Promotional Bracelets to Order

We are delighted that our clients consistently give positive feedback on our products. Promotional wristbands remain a popular and effective marketing item, standing the test of time against market innovations.

Client Success Stories:

KINETIC: This company selected a beautifully distinctive color and opted for a thicker silicone bracelet. It perfectly matched their brand, offering an affordable yet visually appealing promotional item.

FC Baník Ostrava: We crafted blue, standard-width silicone bracelets for the club’s fans. These comfortable wristbands are a hit, allowing fans to effortlessly show their support.

Silicone is a comfortable material, often making you forget you’re even wearing a bracelet. These wristbands are both fun and effective promotional items.

Contact if you want custom made promotional braceletsIf and if you are interested in our offer of custom-made promotional bracelets, please do not hesitate to contact us for a non-binding inquiry. We will be happy to advise you or we will completely follow your requirements. We can produce custom promotional bracelets in any colour, size with your logo or selected image. This is an effective and inexpensive promotional item.


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