Promotional Sticky Mats


Sticky Mats as Promotional Gifts

Our promotional sticky mats can be printed with any artwork, which makes it a favorable promotion gift to be given away on occasions such as tradeshows or conventions. Is it cool to turn your car sharply with your mobile phone staying firmly on the dashboard? So you can imagine why promotional sticky mats can serve your business as a marketing tool. Printed with your corporate name, logo, address and phone number, a custom non slip mat carries your advertizing message to its owner, who could be your prospective client.

Promotional Car Sticky Mats
Custom Made Sticky Mats

What are Promotional Sticky Mats?

A promotional sticky mats are a rubber mats with sticky surface that prevents items put on it from moving or sliding. It can be used on a car dashboard, on desktop, on the window, at home, office, or any other places you can think of to grip cell phones, pens, coins, iPods or other small items you put on it.

Promotional Sticky Mats Features

  • made from eco-friendly materials (passed FDA 177.2600 authentication) that use friction to hold phones, glasses and spare change tightly.
  • non-adhesive and leaves no sticky residue
  • adsorbs dust from the items put on it
  • holds items from slipping and sliding when placed on a clean car dashboard
  • provides premium exposure and visibility to logos and perfect for trade show give-away item
  • high and low temperature endurable (-50 to 200°C)
  • washable and reusable

You can use sticky mat as a promotional products company. So every away sticky mats is a very good promotion.

Promotional Non-slip pads
Custom Made Non-slip Pads

  Make Your Personalized Mouse Mat

We offer a wide range of mouse mat in various shapes, made of different materials and added with several functions. All the mouse mats can be custom printed to suit your company’s needs.

Categorized by materials, our custom mouse mat series include PVC/PP mouse mats, EVA mouse mats, cloth mouse mats, rubber mouse mats, gel mouse mats. Extra functions are also added to our mouse mats, which are custom made become wrist rest mouse mats, photo frame mouse mats, calendar mouse mats, calculator mouse mats and more, which appear to be more attractive.

Anything you want to be printed on a promotional mouse mat, such as brand, logo, and company name or service information, just let us know and we will definitely satisfy your needs and make your information noticeable.

Now click the links below to check out our various products.

Categorized by materials

mouse mats


Custom Made Sticky Pads

We offer an extensive range of car dashboard custom made sticky pads in different colors, shapes and materials (PVC, rubber, silicone, etc.). And we can have logo, corporate name or anything else printed on a custom made sticky pads just the way you require, in order to make it an effective tool to increase your brand awareness.

For custom made sticky pads, general minimum order is 500pcs. But you could just order 100pcs from our stock and have them printed with up to two-colors.

Now browse though some of our items shown below. For your custom made sticky pads order, please contact us for detail price quote.

Custom Made Silicone Sticky Pads

Promotional PV Sticky Pads

Custom made of eco-friendly PV, this car dashboard sticky pads is a gorgeous gift to present to your customers to keep their items safe and promote your brand.

Material: Silicone
Dimension: 140*100*3mm
Logo: one or more color silk screen printing
Min. order: 100pcs

Custom Made Rubber Sticky Pads

Promotional AB Glue Sticky Pads

This custom made sticky pads are definitely a pretty decorative gift for your customers. Any colors and sizes available.

Material: Rubber
Dimension: 140*120*3mm
Logo: Full color
Min. order: 500pcs

Custom Made Emulsion Sticky Pads

Promotional Emulsion Sticky Pads

Made from quality emulsion, the jelly sticky pads do not harm to the environment. Whatever designs you want, we can make it.

Material: Emulsion
Dimension: 140*120*3mm
Logo: Full color
Min. order: 500pcs

Custom Made PVC Sticky Pads

Promotional PVC Sticky Pads

Made of PVC which is very popular in manufacturing business, lasting longer than many other materials, the cell phone sticky pads is available to be imprinted with brand, logo, in fact anything you want to promote your business.

Material: PVC
Dimension: 150*120*3mm
Logo: Full color
Min. order: 500pcs

Custom Made Silicone Sticky Pad

Promotional Silicone Sticky Pads

Made of eco-friendly silicone, the sticky pads can be imprinted with any artwork to meet your business needs for promotion.

Material: Silicone
Dimension: 140*120*3mm
Logo: one color silk printing
Min. Order: 500pcs

Logo Custom Made Sticky Pads

Logo Promotional Sticky Pads

An elegant and classy gift for car owners! Our logo custom made sticky pads provide a soft sticky surface, as well as a stylish outlet for your branding.

