New zeland promo message bean

There are many custom-made magic bean products that you can choose.

Customize your own promotional design of magic bean for your advertising targets at New zeland .

Here are some ideas to wrap your magic bean message

New zeland custom made promotional magic beans
New zeland custom made promotional magic beans

Magic promo Bean in Egg

You can put your magic bean into an eggshell. Subsequently, craft the eggshell with a special design. As a result, you can use this gift on a special occasion. For example, at Easter, Christmas, etc. Overall, you can design your eggshell, based on your preferences.

New zeland custom made promotional message beans
New zeland custom made wedding invitation
New zeland custom made wedding invitation

New zeland best promotional ideas

This is one of the most common ways to put your magic bean message. You can customize the pot into some movie characters. For instance, fairytale pots, hobbit pots, etc. Therefore, This type of promotional gift is very suitable for kids. They will love it and learn from it. Kids can learn how to grow plants while playing with their favorite characters and watch the magic bean grow.

  1. Magic bean in a can

This is an eco-friendly way to reduce the can waste. We can design a magic bean in a can and put your logo on it. Additionally, this is a great idea to promote sustainability. Why? Because we plant the bean through an unused can.

Now you can choose your own method and customize your own way to design your magic bean products.

For no custom branded mesage beens you can folow this link.:


when you need only the beans without printing

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