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Often, bottles of drinking water feel troublesome when taken as a provision. Because bottled water usually has a large size and often takes up a lot of space in the bag.

Nowadays, a recent innovation brings bottled drinking water that makes it easy to carry. Uniquely, this bottle has a flexible size and can be folded and put in a pocket. When empty, they can be rolled, folded, flattened, or twisted into a smaller shape. This makes them ideal for anyone who likes to travel light – whether the destination is the office, the gym, or the airport.

When you want to fill your water, you just need to draw from the top and bottom. The material is elastic of the silicon food grade.

Once the water is empty, you just have to fold it inside and form a coin that is easy to carry and store anywhere. This unique drinking water bottle seems to be an awesome choice of a bottle of drinking water.

We provide a custom-made foldable bottle product that can adjust to your design. These foldable bottle products are made from silicone and plastic. Here are some advantages of foldable bottle products:


Most of the drinking water bottle are waste but folded bottle is washable you can wash the bottle and reuse them repeatedly.

Minimum Storage

1 litter of bottle takes huge space on your bags or luggage even the bottle is already empty. Therefore, by having folded bottled water you will have more space on your bag because the bottle can be folded into small storage.

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No more heavy backpack or bags because the folded water bottle is made from silicone and plastic that is very light to carry the water reduced

Environmental impact

This is one of the most important impact of using foldable bottle because the bottle can be use more than one time.

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Silicon foldable bottle on demand

Plastic and meetal bottle vs Silicon bottle

silicone bottle
Plastic bottle

Plastic bottle has become one of the most used water bottles in the world besides the environmental and health effect plastic bottle still become primadonna among any kinds of the bottle.

the question is why? why plastic bottle is still on the top of the rank?

because it’s easy, light, and cheap. Many companies don’t want to lose the market by using healthy and better material, and customer trends to choose easy and light water bottle. Unfortunately, the side effect of this massive waste of plastic bottles is undeniable and it takes at least 450 years to decompose.

Therefore, many companies choose to produce an alternatives choice such as metal bottles or glass bottles

metal bottle water
cocacola glass bottle

however a sip from a metal bottle and tasting something that definitely wasn’t water. Sometimes it’s as harmless as the residual taste from the container holding something other than water. However, the presence of harmful chemicals like bisphenol A (BPA) can be hazardous for human consumption.

on the other hand, Glass is heavier and runs the risk of breakage, while the chemicals present in most plastics will, when water is stored, in time leach into the water

So the better solution for a healthy easy and environmentally friendly water bottle is a silicone water bottle. you might hear some of these products and now the products have developed into a more easy-going way which is a silicone foldable bottle. it’s light and easy to care. you can reduce plastic pollution and save your money to buy a new bottle every day because a foldable silicone bottle is reusable.

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