data between terminal and object by identifying and tracing a device called RFID tag. Here the RFID tag is the card protector, so it prevents the consumers to lose or misplace their important cards. Advertising safety packaging is a perfect gift, as it is practical and the recipients will certainly not store it in a drawer. They also will use it for many years. Security packaging offers a relatively large area for printing, so you can provide it with an advertising message, information or image of your company or business all over its area. The advertising print will then be in the eyes not only of your loyal customers or clients but also of their close surroundings.

Advertising security packaging for credit cards is a preventive way to protect your card from stealer but can’t help to steal your consumers’ attention!

Since the introduction of contactless payment cards with RFID technology, the risk of theft of funds has increased significantly every year. Showing your company’s care by providing a security packaging for your customers’ funds and personal data. Let your customers know that your company keep up with technology and as a result is presenting it by giving your clients a security card packaging, a gift that everyone needs. The security packaging itself can be made not only for payment cards but also for passports or ID cards. 

Security packaging for payment cards is therefore a perfect choice among other promotional items. It also provides a relatively large area for printing, which is one of the biggest advantages in the case of promotional items. You can completely customize any design such as your company’s logo, description, the goods and services that you offer or your company’s contact details and get them printed on the cards’ protectors. You can choose to fully or partially fill the surface of the security packaging with your very own design.

In addition, advertising security packaging for payment cards combines mechanical protection against card damage by bending and at the same time blocking RFID / NFC communication with a contactless card.

How do advertising security packaging for payment cards actually work?

Metal element / plate inserted into the package on the principle of RFID absorption. The metal plate absorbs 95% of the energy of RFID waves at frequencies of 125 kHz and 13.56MHz so that the chip in the contactless card does not have enough energy to respond to the request of the reading device. It keeps the cards balance away from stealing without the owners’ knowing. The owners may still keep their cards inside their pockets, but the balance may have been taken away.

You can test the function of the advertising card security package, which prevents communication with the contactless card, anywhere in the store or with a mobile phone equipped with an NFC reader and the appropriate software.

Advertising packaging for payment cards for the security of their clients

Protect your customers and clients from relentless fraudsters. Get them extra credit card cases with an attractive advertising printing of your company or business!


All it takes is for the fraudster to be equipped with the same mobile reader that you find on store shelves. Only for higher efficiency adjusted for longer range. Then there is nothing easier than going through the crowd or in public transport without your knowing or noticeable behavior to automatically load your payment card, which is in your purse or wallet, and pay up to the limit you have set without a PIN. It is usually 18 GBP (around 500 CZK) per transaction. It is evident that with the number of contactless cards that are densely used, the motivation and potential profit of robbers is very high. Therefore, the protection and shielding of payment cards seems to be a very sensible step.

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