Promotional Sticky Mats


Sticky Mats as Promotional Gifts

Our promotional sticky mats can be printed with any artwork, which makes it a favorable promotion gift to be given away on occasions such as tradeshows or conventions. Is it cool to turn your car sharply with your mobile phone staying firmly on the dashboard? So you can imagine why promotional sticky mats can serve your business as a marketing tool. Printed with your corporate name, logo, address and phone number, a custom non slip mat carries your advertizing message to its owner, who could be your prospective client.

Promotional Car Sticky Mats
Custom Made Sticky Mats

What are Promotional Sticky Mats?

A promotional sticky mats are a rubber mats with sticky surface that prevents items put on it from moving or sliding. It can be used on a car dashboard, on desktop, on the window, at home, office, or any other places you can think of to grip cell phones, pens, coins, iPods or other small items you put on it.

Promotional Sticky Mats Features

  • made from eco-friendly materials (passed FDA 177.2600 authentication) that use friction to hold phones, glasses and spare change tightly.
  • non-adhesive and leaves no sticky residue
  • adsorbs dust from the items put on it
  • holds items from slipping and sliding when placed on a clean car dashboard
  • provides premium exposure and visibility to logos and perfect for trade show give-away item
  • high and low temperature endurable (-50 to 200°C)
  • washable and reusable

You can use sticky mat as a promotional products company. So every away sticky mats is a very good promotion.

Promotional Non-slip pads
Custom Made Non-slip Pads

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