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The one-off raincoats are machine-made garments. Generally, disposable raincoats are manufactured by using computerized manufacturing system. The first and foremost procedure in making one-off raincoat is to produce the plasict film of the raincoats.

Manufacturer of Disposable Raincoat

The raw materials for making the one-off rainwears are cut down into appropriate patterns of different sizes to be made with the cutter that is either electrical or computer operated. Thereafter the lining is placed inside the desired stitched part like collars, caps, pockets, etc, and then passed through fusing machine, which uses heat to put the lining properly into the rainwears. Later, different parts of the rainwears are sewn together by the industrial sewing machines. Quality inspection of the final product is handled by quality control inspector to ensure rainwears without any defects. Finally after inspection tags are attached by the worker on the rainwears and are packed in poly-bags using automatic bagger machines.

Raincoat Manufacturer
Manufacturer of Disposable Raincoat

Advertising Raincoat Manufacturer

Our company is one of leading disposable rainwear suppliers. We offer a great selection of rain ponchos in both adult and child sizes as well as the plain or printed, one-off or reusable rain ponchos.

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