Wound plasters manufacturer.

Wound plasters are medical aid. which is used around the world. Because it is used for injuries and small wounds or scratches on the skin. Secondly, it helps to recover the wound faster and prevents infections, bacteria, and dirt. So custom promotional plasters are also very popular in many industries.

Custom made Promotional Plasters
Custom made promotional plasters

Custom promo wound plasters

Customized plasters are exceptionally ideal as giveaways, freebees for farmaceutical, medical care or children focused organizations. because plasters can conveniently be used as a messenger for your text or brand name with direct mail practices. Customized promotional plasters help you to provide branding on the product and it gives effective promotion at a low cost.

Custom made promo plaster
Printed promotional plasters

Get great exposure for your name and logo with imprinted logo plaster packs. Contains 4 unprinted or printed plasters pre packed into custom printed sleeve. You can distribute very easy this pocket sized and lightweight branded bandaids to your target market as a direct mail piece or a trade show giveaway.


Printed Custom Plasters
custom plasters

Our plasters can be printed in Panton colors or full colors. Lend a helping hand to keep cuts clean with our custom Printed Plasters! A novelty product, these plasters can be printed in full color to the front so you can show your brand helping fight infection. Also, plasters can be without color and clear. Plasters are effective and easy to distribute. Lastly, most pharma companies, schools, and kindergartens use this kind of colorful printed plasters and similar products.

Custom made Plaster box

Plaster with custom logo
Custom logo plasters

A plaster box is a colorful box that consists of 10 to 15 plasters each. We have the opportunity to print the Logo and name of the company on the box and the plaster both. Therefore you can use these boxes very easily for promotional activities and gifting. Because the plasters are in the box it gives a very elegant look to the product. These items are great for making sure you bring something different to the table. Plus, with a full color branding, you can make your design as vibrant as you like.

This great value pack of 10 plain plasters and a single lemon scented wet wipe is supplied in a card sleeve, which is custom printed with your design in full colour to the entire front face, giving you plenty of branding area. 

A handy pack that has all your requirements for for those little unexpected bumps. 

Travel Size promo custom plaster Box

Plaster with custom logo
Plaster with custom logo and design
On demand made promotional plasters
On demand made promotional plasters

We provide Travel size plasters boxes, which are very handy and easy to carry in size and weight. These boxes are colorful and we can print any objects like company logo, name, text, and so on. Because of the small size, it may contain 5 to 6 plasters. You can use this boxes if you are a Tracel agencies, a tour guide, or even a traveler.

Sticky Bandage Manufacturer

As a professional sticky bandage manufacturer, our company has been specializing in the manufacturing and exporting of advertising sticky bandage  or promotional adhesive bandages and other promotion items. We have got FDA & CE certificates and have established stable relations with our valued customers both at home and abroad, from whom we have won our reputation. Our main market now is in Europe, the USA and Southeast Asia, and we aim to export our high quality custom made sticky bandage to the customers all over the world.

Sticky Bandage Manufacturer
Sticky Bandage Supplier

Professional Manufacturer of Advertising Sticky Bandage

With our advanced production lines and our creative and dedicated customer-service team, we offer the high-quality sticky bandage production and the good services to our customers. If you are looking for a reliable sticky bandage supplier who can provide you the best quality promotional sticky bandage and the most competitive prices and on-time delivery, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be more than happy to service you.

Advantages For Choosing Us To Be Your Sticky Bandage Manufacturer

Specialize in manufacturing all kinds of stickybandages at different size and can provide you with high quality products at low wholesale prices.

We can provide you with free artwork design, free sample (transportation fee excluded). And usually the production time will be within 20 days on the minimum order basis.

Advertising Sticky Bandage Manufacturer

Contact us here right now to ask for custom made stickyband-aid bandages with various dispensers and get free artwork design and free sample from us.

Advertising Sticky Bandage Manufacturer
Custom Sticky Bandage Manufacturer

Promotional Plasters Manufacturer

Promotional Plasters Manufacturer and Production

With our advanced production lines and our service team of creative and dedicated customers, we offer promotional high quality production as sticky bandage and good services to our customers. If you are looking for a reliable supplier adhesive bandage that can provide you the best quality adhesive bandage for promotion and the most competitive price and delivery time, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Wholesale Promotional Plasters Manufacturer

Specialized in the professional manufacture of all kinds of adhesive bandages in different format. Therefore we can provide high quality products at low wholesale prices.
We can provide you with a design free artwork, free sample (freight not included). The production time will be within 20 days on the basis of minimum order.
Contact us here now to request custom made sticky band-aid bandages with different artistic and get free design and free sample of our part distributors.

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