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Custom Made Wedding fans

If you are having an outdoor wedding or reception in London or anywhere in UK. And your wedding location is without air conditioning, so providing your guests custom-made wedding fans is a great idea. Instead of making your wedding guests suffer in what could be sweltering heat on your wedding day, pass out wedding fans at the ceremony or the reception, or both as necessary and you will help keep your guests happy and comfortable for the duration of your wedding. Besides this, these wedding fans can be custom-made according to your wedding theme in your preferable colors with any printing on one side or both sides. May sweet words or memorable pictures imprinted on these beautiful custom-made wedding fans add joy to your own wedding.

customWedding Fan Designs & Templates

Benefits of Hand Wedding Fans

Mainly the obvious function of a hand fan is temperature control. Because, even the most crudely made fan can make a hot sticky day more bearable. But other functions of hand fans are much more interesting. So the great benefits of hand fans are that they are portable, functional, economical and easy to make. And it doesn’t require electricity to run. Children can be taught to make paper hand fans as a project. They can learn not only the craft but the history behind the hand fans and the significance of the design.

Custom Monogram Logo Fan

Nowadays, hand fans are widely used as a perfect advertising item for outdoor. So with its large printing area, customers can imprint their logo, brand name or anything they want to deliver to the receptors on both side of the advertising hand fans using full colors printing. because of different shapes and materials, customers can have their personalized advertising hand fans for a successful marketing campaign.

Paper fans for Special occasions

Because, Hand fans make the perfect memento, Some brides use our hand fans to provide their program information or ceremony participants. . So you might add a ribbon or silk flowers to your paddle fan to make it just that much more special. Bridal fans are great favors for the rehearsal dinner, too, so order plenty.

Wedding Fans | Fans for special Occasion to customized according your demand

Churches with warm sanctuaries can promote special events, call attention to new programming or schedules, and offer spiritual messages in the pews by providing our hand fans to worshipers. Paper paddle Wedding fans can be made plain blank (unpainted) for children to decorate for the service. Here we show one of our totally custom church fans. Stock designs are also available.

Design & material of custom made Fans

Paper Color  ~ White (bright white), soft white (between bright white and ivory), ivory (light creamy color,) or ecru (deeper ivory color.)   (We use excellent quality 80-pound paper to make the wedding fans. Also, If you have a special request, ask us.  Because, we may be able to provide you with the exact paper you are looking for.

Custom wedding paper fans for United Kingdom
Custom wedding paper fans for u.k.

Fan Shape ~ Traditional or Heart-shaped fans (see the photos in our gallery.)

Lettering Style ~ Email us the name of the font you would like used, or send a sample of the lettering, and we’ll tell you if we can match it. 

Ink color ~ If possible, send a swatch of ribbon or material the color you want, or a sample with the lettering on it.  The paper color you choose has an effect on how closely we can match it.

Additional Ideas For customized wedding fan

Ribbon color ~ The ribbon included in the price of the wedding fans is a sheer organza ribbon with mono filament edging to give it body, or a satin edged sheer organza ribbon.  We will certainly try to match your color as closely as possible.  And also If you would like, send a swatch of ribbon or material the color you want – we’ll match it or send you information on options if we can’t match it.  So. any special ribbons will be at an extra charge.  We now offer white and ivory double-faced satin ribbon. at an additional charge of GBP 5.00 per 50 fans, and satin-edged organza with metallic trim for an additional charge of GBP 7.50 per 50 fans.)

Custom Folding Fan Personalized Bride & Groom's Name & Date Silk  Wedding Dance Hand Fan with Gift Box Party Favors - Xpentr

Wording ~ Email us the information you want on the wedding fan and it’s placement.  For example: Left side, right side, middle top, middle bottom.   When you write up what you want put on the fan check your spelling and numbers very carefully.

Picture ~ So, If you wish to print you photo om your fan to make it unique!   We can use more than one image as a background…this will result in additional typesetting charges.  (Usually GBP 25 ~ GBP 50) If you don’t know what picture to use ask us to help find you one.

Significance of Wedding Fan

When hand fans first became popular in China and Japan, they had both function and significance. So the women carried fans around as readily as they wore shoes. Often, the hand fans bore the design of a family crest or the symbol of a particular dynasty to which the family was loyal. Because In England, rich women and members of the royal families carried hand fans made from bone or ivory and interwoven with jewels and golden foil. The more elaborate the design, the higher the status of the owner.

