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There are many kinds of custom silicone printing products. For instance, promotional items and personal items. All of these products are depending on the customers’ requirements. In this paragraph, we are going to give some examples of custom silicone printing products.

Firstly, you can use silicone to print textile materials

secondly, you can use silicone to print silicone-based materials

  1. Silicone printing on textile

Silicones are incredible materials with multiple advantages. Silicones are able to produce many kinds of products, one of them is silicone on textiles.

 Silicone has changed the textiles industry. For instance, we can produce textile products based on silicone printing by using textile screen printing.

We can provide custom silicone printing on textiles. Therefore, you can put your logo, your brands, or your custom design on your textile items. In conclusion, you can use silicone to print you textile materials.

2. Custom Silicone Printing on Silicone items

Custom silicone printing is becoming a new trend. Why? Because silicone ink can adhere to any types of silicone items.

You can only print silicone products on silicone-based ink. Therefore, to produce custom silicone printing products you need silicone-based ink

Silicone printing on gadgets

Not only for promotional purposes, but you can also produce silicone printing for functional proposes. For instance, gadgets, wallets, phones, phone-charges, or some small items. also, you can use them as accessories or as protection. In conclusion, silicone printing has multiple functions.

Sports Equipment

You can print your brands, your company brands on your sports equipment. There are many kinds of sports equipment that come from silicone, such as balls, water tumblers, watches, bags, etc.

Custom Silicone Printing – Australia

What is custom silicone printing?

Custom silicone printing is a printing method using silicone ink. There are two methods of custom silicone printing. The first one is silicone pad printing and the second one is silicone screen printing.

custom silicone printing

Why do we need custom silicone printing?

To create promotional items for your company or your products you need custom silicone printing. how to custom silicone printing? there are two ways of them, we can use custom silicone printing by using the pad printing method and screen printing method

What is the ink use for custom silicone printing?

Custom silicone printing both pad printing and screen printing are using silicone ink and solvents. The transfer of both printing methods is using the heat.

silicone printing method

Here are some benefits of custom silicone printing

  • Promote your logo or brands of your company’s product

If your company are manufacturing glass products you can put your logo in your glass product by using silicone printing

  • Easy to adjust in any surface

Silicone ink can easily adapt. You can print the silicone ink in any kind of surface.

  • Easy to adjust in any shape

Pad Printing

Pad printing is one of the silicone printing methods. This method is designed to put 2D features into 3D surfaces or objects. This printing method is using heat transfer to the objects. To make promotional items pad printing using silicone printing ink is the best choice. Why? because it can be used in many kinds of material.

pad printing method

Screen Printing

Screen printing is the second method of silicone printing. The difference between pad and screen printing is screen printing using a stencil and woven mesh. Screen printing is ideal for large production of promotional items and for those that are using multiple colors of printing. Similar to pad printing, screen printing is using heat transfer.

screen printing method
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