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Promotional pinwheels

If there is one thing that makes promotional pinwheel interesting, it is that they attract everyone’s attention. That’s what makes advertising pinwheels an interesting, fun and cost-effective form of advertising that your future customers will appreciate. You can earn their interest with our promotional pinwheels. Which they can use as decorations for their garden or even their home. Children will play with the advertising fans for hours and their parents will love this great toy.

Reklamní větrníky velkoobchod
Reklamní větrníky

Promotional pinwheels are actually tailor-made propellers that we have printed with your logo or slogans of your campaign and thanks to that they have become a great promotional item. Nowadays, advertising is actually ubiquitous and customers are pretty indifferent to it anymore. That’s why you need to attract them with something imaginative and original. And advertising helicopters are just such an object that catches the eye!

Boring advertising? It’s a thing of the past with advertising pinwheels!

When you differentiate yourself from the competition with an entertaining ad, you attract the attention of customers who would easily overlook other ads. Children in particular, but also many playful adults, will spend many a long moment with advertising pinwheels. And all of us can easily use advertising pinwheels as decoration, for example at a garden party or birthday party.

Reklamní větrníky na míru
Reklamní větrníky na zakázku

Advertising pinwheels – manufacturer

We are the world’s leading manufacturer of advertising windscreens.Therefore we emphasize close cooperation with our customers and are committed to their maximum satisfaction. This is why our advertising fans are clearly the best you will find on the market and we offer a very competitive price! Take advantage of the potential of our advertising fans and reach out to your future clients.

Promotional pinwheels

We offer you a wide selection of all possible types of advertising pinwheel. You can just print your logo on the pinwheel or you can customize the entire pinwheel to fit your campaign design, including colors. Overall a promotional pinwheel is a memorable and unmissable promotional item that everyone will appreciate.

With us, you can choose or even design a promotional pinwheel that matches your exact idea. You can order your it in any size, colour and shape, and you can even choose the number of leaves. What’s more, each promotional pinwheel is made from eco-friendly materials that guarantee easy recyclability.

On this page you can see examples of what such a windbreak can look like. Of course, our offer is not limited to what you see below. Everyone can design a windbreak exactly for themselves. Simply get in touch with us on our contact form, which you can find here.

Promotional pinwheel for promotion at events.

A promotional pinwheel is an inexpensive item that is also popular with children. Therefore it is suitable for giving out in large quantities. It is also suitable for political and campaign use. A similar inexpensive alternative with a great visual effect can be an advertising fan which can be found here.

Five-leaved promotional pinwheel

Reklamní větrník

Simply place your logo on the promotional pinwheel and you can start handing them out right away. At any event, kids will immediately grab them and advertise for you wherever they go.

  • Material: PVC
  • Dimensions: 15 x 15 cm
  • Logo: One colour print
  • Minimum order: 1000 pcs

Sunflower promotional pinwheel

Reklamní větrník na míru

Such a simple yet beautiful advertising pinwheel! It will be perfect for your campaign whatever it is. With the help of this advertising pinwheel you will catch everyone’s attention.

  • Material: PVC
  • Dimensions: 17 x 17 cm
  • Logo: Two-colour print
  • Minimum order: 1000 pcs

Promotional pinwheel with metallic shine

Reklamní větrník ve velkém

Give your company what it deserves: great advertising with the help of a promotional pinwheel. Such a promotional pinwheel will catch the eye of the casual passer-by.

  • Material: PVC
  • Dimensions: 15 x 15 cm
  • Logo: Full colour print
  • Minimum order: 1000 pcs

Promotional pinwheel with flags.

Reklamní větrník na zakázku

If your company has the opportunity to advertise at an important anniversary celebration, a promotional pinwheel in the national colours will certainly come in handy!

  • Material: PVC
  • Dimensions: 21 x 21 cm
  • Logo: Full colour print
  • Minimum order: 1000 pcs

Promotional pinwheel- circular

Reklamní větrník velkoobchod

If the originality of the advertising fan itself is not enough for you, you can enhance it with this interesting shape. No one will escape the eye-catching appeal of this advertising pinwheel!

Material: PVC
Dimensions: 17 x 17 cm
Logo: Full colour print
Minimum order: 1000 pcs

Advertising pinwheel – 3D

Reklamní větrník u výrobce

We can also make a customized 3D advertising windsock like this for you. A 3D advertising windsock will appeal especially to younger people, but it’s actually interesting for everyone.

  • Material: PVC
  • Dimensions: 17 x 17 cm
  • Stick: One-colour print
  • Minimum order: 1000 pcs

Unprinted advertising pinwheel

Reklamní větrník zakázková výroba

It’s up to you how you want to have your pinwheelprinted. It can be with our company, but you can also buy a promotional pinwheel in stock and have it printed later.

  • Material: PVC
  • Dimensions: 15 x 15 cm
  • Logo: As per selection
  • Minimum order: 1000 pcs

Production of pinwheels

We provide design, sales and production of fans for advertising and other purposes. Moreover, companies all over the world take advantage of our years of experience in manufacturing windmills and order them from us in bulk. Therefore pinwheel manufacturing is a great way to secure customer goodwill! Our customers often tell us that they themselves have been surprised at how their sales have skyrocketed after having pinwheels made for their advertising.

Many other companies will only offer you a lengthy ordering process through middlemen .Overall, that eats up your time, money and energy. Unlike other companies, we have a unique offer for you. Order directly from the wind turbine manufacturer. In conclusion, you will simplify your life. The windmill manufacturer will fulfill your order faster. In higher quality and cheaper than anyone else.

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