High quality wedding custom printed fan for UK market
High quality wedding custom printed fan for Britain market

Aristocratic women of Spain and England used their hand fans as a sort of secret code to communicate with each other more freely than society would allow. Hand wedding fans still have much significance in China and Japan while the rest of the world admires them as souvenirs and home ornaments. So these simple to use personalized fan labels can adorn our wide assortment of fan favors with your names, wedding date, and many more

Presenting our fabulous, custom-made fans for you

 Reprints require a minimum quantity of 50.

On all orders, the ribbons are pre-cut but not attached.  So, please keep in mind that each fan is hand made and there will be slight variances.  The handles do not have a front or back and some slight arching of the wood may occur due to moisture in the atmosphere.

Pricing for your custom paper fans:

           Quantity   100                        150                   200                    250                   500
1 color/1 side                   2.25/ea. 2.001.751.25  1.00
2nd Color/Side                      .50   .35  .25 .20  .12

Setup GBP 50 per color, per side.
Artwork charge: GBP 80 (for files which are not camera-ready, call for details).

However, this includes up to one hour of time in the art department for typesetting, graphic design, scanning, color correcting and other file manipulation. Projects requiring more than one hour will be charged an additional fee equal to our standard 80GBP per hour. Changes made after original order submission may be charged as additional art time – so please be sure to submit final text.

Wedding Program Fan Shapes available:

Thrifty Fan Option: Choose design (A) or (B) above, print in black ink on one side only, and receive our same quality custom hand fan at a special price. No set up charge, just add shipping.
Shapes available: Heart or standard.

Custom promotional fan U.K.

For community festivals, parades, or other outdoor events, so, our colorful paperboard hand wedding fans make a popular giveaway. Tastefully designed hand-fans are also cherished keepsakes provided at funeral homes. Political rallies, sporting events, and auctions are a great place to make use of hand fans printed with bold statements in bold colors. Let Giftsservice design a custom fan for your event.

If you’d like a recycled paper hand fan, we’ll print them on a quality coated white, 100% recycled paperboard with soy ink, so not only are they uniquely yours, they are also environmentally friendly! Giftsservice handfans can be a pro-active partner in your Earth Day celebration too!

Customized Fans in Britain (UK)

Colorful paper fans for your wedding guests.
Wedding invitation fan

At Gifts service, we’ve made thousands of fans for events all over the U.K. and would be more than happy to work with you too! Our fully-staffed art department can create a design to your approval. Or if you prefer, you can submit finished electronic art per our guidelines.

In order to provide a quote that is accurate, we need to know 1) the Quantity of wedding fans (minimum is 100 fans); 2) how many ink colors you were thinking of (one, two, three, or full color) on front of the fan and how many colors on the reverse. We will then figure out costs, including shipping to your location; 3) your zip code is all we need to calculate the freight cost.

We normally need 7 – 10 days for production, once you have approved the art.

We never print until you have seen an electronic file to approve, so there are no surprises, no worries.

However, paper HandFans in the pews of your sanctuary might make a big difference in your weekly worship! because, for years, church fans have been a part of many congregational gatherings and now they are again available in quantities and styles to suit your church. So, If you’d like to design a custom church fan, click here . Gifts service has created paddle fans with images of sanctuaries, church buildings, and pastors; and many churches include Scripture verses, church addresses, order of worship, and staff information. The possibilities are endless.

Folding Paper Wedding Fans

We have folding paper wedding fans and paddle paper fans for your choice. Both of these two kinds are well crafted out of quality paper cover and bamboo frame. Because, there are wide varieties of colors in options and the paper cover can be imprinted with any artwork with a clear layout using our high-tech printing skill on both sides. The handle of the folding paper fans can also be imprinted with your logo or brand name. Due to that paper fans can carry large information, politicians and other promoters printed their advertising slogans on paper fans and distributed them at crowded events for added publicity. Our paper fans become cool promotional items for outdoor events such as picnics, concerts, football games, and political rallies.

