02-09-2016 Advertising fridge magnets for brand promotion

02-09-2016  Advertising fridge magnets for RSMASOCZ s.r.o. for brand promotion

Advertising fridge magnets belongs to ever greens of promo gifts, which always please almost each customer or client. We are fully skilled to produce advertising fridge magnets in 2D or 3D design according to your layout. Fridge magnets can be manufactured from different materials. Rubber, silicone or polyresin fridge magnets are suitable for simple brands and design because complicated design look solid and flat. For complicated fridge magnets visual we can recommend to print brand or graphics on the paper and all surface of the paper is covered by epoxy glue. Then the fridge magnets have 3D effect. It is possible to made also lenticular design of the fridge magnet by this method. Adverting magnets provide wide selection of processing. Contact us for quoation sales@gifts-service.com

polyresin fridge magnets with branding

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