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A Custom promotional temporary tattoo is a decorative image that can be applied to the skin for short periods of time. Custom temporary tattoos make a fun and unique addition to any occasion or promotional event. Simply upload your own design or choose from our artwork. For a more premium finish, try our specialty tattoo materials. Our high-quality temporary tattoos are non-toxic and FDA-approved. Temporary tattoos that you can customize are a fun way to amp up any corporate or personal event.

Custom  temporary tattoos
Custom temporary tattoos

Custom temporary tattoos can do more than just make you look cool. Temporary tattoos can adhere to smooth surfaces like glass or wood, making them a perfect and ultra-modern decorating tool. Stand out at summer music festivals, decorate your wedding, or throw the most memorable birthday party ever. All of our tattoos are waterproof and totally customizable!

Temporary Promotional temporary Tattoo Sticker

For centuries, men and women have added decorative illustrations to their skin for religious or cultural reasons. One common method of decorating skin is tattooing. A process that involves injecting patterns of dye directly into the skin using a needle. While tattooing remains a popular art form today, it is also expensive, time-consuming, and maybe somewhat painful. Also, For these reasons, permanent tattoos are not necessarily desirable for every individual, and stickers tattoos are becoming more popular.

Tattoo Sticker as Promotional Products

Promotional sticker tattoos are the latest and hottest tool to hit the marketing scene. By combining innovative and colorful designs and nontoxic ingredients, temporary tattoo stickers can help your business to stand out. Custom promotional temporary Tattoos are a fun way to show off your brand.

However, Our NEW Waterless Tattoos make that job easier, It is as easy as peel, stick and go, it’s perfect for events, offices, restaurants, and anywhere else traditional water-applied tattoos are not the most convenient option! 

Custom Made Promotional temporary Tattoo

Are you looking for an original and classic gift? Welcome to the pages where you will find themed and classic advertising Stickers in the widest offer on the UK internet market. Here are just a few of the reasons you should use tattoo stickers as your next marketing tool. We will make custom-made promotional temporary tattoos for you
Leave the traditional advertising and try something brand new! Try custom-made advertising tattoos to attract your customers. They will certainly remember the original and fun experience that they will experience with advertising tattoos. You can hand out tailor-made tattoos at trade fairs, promotions, or pack them with your product. We can produce a wide range of custom-made advertising tattoos for you. From mini tattoos to tattoo sleeves and tattoos over the entire back.

promotional hand temporary tattoos
Customized hand tattoo

These temporary tattoos can be custom-made to depict any fictional movie character or celebrity. This promo product is also waterproof for the time it is on the face, so if there is any unexpected rain or the customer wipes their face accidentally, they won’t be left bare-faced!

Temporary Tattoo are funPromotional temporary Tattoo is fun

Customized Promotional Temporary Tattoos are an excellent low-cost promotional product that is bound to get your logo/design maximum exposure. These high-quality printed skin Tattoos are easy to apply with water and will last up to 7 days on the skin. Great low-cost promotion!

Every Custom promotional temporary tattoo has a protection foil to avoid damaging the ink.

Few other marketing tools allow you, and the people to which you are marketing, to have this much fun. If you keep people smiling and happy, they will associate you with someone pleasant to call when they need your services.

Tattoo Stickers are inexpensiveTattoo Stickers are inexpensive Promotional Products

If you compare tattoos with other promotional items, such as mugs or T-shirts, you’ll find that tattoos are much more profitable and efficient. Nowadays, where most companies save their costs to produce items, it’s important to consider how big a budget you’ll release to produce promotional items. And tattoos have a very good performance ratio vs. price. Especially with a large number of orders, there will also be significant quantity discounts that we provide on tattoos.

Promotional temporary Tattoo maker
Promotional Tattoo maker

Especially when compared to other tools such as cups and t-shirts, tattoo stickers allow you to stretch your marketing budget further. In addition, by buying in large, bulk orders, you can save even more.

Custom stickers for Events and Networking

Does your company attend networking events like trade shows and conferences? One method to establish relationships with the peers you network with and ultimately transition those into online relations is to create custom sticker tattoos for those attending the event. Using our custom badge stickers, you can create personalized name badges for each of your employees. Alongside this, you can print your individual company handles. When networking and attending seminars, this allows you to advertise your platforms, and promote online exchanges.

Stickers as a Method of Brand Awareness

Promotional stickers are an excellent and tangible product that allows consumers to engage with your brand in an offline manner. Long before the internet, people were posting and pinning content in a much more physical way.

Do you have a physical storefront or office where you engage with clients? Printing your social media handles on stickers is an excellent way to create free giveaways that are more impactful than simply printing your brand logo. If you have a Snapchat account for your brand, printing your QR code will allow customers to scan your sticker and add you! You can use this on your body as a tattoo or Sticker.

Custom promotional temporary Snapchat tattoos
Custom Snapchat sticker

Stickers are also a great way to participate in community events, festivals, and pretty much any social gathering. For example, many companies sponsor events like marathons or races, and supply stickers to be given away to attendees and participants. This is a great opportunity to print your social handles and build relationships with potential consumers. If you’d like your social branding to be more subtle, you can even make some kiss-cut singles, and print a corporate hashtag or your company outside of the die-cut line. In addition, this allows the sticker to be removed and used, and your branding will remain on the backing.

Temporary Tattoo are customizablePromo Temporary Tattoo are Customizable

Unlike many other advertising tools, temporary tattoos are customizable from the color right down to the design. In fact, you can use any photo, logo, artwork, or design for your business temporary tattoo. By doing so, you will ensure that your tattoo sticker is truly unique.

Custom Promotional temporary tattoos
custom made tattoos for promo

Firstly, Create attractive temporary tattoos with classic, glitter, glow, and metallic effects to promote your business. Upload your print-ready custom artwork or use our online design studio to create your masterpiece starting from a variety of “inspiration” templates or completely from scratch. Secondly, Create attractive temporary tattoos with classic, glitter, glow, and metallic effects to promote your business. Classic temporary tattoos are printed in full color so images appear on the skin in vibrant detail. Finally, it’s perfect for promoting your brand!

Make your custom temporary tattoos a staple at your next social gathering or corporate event. StickerYou uses high-quality tattoo ink to ensure all of your logos and designs are bright and bold on any complexion. This makes them great for handouts at events like trade shows, networking parties, and celebrations of any size.

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