About Hourglass

An hourglass is a non-mechanical instrument that is used to keep time. An hourglass usually measures the passing of an hour, though individual hourglass can be designed to measure different units of time. Some hourglasses measure just a few seconds, while others measure minutes and some even measure days. However, it has nowadays become really a great idea for trade show gift and convention give-a-ways. We have been making this kind of gift hourglass for worldwide clients and assure giving you a quality gift hourglass at great prices for promotion purpose to boost your brand cognition.

History of Hourglass

The hourglass first appeared in Europe in the eighth century, and may have been made by Luitprand, a monk at the cathedral in Chartres, France. By the early fourteenth century, the hourglass was used commonly in Italy. It appears to have been widely used throughout Western Europe from that time through 1500. Before the advent of mechanical clocks, hourglass where commonly used for nautical purposes, cooking and the timing of church services, among other things. Because each hourglass marks only one period of time, we can imagine that our ancestors must have had a large collection of hourglass. One notable hourglass has achieved fame in the classic book and movie The Wizard of Oz. The suspense filled scenes in which the hourglass trickles away Dorothy’s hope of a rescue makes the hourglass familiar to many generations.


Structure of Hourglass

An hourglass consists of two glass bulbs placed one above the other which are connected by a narrow tube. One of the bulbs is usually filled with fine sand which flows through the narrow tube into the bottom bulb at a given rate. Once all the sand has run to the bottom bulb, the device can be inverted in order to measure time again.

Raw Materials of Hourglass

Our hourglass is often constructed out of glass, as its name denotes, but it can also be made of plastic. The frames or housings for hourglass can be made of wood, glass, metal or plastic. The different designs of hourglass frames or housings are endless, ranging from simple to ornamental with everything in between. Raw materials most often can be crafted or carved to suit a particular style, decor, design, or theme. Bamboo, resin, and various metals like brass, bronze, and pewter are also beautiful framing materials.

Sand is the most complex of the components of hourglass. Not all types of sand can be used because the grains may be too angular and may not flow properly through the neck of the hourglass. In addition, the sand in our hourglass can be made in different colors so the sand in the hourglass can be chosen to match room decor or some other color preference.

Promotional Sand Glasses

Our promotional sand glass as an object with ancient associations as well as built-in elegance will always appeal to your customers and those who appreciate the mysteries of art and time. The beautiful shape of the promotional sand glass itself and its custom-made frame and colored sand can be made to suit decor, atmosphere, or occasion.

Today promotional sand glass is often used in board games to mark a player’s turn or the duration of a task. A promotional sand glass can also be a fun way to time daily chores and other tasks. The custom made sand glass also makes beautiful collector’s pieces due to their elegant style and variations in design.

Browse on the left our categories of different promotional sand glass for your next event as great gifts.

Metal Sandglass as Promotional Gift for Customers

Our metal promotional sandglass are made with excellent metal material which is rust-resisting and durable for years. With the ability to put your logo, brand name or any letter or graphic on our metal promotional sandglass, they have becoming promo gifts for trade show, exhibitions or new product launch meeting as well as decorative items anywhere. We have many designs for the stands of the promotional metal sandglass. Colours of the sand inside the metal sandglass are left for your choice. And you can choose to have one or two or three glass tube under the stand of promotional metal sandglass.

Promotional Metal Sandglass with Company Logo

Custom Made Metal Sandglass

This promotional metal sandglass have a fine metal frame which can be made golden, silver or other metallic lustre.

Item Code: HRMT-120501
Time: 20min, Customizable
Size: 9*18cm
Minimum Order: contact us for MOQ and price

Promotional Colour Metal Sandglass

Custom Made Metal Colour Hour-glass

Inside the metal cylinder, the glass tube is well protected. An ideal combination sets off the mystery of the metal sandglass.

Item Code: HRMT-120502
Time: 10min, Customizable
Size: 2.8*8.2cm
Minimum Order: contact us for MOQ and price

Promotional Printed Metal Sandglass

Promotional Printed Metal Hour-glass

This promotional metal sandglass is so fascinating that it is well-received in the market. Many people keep it

Item Code: HRMT-120503
Time: 10min/20min, Customizable
Size: 4.5*7.8cm, 6*11cm Customizabe
Minimum Order: contact us for MOQ and price

Set of 3 Promotional Metal Sandglass

Set of 3 Custom Made Metal Sandglass

A set of metal promotional sandglass consists of two glass tubes or three or more and filled with different amount of sand in different colors. It is used to count time when cooking. Logo can be printed or engraved for promotion.

Item Code: HRMT-120504
Time: 3/5/10min, Customizable
Size: 9x3x8 cm
Minimum Order: contact us for MOQ and price

Promotional Metal Frame Sandglass

Custom Made Metal Frame Sandglass

Simple but specially stylistic, this metal frame sandglass is best to show ones’ style as well as those of businesses and companies. Just put the logo on the frame.

Item Code: HRMT-120505
Time: 20min, Customizable
Size: 6*11cm
Minimum Order: contact us for MOQ and price

Square Metal Promotional Sandglass


Square metal promotional sandglass has a metal frame with four pillars. Logos can be either engraved or printed on the metal surface.

Item Code: HRMT-120506
Time: 10min, Customizable
Size: 3.5*7.5cm
Minimum Order: contact us for MOQ and price

Promotional Branded Metal Sandglass

Custom Branded Metal Sandglass

It is a tri-pillar metal and branded sandglass in a classic style. Plainly designed, but full of elegancy, which fits with any brands or names.

Item Code: HRMT-120507
Time: 20min, Customizable
Size: 8*12cm
Minimum Order: contact us for MOQ and price

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