Effective Item to Promote Your Business = Promotional Patches

Discover a practical and impactful way to promote your company with custom promotional patches. These small yet versatile items can be wrapped with products, included in magazines, or distributed at sporting events and trade shows. Featuring your company’s logo, these patches can cover minor injuries and leave a lasting impression on your audience’s subconscious.

Custom patches are a cost-effective and highly efficient promotional tool suitable for various business sectors, services, and industries.

Key Features:

Minimum Quantity: 5,000 pieces

Production: Individually and sterilely packed in standard sizes like 72x19mm and 56x19mm

Delivery Time: 19 days

Customization Options: Shapes (circles, hearts, squares, butterfly, hook…) available for larger orders

Material Options: PE, elastic fabric, non-woven fabric; waterproof and breathable

Printing: From one-color to full-color graphics

Advertising Patch Realization: Each patch is individually sterile packaged and can be customized with your design, packed in a paper box also featuring custom printing.

For precise pricing and more details, please contact us via email at sales@giftsservice.com.

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