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Snap hook or also known as carabiner mostly has a function as a safety device for high-risk outdoor activities especially climbing. It is also for the safety device while working. we use the snap hooks by attaching them to ropes, harnesses, anchors or to other snap hooks as a safety device. Anodized aluminum is primarily used for the production of advertising snap hooks. However, they can also be made from other materials such as plastic, titanium or stainless steel. Each of these materials offers different properties, advantages and disadvantages. Plastic snap hooks can be in various colors, stainless steel offers strength but are only suitable for laser printing. As a promotional snap hook producer, we provide snap hooks or carabiners for advertising purposes. They are made exclusively of aluminum and are not certified as a load-bearing element, which allows them to keep their price low.

Promotional Snap Hook Producer
Promotional Snap Hook Producer

In general, the parts of a carabiner consist of:

  • Gate
  • Top frame
  • Bottom frame
  • Snipe Frame
Detail Parts of a Snap Hook
Detail Parts of a Snap Hook

Types of Promotional Snap Hooks

We can divide the types of promotional snap hooks or carabiners by their safety and by the shapes.

Promotional Snap Hooks by the Safety Types

Based on the type of safety, the snap hook is divided into two which are:

Firstly, snap hooks with screw which is a carabiner that has a screw-shaped user on the gate, so it is safer to use in anticipating accidents due to the opening of the snap hook gate. In rock climbing activities such as rappelling or belaying, they require this type of snap hook.

Promotional Snap Hooks with Screw
Promotional Snap Hooks with Screw

Secondly, snap hook without screw which is a carabiner without a screw-shaped user at the gate. If you look at the shape, this type of non-screw safety snap hook is the most varied and most widely used in rock climbing activities, most commonly to ensure the safety of a climber.

Promotional carabiners without Screw
Promotional Snap Hooks without Screw

Promotional Snap Hooks by its Shapes

There are lots of snap hooks according to their shapes and functions. The image below shows some types of snap hooks according to their shapes:

Types of Carabiners Based on the Shape
Types of Snap Hooks Based on the Shape

Snap hooks by the shapes are:

  1. Oval Carabiner
  2. Carabiner D
  3. Asymmetrical Carabiner D
  4. Carabiner Pear
  5. Carabiners with straight gates
  6. Carabiner Bent Gate
  7. Locking Carabiner
  8. Wire Gate Carabiner

The Strength of a Snap Hook

The measurement of the snap hook strength in units of kN (Kilo Newton) when converted to Kg (Kilogram) 1 kN = 100 Kg. However, usually snap hooks have different strength variations. The strength of the snap hook is usually available on its body. The carabiner’s greatest strength is in the major axis position or the longitudinal position. In general, the snap hook or carabiner strength is not less than 20 kN or 2000 kg.

Check the condition of the promotional snap hooks before use

Snap hooks or carabiners are made for maximum loading in the major or longitudinal position. The weakest part of the carabiner is the gate, as a result always pay attention to the position of the carabiner in the system. Because the wrong loading direction can damage the carabiner gate and is very dangerous for the climber. In a snap hook with screw, vibrations can cause the screw to open. Therefore, the users always have to check the condition of the promotional snap hooks before use.

Some things that must be considered before using a snap hook are as follows:

Firstly, check for no cracks in the snap hook, as even a hair-sized crack can reduce the strength of the carabiner by up to 50 percent.

Secondly, do not use a snap hook that has fallen from a high enough distance, especially until the gate is stuck. Even though they still look good physically, the snap hooks that have fallen from a high enough distance can cause a damage.

Then, check that the snap hook gate must always be in good condition, that is, easy to open and close quickly.

At last, make sure the pin on the gate carabiner which functions as an axle is not bent or detached.

How to keep the promotional snap hooks

Above all, storing the snap hooks in a good way is the main key to protect them. Here are the way to keep the promotional snap hooks:

Always keep the snap hooks or carabiners in a clean state, especially from dirt such as sand.

To normalize the jammed gate function, you can wash it in warm water with soap and rinse thoroughly, then oil the area around the hinges, screws and pin holes with lubricant.

In addition, do not store carabiners in an air environment that contains high salt or humidity, also keep away from chemicals that cause corrosion.

Promotional Snap Hooks Producer

As a promotional snap hooks producer, certainly you can customize your carabiners or snap hooks with us. But, generally with the following specifications:

  • Minimum quantity: 
    – from  100 pieces when ordering an existing shape with or without custom printing
     10,000 k s – during custom production (own custom shape, color)
  • Delivery time :  19 days
  • Carabiner shape:  tailored to your specifications 
    – stocks from 100 pieces
    – to order from 10,000 pieces
  • Dimensions:  tailored to your specifications 
    – stocks from 100 pieces
    – to order from 10,000 pieces
  • Material:  anodized aluminum 6000
  • Type : standard or with custom accessories
  • Color:
    – stock from 100 pieces
    – to order from 10,000 pieces
  • Printing:  monochrome, full color, relief, laser (depends on the choice of material)

Approximate price of a carabiner or a snap hook in stock color, for laser printing, bulk, standard shape and size (4.5 × 2.7cm) only from GBP 0.40 / piece. 
The listed price does not include VAT.

The Size of a Carabiner

As a promotional snap hook producer, we will make custom advertising carabiners for you in various variants, colors and sizes. It is also possible to make carabiners with built-in functions (light, folding knife, opener) or with other accessories.

Promotional Snap Hooks with Printed Logo
Promotional Snap Hooks with Printed Logo
Custom Shaped carabiners
Custom Shaped Snap Hooks
Snap Hooks with Knife
Snap Hooks with Knives

Grab your promotional snap hooks with a competitive producer now!

You can make your own design and we, as a competitive promotional snap hook producer, will transfer it into a custom snap hook as you wished. Remember to personalize your carabiner as an identity of your organizations or company. We are not only providing a custom carabiner or a snap hook, but also any other promotional things according to your order.

So, are you interested in our offer and do you want to introduce as well as to promote your company and brand using custom carabiners or snap hooks? Do not hesitate to contact us for a price offer by email: 

For our other products, please check it here

In the price request, please state the necessary information for the price offer such as : the quantity, color design or color combination, design and delivery time. All this information will help us to promptly process the price offer just for you.

We are looking forward to collaborating with you! Team Gifts Service

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