Material: Silicone
: 150*120*3mm
Logo: One color silk printing
Min. Order: 500pcs

Custom Made Sticky Pads in Tin Shape

Promotional Sticky Pads in Tin Shape

Remind customers of the importance of protecting the environment. Custom made sticky pads are eco friendly and can be made in any shapes, colors, sizes and with printing.

Material: Silicone
: 130*110*3mm
Logo: Full color
Min. Order: 500pcs

Custom Made Sticky Pads in Heart Shape

Promotional Sticky Pads in Heart Shape

Make your company image an impression of passion and love with the custom made sticky pads! It’s just one of those special shaped sticky pads. Printed logo is available.

Material: Silicone
: 150*120*3mm
Logo: Plain
Min. Order: 500pcs

What’s A Mouse Pad Used For?

mouse pad is a type of surface enhancing the usability of a computer mouse as well as a fantastic tool to promote a company or business as it can be custom printed. Mouse pad comes in a variety of materials such as PVC/PP, EVA, silicon, fabric, etc., to offer personalized touch to users. Functioning as photo frame, calendar, wrist rest mats, and calculator and so on, a custom mouse pad is a good choice for business promotional use as gifts to customers.

personalized mouse pads
custom printed mouse pad
mouse pad supplier

Custom Made Mouse Pad

Imagine the information of your company being seen by your current or prospective customers every day when they use computers. Isn’t it great? The partner of a mouse, mouse pad, which is printed with your brand, logo and service, is a simple and effective way to promote yourselves for the information is just underneath the hand of computer users. Promotional mouse pads are perfect for business advertising, trade shows, client gifts and give-aways.

custom made mouse pad
mouse pad
custom mouse pads

LENTICULAR 3-D, Motion & Morph Mouse Pads

custom made 3d mouse pad

From lenticular 3D mouse pads, you can see the moving action by changing your viewing angle. Image converts into another image or changes from large to small. Using state-of-the-art printing facilities, we can custom design your pad in any size, shape, and color combination. The only boundaries are your imagination.

By literally adding another dimension, we can promote multiple messages in the same space, grab attention with changing images or motion, draw viewers into your message with realistic 3-D. Clients will be mesmerized as your message comes to life through these lenticular processes increasing the impact of your promotional message.

Mouse Pad Supplier

With years of experience in manufacturing custom mouse pads, we have become a major mouse pads supplier in this market.

Visit our product page and take a look at our personalized mouse pads to be your next effective promotional, It will surely help carry your advertising and marketing message to your potential customers.

Gift Logo Mouse Pads

This page shows you our mouse pads series including PVC/PP mouse pads, EVA mouse pads, cloth mouse pads, rubber mouse pads and gel mouse pads. We can custom make mouse pad in many different materials, size, and die cut shapes at competitive pricing for your promotional needs.

You can start your order at just 100pcs with our stock mouse pads of different shapes, sizes, and colors. Then your logo, brand name or slogan can print on them with up to 2 colors.

Now check out our products below and give us a call or send us email for detail price quote of your own logo mouse pads.3D Lenticular Mouse Pad

3D Lenticular Mouse Pad

3D imaging puts the fun back into mousepads. Using advanced steroscopic imaging technology, lenticular pad takes you into a new dimension in mousepad design. The 3D effect adds depth image perception to make an eye-catching mousepad.

Material: PET+Paper

Dimension: 235*200*5mm, customize

Logo: One color silk screen printing

Min. Order:  1000pcs

logo mouse pads

Promo Logo 3D Mouse Pad

With the promotional 3D mouse pad, you can see the moving action by changing your viewing angle. Image converts into another image or changes from large to small. Using state-of-the-art printing facilities, we can custom design your pad in any size, shape, and color combination.

Material: PET+EVA

Dimension: 225*225*5mm, customize

Logo: Four color printing

Min. Order:  1000pcs

mouse pad promotion

PVC/PP Mouse Pad

Made of PVC/PP which are very popular in manufacturing business, lasting longer than many other materials, our plastic mouse pads are available to be printed with brand, logo, in fact anything you want to promote your business. 

Material: PVC/PP

Dimension: 180*210*3mm, customize

Logo: Up to 6C

Min. Order: 3000pcs

customized mouse pad

EVA mouse pad

Use a unique, customized EVA mouse pad for your next marketing campaign! EVA is a kind of durable, flexible, transparent copolymer plastic, which makes a mouse pad not only user-friendly, but long-lasting as well.

