Australian Produced Lanyard


Australian Produced Lanyard is a stylish piece of fabric anyone can wear around the neck with clips and attachments. That allows the wearer to carry identification or security passes in their hands. It is very useful to hold keys, cell phones, pencils, watches, or any other object.

In general, companies want to have their lanyards personalized with their company name and logo. You can select a lanyard in the firm’s official colors and adding text and logos to one or both sides. Employees have a great identity from a distance as belonging to a specific company or department within that organization when wearing a printed lanyard.

The use of Lanyards

In retail and corporate settings, simple lanyards composed of braided cloth with a clip attached to the end are widely used to hold name badges. The standard setup is to attach a plastic pouch to the lanyard with at least one clear side, with the person’s name badge facing the front and small objects like business cards, pens, or tools hidden behind the badge for easy access. These lanyards are useful as key chains especially useful in places where keys are readily misplaced due to a lack of storage, such as gyms, public pools, and communal showers.

Lanyards are commonly used to avoid the loss or drop of small electronic devices such as cameras, MP3 players, and USB flash drives. A small through-hole is commonly incorporated into a corner or edge of the casing or fixed to the device’s frame on electronics designed to take a lanyard; the corresponding lanyard has a loop of thread on the end that is linked to that hole with a simple knot, usually a cow hitch. Some earphones have the audio signal built into the lanyard, so it can also be used as a headphone wire. Keys are frequently kept on lanyards..

Types of Australian Produced Lanyard

Promotional lanyards

Custom Printed Lanyards

Cotton Lanyards

Pollster Lanyards

Zipper Lanyards

Promotional lanyards

Simple lanyards made of braided fabric with a clip attached to the end are used frequently in retail and business situations for holding name badges. The typical arrangement is to attach a plastic pouch with at least one clear side to the lanyard, with the person’s name badge facing the front and occasionally small items such as business cards, pens, or tools stashed behind the badge for easy access. Such lanyards can also be used as key chains, particularly in situations where keys can easily be lost for lack of storage, such as gyms, public pools, and communal showers.

Promotional Breakaway Lanyards with logo dye sublimation polyester nylon lanyards
Promotional Breakaway Lanyards with logo

Custom Printed Australian Produced Lanyard

Lanyards with custom printing are becoming increasingly popular, and they are no longer just a piece of woven fabric that hangs a name tag around one’s neck. Imprinted custom lanyards are now much more than just identification items. These sorts of Lanyards are a great choice to establish brands and to reinforce marketing messages. Decorative custom lanyards are a fine choice as promotional giveaways or as sponsored keepsakes due to their low cost and practicality.

Lanyard Producer -  Australian Custom Printed Lanyards
Australian Produced Lanyard with Printed design

Cotton Lanyard

The lanyard strap is 3/4″ wide and 18″ long when laid flat, with a swivel hook at the end. These lanyards are perfect for your pin collection, convention badge, keys, keychain-sized tribble. Gifts Service can avail these lanyards in different designs on your demand for any specific event or organization. You are free to choose full-color lanyards (usually called satin lanyards) for personalizing with more detailed graphics and full-color photography
Please keep in mind that fabric placement will vary between designs and that no two items will be exactly alike.

Reflective Cotton Lanyards With Custom Logo Printed
Reflective Cotton Lanyards With Custom Logo Printed

Pollster Lanyards

You can find Personalized polyester lanyards anywhere. Some individuals use them to carry ID badges around a conference, while others attach a water bottle to one end before going to the park for the day. The print and designs are changeable if you want. We can create a powerful company insignia, a bright school mascot, or any other form of artwork.

Polyester Lanyard with Detachable buckle
Polyester Lanyard with Detachable buckle

Zipper Lanyards

Zipper lanyards are commonly useful with small electronic devices such as cameras, MP3 players, and USB flash drives. It also helps you such as businesses, corporations, hospitals, prisons, conventions, trade fairs, and backstage passes for the entertainment industry. Zipper lanyard has a variety of clip and hook attachments to choose from depending on the use for your lanyard. For short-term use like conferences and trade show participants’ event access badges, choose light-weight zipper lanyards with a split key ring attachment for the badge pouch.

