Promotional Microfiber Cloths


Promotional Microfiber Cloths a Wide Variety of Use

custom made microfiber clothsPromotional microfiber fabric is very small strands of material that can be knitted or woven together, or made into non-woven fabrics. Promotional microfiber cloths are highly versatile and popular for a wide variety of uses. Most microfiber fabrics are made from synthetic materials such as polyester or nylon, or a combination of both.
Microfiber cloths is lightweight, highly absorbent and does not stain or wrinkle easily. Promotional microfiber cloths that are electro statically charged can pick up small particles, such as dust, without the use of cleaning solvents, and leave no lint behind.

Promotional Microfiber Cloths Video

Check the video of promotional microfiber clohts and contact us for quotaion.

Why Promotional Microfiber Cloths From Us

  • different design can be chosen based on your demand.
  • custom sizes and shapes
  • free samples of previous production
  • less than 19 days delivery time
  • 100% qualitiy materials
  • low MOQ

 Microfiber Cloths As Promotional Gifts

Promotional microfiber cloths are a really effective refreshing new way to advertise. In today’s world every individual has something that requires cleaning with a microfiber cloth. Your branded microfiber cloth will be used again and again. Your custom printed microfiber cloth will be used to clean the mobile phone, the laptop, the camera, the mp3 player, and specs. A promotional microfiber cloth has a great print area and lifespan making this one of our most popular promotional items.

Microfiber Cloths For Promotional Events

This is a promotional product that will be well received and well used. A promotional microfiber cloths is a long lasting promotional product. Your message will be displayed time and time again every time your promotional microfiber cloths is used Our promotional micro fiber cloth has a lovely quality – it perfectly cleans items with no scratches!

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