If you want to advertise your company holistically, custom promotional magic cube is the ultimate choice! As a trustworthy advertising manufacturer, we have been in this industry more than a decade. In addition, one of our main products is this promotional magic cube.

No wonder that this cube becomes so popular, because it is an original promotional item that will appeal to every customer or client. The cubes are printed on all sides and as a whole show 9 different images which are 6 on the outside and 3 on the inside. You also can design this custom advertising cube with your own graphics and use them to present your company including its products and services. In general, personalize this cube as you desire!

We offer these promotional magic cubes which made up of 8 small cubes in several sizes. The user can easily change the design of the promotional magic cube from a cube to a block or vice versa. These classic promotional magic cubes are ideal for making new products visible, creating a 3D catalog or invitations to a promotional event.

promotional magic cube
promotional magic cube

The Benefits of Custom Promotional Magic Cube

There are several benefits of having custom magic cube a promotional item for your business, such as:

  • Large area for printing. Each block may represent different products or services of your business. As a result, it ideals for the presentation of your company to a wider community.
  • Wide range of colors for printing. As we use a Pantone colors option, so we can produce a magic cube in almost any possible color!
  • Original promotional item
  • It also has an attractive and representative appearance
  • The market segment is wide! You can give it as a gift, ranged from kids to adults segments. In general, it can be an educational toy as well as a beautiful desk decoration.
  • Promotional magic cubes can be placed from 9 to 48 different images that can promote your company’s services, product catalog. Moreover, you can even make it as calendar. The calendar that will sit on your customers work desk for a year long
  • We will produce promotional magic cubes in a design according to your specifications. As a result, no one will ever have the same exact magic cube.
  • Also, the advertising puzzles can be customized in various shapes and sizes. For example classic cubes, diamond-shaped polygons, cylinders, or flat rectangles. The most popular custom shapes is the cube one, which most often consist of eight smaller cubes forming one large folding cube. 
The Variant Shapes of Magic Cube
The Variant Shapes of Magic Cube

Let’s Place Your Order with Us!

As a professional manufacturer of advertising folding magic cubes, we have our own representation in China. It gives us the ability to provide a complete service. Our office in China employs our own employees, so it is not a partner or intermediary which reduces the number of potential problems to an absolute minimum. Thanks to our own representation directly at the manufacturer’s site. We also own our employees can control the quality and progress of your entire order.

So, no need to hesitate! Let’s place your order with us. Here what the benefits we offer you:

  • Wide range of products. We provide you almost any promotional item that practically will advertise your company in a effective way.
  • Unbeatable prices. Our products’ prices are affordable!
  • Quality product. Even though we sell a product at a low price, but the quality is high.
  • Many years of experience. We are one of the first advertising manufacturers that professionally produce any promotional items. Even, in a very large order.
  • Quality control directly at the manufacturer. We also directly handle the manufacturing process.
Personalize Your Company's Magic Cube
Personalize Your Company’s Magic Cube

We also control of the order process directly at the manufacturer. Firstly, start from the production of individual cubes for advertising folding magic cubes. Secondly, the quality control of parts for advertising folding magic cubes. Then, when the manufacturer assembles the parts in the whole advertising magic cube. After that, supervising the process of printing of an advertising folding magic cube at the manufacturer. The last one is to check the final advertising folding magic cube at the manufacturer. We also ensure you that the Custom Promotional Magic Cube will be handed to you in a top notch quality.

The Specification of the Custom Promotional Magic Cube

Min. order:  100pcs
Optimal order:  3000pcs
Material : plastic, paper
Dimensions :  3x3x3cm, 5x5x5cm, 7x7x7cm, 8x8x8cm or to order
Standard packaging : individually in an opp bag. We also provide individual packaging for the cube.

The Cubes' Packaging
The Cubes’ Packaging
100pcs8.619 days
250pcs8.919 days
500pcs4.619 days
1000pcs3.625 days
more than 1000pcson requeston request

* Prices are indicative and may vary according to individual client requirements and also according to the delivery time. Contact us for a quote.