Material: EVA

Dimension: 180*210*3mm, customize

Logo: Offset printing or sublimation

Min. Order:  500pcs

computer mouse pad

Cloth mouse pad

This mouse pad is made of microfiber cloth which can be printed in full color providing a vibrant and permanent imprint. With the delicate texture of cloth surface, and soft rubber at bottom, this mouse pad has excellent controllability and it’s suitable for all users.

Material: Microfiber Cloth

Dimension: 180*210*3mm, customize

Logo: Dye sublimation

Min. Order:  1000pcs

mouse pads

Gel mouse pad

This gel logo mouse pad is added with a wrist rest function. Any shapes can be made according to your requirement and logo or brand name is allowed to be printed on the surface for any promotion purpose. 

Material: gel

Dimension: 180*210*3mm, customize

Logo: Silk screen printing

Min. Order:  1000pcs

Customized Computer Mouse Mats

Get the latest promotional ideas and share your opinion

Mouse pads are perhaps one of the best promotional items and provide excellent value for money. Whether you want a custom imprinted mouse mat, a multifunctional mouse pad with a USB port, or just a general foam mouse pad, our selections will provide you with the best custom imprinted promotional mouse mat! We have developed wrist rest mouse mats, photo frame mouse mats, calendar mouse mats, calculator mouse mats and more.

You can start your order at just 100pcs with our blank mouse mats in stock of different shapes, sizes, and colors. Then your logo, brand name or slogan can print on them with up to 2 colors.

Now check out the detailed information below.mouse mats

Wrist Rest Mouse Pad

The best solution of protecting your wrist when using a mouse for a long time is to have a mouse mat with gel support. The texture of material feels nice on the skin. And don’t forget to have your logo or brand name printed on it for promotion.

Material: Rubber Surface

Dimension: 180*210*3mm, any sizes and designs available

Logo: Up to 6C

Min. Order:  500pcs

branded mouse mats

Photo Frame Mouse Pad

Provide your clients with branded photo frame mouse mats enabling them to recall good memories by looking at photos they put inside while they are working before the computer.

Material: Fabric Surface

Dimension: 180*210*3mm, any sizes and designs available

Logo: Up to 6C

Min. Order:  500pcs

promotional mouse mats

Calendar Mouse Pad

Serving as a calendar, a multi-functional computer mouse mat is a popular gift to your customers as well as a useful tool to advertise your company.

Material: Plastic surface

Dimension: 180*210*3mm standard, any sizes and designs available

Logo: Silk screen printing

Min. Order:  500pcs

customized mouse mat

Calculator Mouse Pad

Functioning as a calculator, a customized mouse mat provides great convenience for people when working on numbers. Use branded calculator mouse pads in your promotion campaigns and they will surely help a lot.

Material: Leather

Dimension: 180*210*3mm, any sizes and designs available

Logo: Up to 6C

Min. Order:  500pcs

Non-slip Mat Manufacturer and Production

  Professional Non Slip Mat Manufacturer

Over the years, we have prided ourselves on providing companies and associations with custom non slip mats for Trade Shows, Conferences, Special Events, Sales Incentives, Product Launches, Company Anniversaries, Employee Appreciation Programs, Public Relations and Holiday Events as a premier non slip mat manufacturer with our own production line. Every manufacturing step, from raw material to finished goods, is given the same attention as guaranteed quality is a basic discipline that makes up the foundation of our business.

   Quality Control

We have the FDA 177.2600 certification which would enable you to make orders with confidence. Beyond offering high quality non slip mats, we will develop a promotional solution which will be geared to your company’s marketing strategy and will assure optimum integration of the advertising media. Our aim is to convey your message to bring about increases for your brand awareness.

We sincerely look forward to developing a corporative relationship with you to demonstrate our value. If you’d like to know more information, please simply contact us. We are at your disposal.

Professional Mousepad Manufacturer

We are a professional mousepad manufacturer and we have our own mousepad production with years of experience of making custom mousepads.

Send us your custom pictures or artworks, we will finish the items in our factory with fast speed and guaranteed quality. We supply attractive, exclusive, durable and long-lasting mousepads. Surely our price will save you budget.

During the past years, we have developed all popular styles of custom mousepads to ensure that all our clients can purchase whatever styles they want. Our mousepads series include PVC/PP mousepads, EVA mousepads, cloth mousepads, rubber mousepads, gel wrist mousepads, photo frame mousepads, calendar mousepads, calculator mousepads, 3D mouse pads, game mousepads.

  Quality guaranteed

We have got the Certificate of Quality Management System, which is in conformity with GB/T 19001-2000 idt ISO 9001:2000. Choose us and we will definitely provide you best mousepads with prompt delivery and best service in accordance with our principles.

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