Custom-shape Non-woven bags


What does non-woven bag mean?

What is non-woven bags? here are the material of non-woven bags: polypropylene, fibers, etc. non-woven bags are much more affordable compare to woven bags.

Non-woven bags are a perfect choice for promotional gifts and customization products. We offer you some creative idea of custom-shape non-woven bags for your company or your organizations to print your brands and promote your logo

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Here are some advantages of custom-shape non-woven product that you can considered as your choice:

  1. Custom-shape non-woven bags are reusable
  2. Custom-shape non-woven bags are available in screen printing. We can adjust and print the bags according to your requirements.
  3. Custom-shape non-woven bags are waterproof because it’s waterproof, you can effort to produce this bag for any occasion.
  4. Custom-shape non-woven bags are affordable compare to woven bags. So, you can produce more with less budget
  5. Custom-shape non-woven bags are recyclable. Unlike plastic bags, non-woven bags is a bio-degradabl. So, they are ecofriendly bags
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Custom sport bags

Sport custom bags is a trendy bags that you can use in every community and organization such as schools, fitness clubs, sports centres, health departments, etc. Sport custom bags are more unique than regular sports bags, why? Because you can customize them according to your taste.

You can customize the bag that is belong to your sport club, fitness club or college. Not only for the printing and display, you can also custmize your sport-custom bags according to your needs such as the design, the logo etc. you can also use sport custom bags to promote a certain club or company to attract customer.

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Here is some design for the sport-custom bags

  1. Spacious and stretchy sport-custom bag. you need a sport bag that will a lot of staff such as towel, sport equipment, water tumbler, box of meals etc. The bags need to be spacious but small at the same time, therefore, the best design for sport bags are stretchy sport-custom bags
  2. Waterproof sport-custom bag
  3. Adjustable shoulder straps and dual handy straps for alternative carrying option.
  4. Trendy and light

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