** Delivery time, unless otherwise agreed, begins on the day of the binding order. Also, crediting a deposit of 50% of the total contract price to our account and approval of graphic materials for production is necessary.

Custom Promotional Magic Cube
Let Place Your Order Now!

Grab Your Custom Promotional Magic Cube Now!

You can make your own design and we transfer it into a Custom Promotional Magic Cube as you wished. Remember to personalize your cube as an identity of your organizations or company. We are not only providing custom cube, but also any other promotional things according to your order.

So, are you interested in our offer and do you want to introduce as well as to promote your company and brand using custom magic cube? Do not hesitate to contact us for a price offer by email:

Or you may also come and visit our shop:
Clyde Quay Wharf, Herd Street, Wellington 6011, New Zealand

For our other products, please check it here

In the price request, please state the necessary information for the price offer such as : the quantity, color design or color combination, design and delivery time. All this information will help us to promptly process the price offer just for you.

We are looking forward to collaborating with you! Team Gifts Service


Customized Folding Magic Cube for Company Services Presentation

The customised folding cube turns into a flight of stairs, then into a cube. Picture follows upon picture, text upon text in an infinite loop. For product launches, as a 3D catalogue, a calendar or an invitation, you can rely on the communication thruough customized magic cube. Folding cubes are available in 3, 5, 7 and 8 cm sizes, made up of eight smaller cubes. Depending on your plans, from nine to 48 faces are available. The customised folding cube is ideal for a promotional gift.

Customized Folding Magic Cubes for Promotion

Customized folding cubes are advertising items where your logo can be displayed on all six cube pieces. We are professional producer and wholesaler for your customized folding cubes.

Price Table for Different Customized Folding Cubes

Advertising folding cube is made up of single cubes and usually cubes printed with company picture logo or message. Advertising folding cubes are a great idea for trade show gifts and convention give-a-ways. Different sizes are available to meet your budget.
Contact us for top quality advertising folding cubes for your next promotion now.
Price Table :
Quantity 200 500 1000 up to 3000
Price $1.99 $1.19 $0.85 $0.76

Wedding gift magic cubes show the special and attractive ideas of all your messages, contact us to be your wedding gift magic cube supplier.

Price Table for Gift Wedding Cubes in Various Types

Wedding gift magic cubes are made up of single cubes, printed with logo or message. Wedding gift magic cube is a great idea for special events as gifts and give-a-ways. Different sizes are available to meet your budget.

Contact us for top quality folding puzzle cube for your next promotion now.

Price Table :
Quantity 200 500 1000 up to 3000
Price $1.99 $1.19 $0.85 $0.76

Customized diversified square cube

Customized diversified square magic folding cube provider, as other cube, we offer the customized service that put your own logo on the customized square cube.

Details of Customized diversified square cube

Size :7*7*7CM
Material :PS
Packing ;individual plastic wrap
Carton size: 31*38*39CM
Quantity : 100PCS
Weight : 10KG
Quantity : 500 pcs 1000 pcs 2000 pcs 5000 pcs
Production time: 13days 16days 18days 28days

Customized diversified square cube provider

This customized diversified square magic folding cube is same as the non toxic plastic with paper and paper foil.
As we are the customized diversified square magic folding cube provider, as other cube, we offer the customized service that put you own logo on the cube. There are 9pcs pictures or 12pcs pictures on it with 8pcs small cubes assembled a whole cube.if you want to put 9 pcs pictures on this customized cube ,you will have 3pcs rectangle pictures with the porpotion of 1:2 and you have 6 of square pictures. Or you can have this cube with 12pcs square pictures on it.
This popular customized diversified magic folding cube is for the wedding invitation or party invitation or activities ,promotion or educational usage. Many people call it promotional folding cube. We provide for free the layout of this customized folding cube for free. For more detail please contact us.

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