Promotional Inflatable Products

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Promotional Inflatable Products

When it comes to special events, size matters. So does color. Simply towering over the crowd gives you a strategic advantage with special event marketing. Added height gives you the ability to be seen across the convention hall. promotional inflatable products are your perfect choice.

With a colorful display, such as an exact replica of your product, logo or mascot, you can instantly connect with those who are familiar with your brand as well as engaging the curiosity of those who aren’t. Our promotional inflatable products can be beneficial in specific event marketing situations.

Our promotional inflatable products are becoming the hottest, most popular trends in corporate promotion and display. Whether your company or organization is large or small,  our promotional inflatable products can help make your thinking and ideas an inflatable to life! Our inflatable products are unique, one-of-a-kind products with your special identity. With Our promotional inflatable products including outdoor displays and product replicas  we can turn your product or service to your target markets, bring brand awareness and meet your goals.

inflatable castle
inflatable sky dancer
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inflatable tent

Custom Inflatables

Our Inflatables are in a wide variety of options including inflatable slides, inflatable balloons, inflatable arches, inflatable air dancer, inflatable model ect for all promotion campaign. Or you can choose to have a custom inflatables of you own printing, color and size.

Our custom inflatables are safe and strong to use no matter in what kind. All custom inflatables are made by high durability fire-retardant 18OZ Tarpaulin. We use high quality professional inflatable sewing machines, which special in sewing 18oz Vinyl. At the same time, we use 12 lines high strength nylon thread to construct each custom inflatables

Inflatable Promotion

We have a wide range of inflatable promotion items for different evens and occasion, such as Inflatable promotion archesInflatable promotion replicasinflatable promotion air dancer or sky guy or inflatable promotion tent. These are great ideas of showing your warm greeting to people coming to your event, store, or decorating an exhibition. These inflatable promotion items are inflated with internal blowers which were required to run continuously for three weeks, the whole assembly being housed in a steel cradle.

Available in different styles and sizes, our inflatable promotion items can get your message across perfectly. Choose full digital print or detachable banners for the flexibility of changing themes.

Inflatable Promotion Air Dancer

  • Minimum Order:1 pcs
  • Unit Price:$325.00
  • Specification:6*3.3(M)

Inflatable Promotion Arch

  1. Minimum Order:1 pcs
  2. Unit Price:$899.00
  3. Specification:8L*1W*7H (M)

Inflatable Promotion Replica

  • Minimum Order:1 pcs
  • Unit Price:$588.00
  • Specification:6*2 (M)

Inflatable Promotion Tent

  1. Minimum Order:1 pcs
  2. Unit Price:$598.00
  3. Specification:4L*4W*5.5H (M)

Inflatable Water Slides

What are you to do when your kids get bored during the summer? There are a number of different things you can choose to do with your kids. One of those great options is renting them a party inflatable water slides for the day. Your kids can have hours of enjoyment on a party inflatable water slides. Inflatable water slides are great fun to play on for your kids.

Party inflatable water slides are a great time for your kids to play on. They love to bounce around on the jumpers when they inflate. Our inflatable water slides are even more fun for the kids when it is blazing hot outside. However you cannot add water to our inflatable slides that is intended for dry usage.

Whatever kind of inflatable water slides you choose to entertain your kids, you can rest assured that they will be entertained. All you need to do is let us make you inflatable water slides with your design (style, color and size).

Inflatable water slide

  • Minimum Order:1 pcs
  • Unit Price:$5044.00
  • Specification:8L*3W*3.2H (M)

Promo inflatable water slide

  1. Minimum Order:1 pcs
  2. Unit Price:$2058.00
  3. Specification:8L*3W*3.2H (M)

Personalized inflatable water slide

  • Minimum Order:1 pcs
  • Unit Price:$2779.00
  • Specification:2L*12W*3.5H (M)

Customized Inflatable Slide

  1. Minimum Order:1 pcs
  2. Unit Price:$3294.00
  3. Specification:15L*4W*6H (M)

Inflatable Pool Slide

  • Minimum Order:1 pcs
  • Unit Price:$2573.00
  • Specification:15L*8W*6H (M)

Promo Inflatables Maker

We have years of experience in producing all kinds of both promo inflatables. Our promo inflatables will help you for marketing needs from exhibitions to brand expansion.

Inflatable design, production & operational capability have set us apart from our competition. As a leading promo inflatables maker across the industry from advertising balloon to any inflatable items, we will work with you on every single aspect of requirement for your own promo inflatables.

We help in designing your custom made promo inflatables so as to hit the target market and to keep you updating during the manufacturing process. Following every need from you and stand by for help and advice on your project & all of the options available to you since the first contact with our staff, we can make you promo inflatables that you really want.

Using the best sewing machines ordered to handle nylon thread we double stitch the entire unit with the best 18 ounce heavy duty Vinyl. We even use extra webbing reinforcements on all the stress points and interior panels. We provide our customers the lowest possible prices and fast and efficient service.

To Make Your Own Inflatable Products Now

Browse our online store and contact us (a leading Promotional Inflatable Products) today for great ideas for your next promotion, campaign or tradeshow!

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