Reference for promotional tattoos for Divadlo v Dlouhé

With the customer’s permission, we attach a reference for promotional tattoos that attests to the qualities of our company. The clever and effective promotional item in the form of promotional tattoos is an excellent choice.

Customer: Divadlo v Dlouhé

Dear Mr. Koukal,

I just wanted to thank you for the tattoos for the theater festival Dítě v Dlouhé. They are great and easy to work with, we are satisfied 😉

I have received the invoice and will process the payment immediately. Have a nice day!


Contact – Promotional tattoos

E-mail: sales@giftsservice.com

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Rollery na zakázku

Custom-mad roller skates

The production of a promotional item in the form of roller skates has once again been very successful. It is a great marketing move where functionality and effectiveness of the item come first. Custom-made roller skates are highly used products that people need, and every time they use them, they register your brand. Rely on the importer with exclusive representation of the roller skates manufacturer in the Czech Republic.

You can buy roller skates from us even in small quantities. However, in the case of a larger order, we offer significant quantity discounts. Take a look at another successful production of a promotional item, which was cleverly chosen by another one of our customers. We, as the importer, and the customer are very satisfied with the result. It is an effective and stylish promotional item.

Contact – Custom-made roller skates

+420 603 333 309
+420 777 333 309

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Zakázková výroba plyšových hraček

Custom-made plush toy production

The realization of custom-made plush toys in the form of a crocodile has become a very successful promotional item that warms the hearts of almost all customers. We and the client are extremely satisfied with the final realization. It is an effective marketing move in an amazing form that you can be proud of. Don’t hesitate and send us a request for custom-made plush toy production. We will be happy to dedicate ourselves to you and bring your idea to a perfect end. Custom-made plush toy production is the right move.

Contact – custom-made plush toys production

E-mail: sales@giftsservice.com

Phone: +420 603 333 309

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Reklamní přívěsky na zakázku

Custom-made advertising keychains

Custom-made advertising keychains for the Czech manufacturer Ultra Marine, which produces the world’s best luxury anchors. The company chose a great promotional item that is in perfect harmony with their main products. Custom-shaped keychains made of 316 surgical steel are an excellent marketing move. Don’t hesitate to send us a non-binding order and have advertising keychains made exactly to your liking.

Contact – custom-made advertising keychains

E-mail: sales@giftsservice.com
Phone: +420 603 333 309
Phone: +420 777 333 309

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Reklamní ozdoby na tkaničky

Advertising decorations for laces

Silicone advertising decorations for laces as a great and original promotion of your brand. It is a constantly visible and effective advertisement that offers you a great ratio of price and advertising performance. Choose custom-made advertising laces/cords exactly according to your ideas and let your company be known. An effective and affordable advertising item in the form of lace decorations.

Contact – advertising decorations for laces

Email: sales@giftsservice.com

Phone: +420 603 333 309

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návlek na sedlo

Bicycle saddle covers

Are you looking for a great promotional item for your sports event? Do you sell sports equipment or just have sports-oriented employees or customers? If you answered yes, then we have a great choice for a promotional product for you. Advertising saddle covers that proudly display the name of your company or any other information.

Practical advertising saddle covers have a high utility value, as they effectively protect the saddle, are washable, and highly hygienic. Custom manufacturing provides the option of choosing the color and printing according to your wishes.

Saddle covers are among the more popular items with cycling enthusiasts and it is no wonder. They are an effective and hygienic aid that will also protect your saddle in any situation.

Contact – bicycle saddle covers

E-mail: sales@giftsservice.com

Phone: +420 603 333 309

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Zdravotní identifikační náramky z oceli

Steel health identification bracelets

Steel health identification bracelets are a necessary and stylish accessory that can significantly help you in case of need. Identification bracelets can contain anything you wish. It can be information about a medical condition or contact information for a close person who is able to provide necessary information about you in a crisis situation. Health bracelets are made of high-quality steel. Ordering is possible for personal use or, of course, in larger quantities for any facility or company. Bracelets can contain any information. Of course, it does not have to be just health information – it can also include a logo or slogan.

  • Option 1: A bracelet of jewelery metal and has a high-quality clasp to ensure a comfortable fit.
  • Option 2: The identification bracelet made of surgical steel is very easy to put on and take off.
  • Option 3: The flexible option made of stainless steel ensures easy and comfortable wearing and removal.

In our offer, you will also find custom-made identification bracelets and bands, which are used for identification or as a ticket for summer music festivals, concerts, film festivals, or other social and cultural events.

Contact us for steel health identification bracelets.

Have your identification bracelets made exactly according to your wishes and needs. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

E-mail: sales@giftsservice.com

Telefon: +420 603 333 309

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Reklamní náplasti na zakázku

Custom Advertising Patches

Custom adevertising patches are a practical and very effective gift for your customers. They can be used anywhere, so anyone who decides to go this clever way can contact us. See for yourself how great advertising can be created by seemingly small objects. Customers can use custom patches for any event. Admit it, the print according to the customer’s wishes on the packaging in more vivid colors is hard to miss, so it meets expectations completely. The combination of taste and a sharp idea created a great advertising item. Custom production allows the design to be created exactly according to your requirements.

Contact – Custom Advertising Patches

We will be happy to advise you on everything or prepare an offer that will take into account all your requirements. Do not hesitate to contact us by phone or in writing.

+420 603 333 309


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Vlaječky na zakázku

Custom Flags

Custom flags are a suitable advertising item that the municipality of Vápenná also chose. They had them made exactly according to their wishes with the municipal coat of arms, which can serve as tourist or souvenir flags. Custom flags are cheerful items that easily attract attention. You don’t have to worry that no one will notice your table flags. They are literally eye-catching items that serve the advertising purpose. Increase awareness of your brand, draw attention to an event, or anything else. An easy and effective form of advertising in the form of a corporate flag will be a welcome item. Do not hesitate to contact us and have a cheerful custom flag made for your table exactly according to your wishes.

Custom Flags – Contact


+420 603 333 309

+420 777 333 309

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náplasti na zakázku

Custom Patches as Effective Advertisement

Custom patches are a suitable advertising item for customers in all industries. It does not matter whether you are engaged in metalworking, transportation, construction, or financial consulting. Everyone needs patches and they always come in handy when you have them on hand. Entrust your advertising to a reliable manufacturer with years of experience.

Contact – Custom Patches

Do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to advise you on everything and prepare an offer that will take into account all your wishes.

+420 603 333 309


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