Custom promotional temporary tattoos

We will make custom promotional temporary tattoos for you
eave the traditional advertising and try something brand new! Try custom-made advertising tattoos to attract your customers. They will certainly remember the original and fun experience that they will experience with advertising tattoos. You can hand out tailor-made tattoos at trade fairs, promotions, or pack them with your product. We can produce a wide range of custom-made advertising tattoos for you. From mini tattoos to tattoo sleeves and tattoos over the entire back.

Custom promotional temporary tattoos new zeland
Custom made tatoo new zeland
Custom promotional temporary tattoos new zeland

Minimum quantity: 300-1000pcs (depends on the size of the tattoo, small dimensions e.g. 5x5cm from 1000pcs)
Tattoo design: tailored to your specification
Delivery time: 19 days
Size: from 3x3cm – 35x48cm
Material: Eco paper for advertising tattoos, PET film, Ink
Type: from solid to full-color graphics, UV tattoos, metallic tattoos – gold, silver,…., tattoos that glow in the dark, sticky tattoos without the use of water

Why custom promotional temporary tattoos?

What are the main reasons you should use temporary tattoos for marketing? Here you have some examples:

Promotional tattoos according to your own desing
Promotional tattoos according to your own desing

Promotional tattoos are fun!

There are few promotional items that offer so much fun. You and your customers will enjoy unforgettable moments with them. If your customers have a good time and smile at the people around them, combine your logo with smiles and fun and you’ve won. Everyone will prefer to buy from whoever is fun and friendly.

Temporary tattoos are cheap!

Tatuajes promocionales para niños

If you compare tattoos to other promotional items such as mugs or t-shirts, you will see that they are much more convenient and effective. Nowadays, when most businesses and companies are cutting costs, it is important to consider the budget that is going to be spent on the production of promotional items. Tattoos have a very good price-performance ratio. Especially in the case of large orders, the significant quantity discounts we offer on tattoo machines will be more evident.

Tattoos are easily customizable.

Unlike other promotional gifts, tattoos offer you the possibility of different variations. So, if you want to change the colors, font or design, tattoos are easy to customize. You can put any graphic or image on the tattoos. These unique features make the tattoos perfect for advertising.

Custom-made children’s tattoos

Reklamní tetovačky s motivem

Who didn’t love tattoos as a child? Colorful images can be easily printed on the skin and give such a fun feeling for everyone for a very long time. Gather children and young people with tattoos! Tattoos are waterproof and last at the unusually long time!
Among the usual types of advertisement, tattoos act as a fresh wind. Above all, tattoos are clearly the latest and most interesting among the promotional items. By combining a modern color design and a creative idea, you will get the original promotional items that will attract the attention of anyone who sees it. Order custom-made tattoos and you will win the competition!

Original and personalized advertising tattoo ideas

Have you decided to make a personalized advertising print and promote your company with your help? Excellent choice! We have original tattoo ideas for you. So here are several ideas, tips and proposals for original tattoos that will appeal to a large number of people. Therefore, before making the tattoos, you should always think about who they are going to be for, on what occasion you are going to give the tattoos as a gift or to which product you are going to add them.

Original tattoos – hearts and love

Tatuajes de temas amorosos

Advertising tattoos in the shape of a heart or with love themes need no introduction.As a result these themes will always inherently belong to popular designs, both in the field of permanent tattoos and temporary tattoos. Tattoos with heart and love motifs say it all for you. Therefore, using tattoos with these motifs can be very beneficial as associating your brand with positive emotions is the ideal of the brand.

Original pirate tattoos

Pirate themed tattoos

Provocative and rebellious, pirate tattoos are. Tattoos with this theme are guaranteed to attract the attention of everyone within reach. Pirate tattoos, for example, can be a rebellious accessory, both for a serious person and for an alternative image. Use these tattoos to reach out to people with a rebellious soul. Also, one of the favorite pastimes of children is playing pirates.

Original tattoos for football or sports games

Football Tattoos

Promotional tattoos with the logo of your favorite football team or with a football theme in general, will please all fans! National flag tattoos are the ideal accessory for any sporting event. With the help of these tattoos you can address visitors at a football match or in pubs and bars, for example. Your future clients will associate their own feelings towards the club they support with your company and, believe me, you will win them over! If you are an event agency that organizes sporting events, then tattoos are the perfect choice.

Original metallic tattoos

Sample of metallic promotional temporary tattoos

Metallic tattoos are a total hit for festivals, parties and summer parties. They can be made with reflections of many metals: gold, silver, bronze and others. So the areas of their use are really wide. These tattoos look great on the skin and are very eye-catching. Metal tattoos are used in Havana as jewelry or fashion accessory. So if you are a rum importer, for example, organize a party with Cuban rhythms or are somehow linked to this wonderful country, metallic tattoos with ornaments are a great choice.

Personalized promotional nautical tattoos

tatuajes temporales promocionales

Nautical themed tattoos are one of the oldest trends. Let’s face it, who among you hasn’t ever dreamed of becoming a sailor and experiencing freedom on a sailboat sailing at full sail? So, try to bring the relaxed atmosphere at least with the help of an original sailor tattoo. If you’re a sailing equipment dealer or a boat charterer, a gift in the form of a nautical-themed tattoo is a fun option. Besides, nautical style is one of the immortal trends, let alone nautical style parties.

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