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Custom Made Bandages for Companies, also known as Band-Aid plasters or Adhesive Plasters, serve the same healing function of the scab that forms and protects the site of the wound. A bandage, in general, is placed over the wound, protecting the area from contamination and bacterial infection, while allowing air circulation to the wound site and without sticking to that. Custom Made Bandages is a necessity at every home, whatever occurs! How else would you best promote your business? Use Custom Made Bandages for Companies and watch your growth!

Studies have shown that wounds covered by thick crusts often break open as strike breakers dry and become cracked and brittle. Taking the place of the crust, plaster Band-Aid can prevent the crust from forming. Protection of adhesive Custom Bandages as Promotional Gifts coating provides the added benefit of faster healing and less scarring of wounds where scabs were allowed to form.

Adhesive Custom Bandage, Your Wound Protector

Studies have found that wounds covered by thick scabs often break open as the scab dries and becomes cracked and brittle. By taking the place of the scab, this Band-Aid Plaster can prevent the scab from forming. Adhesive Plaster protection provides the added advantage of healing faster and with less scarring than wounds on which scabs have been allowed to form.

Custom Printed Adhesive Bandage for Promotional Use

From the picture you can see various designs of adhesive Band-Aid plaster or Adhesive Healing Plaster, which is to fit wounds in different parts of the

body, such as knuckles, fingertips, nose and so on. And you may notice that some of the adhesive Band-Aid are so lovely with pictures printed on the band

aid and their dispensers.

Promotional Adhesive Bandage Supplier

Yes, as a Professional Supplier of promotional band aid, we supply all kinds of custom printed band aid in different shapes, colors and packages. We can print on the band aid surface your logo, brand, slogan, website and any image you want to promote! Here are some samples of our custom printed band aid for promotional use:

Custom Made Bandages
Custom Made Bandages
Custom Made Bandages

These customized bandage cases can come not just to the person itself, but also to their family members and friends as a gift!

Get these logo bandage dispensers and restock your business!

They are useful, they are important. Everyone needs them in their home. Also, you may need them at work or even in your car, for moments of emergency.

Your logo will be displayed on them and the person who wears it would be your ambassador!

It’s a perfect idea for your company! We will accompany your brand with an attractive way of promoting!

Use Custom Made Bandages for Company Advertising or as Promotional Gifts

Custom Made Bandages

From all that pictures, you can see different types of plaster or adhesive bandage healing, which is to adapt injuries in different parts of the body, such as fingers, fingertips, nose and so on.

They are so beautiful! Look at the photos printed on them!

Take a look at the packages, too!

They could be anything you want! Any colour, shape, even size!

Different Printed Custom Bandages

Plasters, also known as adhesive patches have just the same function as when the wound was formed to protect the surface. Placed on the wound, the bandage protects the surface against bacterial infections, in a way that prevents the wound and it does not stick to the wound.

Feel safe with us!

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