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Blister Packages come to your help if you are in search of custom packaging solutions. We are custom blister makers and  Our company provides you with any type of blister packages from trap blisters, face seals and clamshells to the rest on your demand.

Blister packaging services play an important rule for the protection of health food supplements, prescription drugs, toys, DIY goods, batteries, tablets, controlled substances and other OTC items. Blister packaging is one of the most popular methods of packaging in the pharmaceutical industry. Almost 85% of all oral solid medicines in Europe use blister packaging. In the US, this figure is around 20% and continues to rise (2017).

What are the benefits for choosing custom blister packaging over other packaging methods ?


  Extremely affordable material using in the production of blister packages not only makes these products cost-effective for your company but also it will be cut down the overall shipping costs of the company in terms of the light-weight and reduced package size.

Full – protection-                                                          

It’s the effective way to protect your products and extending its life time. Many types of custom blister packages are on the tip of the list because of its remarkably tamper-proofness.     

Visual impact –                                         

  Make your products visible by thermoplastic blister packaging for your customers and get a chance to have a priority in the competitive markets.

High-Barrier Blister Films - Plastrade

Ease of Use     

A blister packaging offers the simple way of packaging and unpacking of your product. There is no expert knowledge required to use this since it has a double-sided feature that allows you to open and close the product.


blister packaging is relatively versatile, giving it an extensive use. 

Regardless of the size and shape of your product, blister packaging can be configured to package it properly.

The versatility of a blister packaging adequately protects products from the external environment. Also, your products appear new and fresh, which increases the customers’ appeal.

Eye Appealing

One of the things that attract customers to your product is its appeal. blister packaging offers this appeal by packaging your product in a clear and transparent pack.

To achieve this, you can use attractive designs on your blister packaging. This ensures that you have frequent customers who through the purchasing of your product increases your profitability.

Types of Blister Packaging

Double Blister Packaging

pvc double blister pack, oem double bister clamshell packaging box ...

A double blister packaging is a two-sided type of blister packaging. Unlike ordinary blisters that are one-sided and sealed to a card, double blister packs are two-sided. And, they are not heat sealed to a card. For this type, two pieces of plastic are formed to create a package that allows for product visibility from either side of the pack. They are quite popular in the retail market as an inexpensive solution to increased product visibility and full protection.

Trapped blister packaging

Trapped Blister Packaging, Custom Trap Clamshell Packs

Trapped blister packaging is a type of blister packaging whose manufacturing involves trapping the blister between a single folded card or two different cards. It is a high performing and an alternative to the traditional blister packing techniques.

Heat Seal Blister Packaging

Plastic Blister, Thermoformed Bister Clamshell Packaging Manufacturer

A heat seal blister pack is a type of blister packaging that is made via a heat sealing process. It comprises a single, rigid, thermoformed plastic which is bonded (via heat sealing) to a coated back card. The clear plastic houses the products in a heat seal blister pack while the coated back card helps with marketing and advertising.

Blister Tray

Blister tray packaging refers to a type of pre-form plastic packaging that is of use in the packaging of pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, among others.

Slide Blister

China Customized Blister, China Customized Blister Manufacturers ...

A slide blister packaging is a type of blister packaging that allows for easy opening and closing during packing of the product. The opening and closing mechanism of this type of blister packaging is through sliding of the blister on the cardboard

Thermoformable Blister Packs

Plastic Blister, Thermoformed Bister Clamshell Packaging Manufacturer

Thermoformed blister packs are the most common. The thermoformable blister packaging process involves heating a sheet of plastic or polymer to a temperature where it can be formed using a mold. Thermoformed blister trays are used in medicine and food packaging.

Full Card Blister

Here, the blister extends on all sides and wraps around the paper lid.


Transparent Plastic Clamshell Double Blister Packaging With Card ...

Clam shell is a form of packaging that uses a hinged thermoformed sheet of plastic. This is generally used to pack heavier goods. This type of blister packaging can be reused. A two-piece clamshell is also available that uses two plastic sheets instead of a hinge. A tri-fold clamshell has a bottom stand that allows products to stand upright on store shelves.

Choosing Best Blister Packaging

Here are a few things you need to consider that will help you select the best custom made blister packaging to use.

 Barrier Properties

Apart from water penetration, blister packaging needs to have barrier properties. Such properties include being airtight.

Also, adequate blister packaging should be waterproof, which ensures any form of liquid or moisture does not get in contact with your product.By doing so, the product will remain fresh and safe for its intended purpose.

Water resistance

The thermoformed polymer protects the inner contents from water, water vapour or any other liquids. However, the degree of water resistance of the entire packaging also depends on the rear cover. If the blister packaging uses a paper-based sheet for the rear lid, then the water resistance is degraded.

· UV Protection

By controlling the transparency of the blister package, it can prevent penetration of UV light to the contents of the package.

The UV light can have an adverse effect on your product hence the need to ensure you select the best blister package.


The recycling of the blister packages is very ineffective due to the manufacturing process. By tampering with it, the likelihood of contamination of the product is relatively high.

Hence, for you to select the best blister packaging, you need to ensure that it is tamper proof.

· Product Visibility

An effective blister package is one that allows for the visibility of the product. Visibility will enable customers to make informed decisions about the product.

In medicines, visibility helps customers to check the tablets or capsules properly before purchasing.

· Good Chemical Resistance

There is a need to ensure that the blister packaging has a high chemical resistance to prevent contamination of the product.

This ensures that it does not react with your product, which may lead to poisonous substances.

· Environmentally Friendly

For the safety of the environment, you need to ensure that the blister packaging is safe to the environment. The use of recyclable material is highly encouraged.

· Allows for printability

An effective blister packaging is one that allows for printability on its surface. Certain information needs to be printed on the surface of the blister package to inform the customers.

However, such printing should not react with either the blister package or the product.

How do we produce tailor made blister packages?

We are using a high-volume, fully-automated industrial blister packaging machine.The whole process is including the following stages:

  • First, we are forming a heat-sealed blister by the usage of an aluminium resin tool. 
  • By using a special printing process, first the cardboard backing is printed and within the special heat, plastic blisters get stuck to it. 
  • The product is placed in the card added packages and sewed by the sealing jig.
  • Hot metal plates are applied and as a last stage, the ready blister packs are getting packaged for distribution.
Watch the process of custom made blisters here

Making the pace to your prosperity by offering the high quality custom blister packages are the main goal of us. All our custom blister packs have an extraordinary worth and are perfect for production of your items. If you want to make a difference between a range of businesses, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team is always ready to determine your needs and offer you the best fit for your products.

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