Australian Zipper Lanyard
Australian Zipper Lanyard

Benefits of Australian Produced Lanyard that may change your Perspective

Some people think lanyards are a waste of time or even uncool. If you’re on the fence about bringing lanyards into your workplace or event, read on to discover 10 benefits of lanyards that we’re sure you’ve probably never thought about before.

Advertising neckstrap

We are producers of high quality ad neckwear. The product we offer could be used to advertise your company advertisement of your company. They can be given as a gift to clients. They can be used as key chains, to carry mobile phones or many other things. We are very knowledgeable and experienced at producing ad neckwear. We use modern technology to produce them. Using the silk-screen printing method we print a multi-colored name of your company or its logo. The length of the strap – 90 cm – enables us to put considerable information on it, for example addresses and phone numbers. At the end of the strap there is a metal clasp for attaching keys, id cards, or other items that need to be handy such as ski passes. If you use a special ending you can also attach a mobile phone to the ad neckwear. A plastic lock enabling the user to unfasten the ending with an attached item is what makes our product even more functional.


You are wrong If you think lanyards are exclusively for displaying ID badges. Australian Produced Lanyard is useful for a variety of purposes that does not relate to identification cards. To keep vital objects safe, you may use a lanyard. A lanyard is a very unique thing to free up your hands for other chores. You might also make your lanyards more versatile by adding extras to them.


If you need express lanyard printing, Gifts service can assist you with selecting the appropriate material and printing finish. We can assist you in determining the best approach for adding your company logo or event name on your lanyard.

rzepy na narty

Among all our products we also offer velcro ski straps, which can be a fabulous item to place your company’s advertisement on. This offer is especially for companies that sell and rent skis. It is also for ski repair shops, ski lifts, pensions and hotels. Colorful velcro straps with the logo of your company will be a practical addition to your main products or services and will advertise your company as well. Their low price makes the ski straps a cheap but attractive advertising gift for your clients. They can be given to clients at ski slopes when they buy a ski pass, or at pensions and hotels. They can also be added to skis after they are fixed at a ski service shop. Functionality and practicality of the velcro ski straps makes them a great place for your company’s advertisemet. Using the silk-screen or thermo-transfer printing method we can print the velcro ski straps in one or many colors. We offer straps in the following colors:

  • Velcro strap: black
  • Foam: black, red, blue

The minimal order is 100 pieces.


Printed lanyards are an excellent place to start if you want free promotion. You can find that even management provides lanyards to everyone at events in goody bags. You may even give these to your staff so that they can wear the company logo at all times during the day.


Lanyards can aid in the identification of people in the events At an event, color-coded lanyards make it easy to identify who belongs to which group. This can help security determine correctly to check where on the venue at festivals or live music events. If Your staff wear ID cards at work so that security knows can check the access


If you’ve ever attended an event where you don’t know anyone, you know how tough it is to start a conversation. When attendees see everyone wearing an ID badge with their name and firm on it, they will instantly bond. This is especially significant in huge corporations when employees from various divisions may not interact.


It can be difficult for members of the public to identify staff who are roaming around an event. Lanyards are an excellent way to maintain a professional appearance without having to wear uniforms. Employees look more approachable because their names and position are on their ID badges.


Lanyards are incredibly cost-effective, meaning you could order large quantities for an event without eating into your budget. Giving away expensive freebies can be counterproductive, but a lanyard is incredibly cost-effective without looking cheap. 


A good lanyard is long Lasting. If you look on eBay, you’ll notice that some lanyards are collectible. This may cause you to reconsider throwing away a lanyard at the end of a conference or show. If you decide to use lanyards for employee identification, you can be confident that the cost of replacing broken lanyards . You could also save money by lowering the cost of lost ID or key cards.

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