Categories for wedding fan

Plain White Folding Paper wedding Fan

Paper Hand Fan White Bamboo Folding Fan  Handheld Fans Paper Folded Fan for Wedding Party and Home
  • Expanded Size:21*38cm
  • Minimum Order:1000 pcs
  • Unit Price:$1.20
  • Production Time:15 days
  • 1 or 2 sides printing available with extra charge

White Printed Folding wedding fan

customized fans on you demand in UK
  1. Expanded Size:21*38cm
  2. Minimum Order:1000 pcs
  3. Unit Price:$1.35
  4. Production Time:15 days
  5. 1 or 2 sides printing available with extra charge

Printed Handle Folding wedding Paper Fan

White Silk Folding Fan Wedding Favors, Beach and Outdoor Party Favors for London
  • Expanded Size:21*38cm
  • Minimum Order:500 pcs
  • Unit Price:$1.10
  • Production Time:15 days
  • 1 or 2 sides printing available with extra charge

White Paddle Paper Fan

On order Paper Paddle Fans for in Britain market (Uk)
  1. Expanded Size:20*22cm
  2. Minimum Order:1000 pcs
  3. Unit Price:$1.00
  4. Production Time:15 days
  5. 1 or 2 sides printing available with extra charge

Bamboo Frame Lovely Pink Paper Wedding Fan

Folding Fan with Bamboo Frame,Hollow Carve Patterns Bamboo Frame Women Hand  Folding Fans Hand Fan Gift Fan Folding Fan
  • Expanded Size:21*37cm
  • Minimum Order:5,000 pcs
  • Unit Price:$1.10
  • Production Time:20 days
  • 1 or 2 sides printing available with extra charge

Plastic Frame White Cloth Wedding Fan

 Feather Fans Wholesale, Manufacturers in United kingdom
  1. Expanded Size:23x42cm
  2. Minimum Order:1,000 pcs
  3. Unit Price:$1.30
  4. Production Time:15 days
  5. 1 or 2 sides printing available with extra charge

Sandalwood Wedding Fan

Handheld Folding Fan, Chinese Wooden  Sandalwood Openwork Personal Fan, Wedding Favors, Gift Favor
  • Expanded Size:20x35cm
  • Minimum Order:1,000 pcs
  • Unit Price:$1.15
  • Production Time:15 days
  • 1 or 2 sides printing available with extra charge

Promotional Printed Fans

Make your logo stand out with promotional printed fans. Bright artwork or logos will grab the attention you seek. You have a wide range of materials (like paper, plastic, or silk) and sizes options to choose from, and put your logo into the palm of their hands with promotional fans on both sides in full-color printing. Browse our great selection for more promotional printed fans. They are excellent billboards for sporting events, church functions, outdoor promotion, tradeshows, and political campaigns.

Promotional Paper Fan

Transparent Plastic Hand Fan for  Promotional
  • Minimum Order:3,000 pcs
  • Unit Price:$1.20
  • Production Time:15 days
  • 1 or 2 sides printing available with extra charge

Custom Printed Paper Fan

Customized Hand fans with you logo and design
  • Size:15x15cm
  • Minimum Order:10,000 pcs
  • Unit Price:$1.35
  • Production Time:20 days
  • 1 or 2 sides printing available with extra charge

About Hand Fans

Hand fans vary as widely as the imagination. Our hand fans can be made from nearly any material be quite simple, beautiful and functional. They can cost comparatively next to nothing, or be relatively expensive. Generally speaking, our hand fans are distinguished for their elegant fan-covers. The hand fans could also be classified into bamboo fans, feather fans, silk fans, paper fans and ivory fans according to the material of fan-cover.

History of Hand Fans

However, hand fans have a history of thousands of years around the world, beginning with ancient Egypt. Paper hand fans took a few more centuries to catch on. Although the paper was invented in China, paper hand fans originated in Japan and were imported to China during the Ming dynasty. They were first made by attaching decorative paper to thin sticks of bamboo. The method of paper hand fans accordion style was established when hand fans were made from papyrus or thin slats of wood. Paper, however, was more flexible and less bulky, making the paper hand fans easier to carry around. The beautiful designs and low cost of Oriental paper hand fans caused their popularity in European regions like Spain and England. Styles, materials, and designs varied greatly from one paper hand fan to another, though the basic structure has changed little.

Personalized Hand Fan for Wedding Custom hand Fans for Gift

Why to choose us for your wedding and spacial Occasions

As, being a professional paper fan manufacturer, we have our own factory In UK, and it is approximately 6650 square feet and equipped with producing plant and the art printing equipment. Because, only the best raw materials are selected to make our paper fan. Our printing facility has a huge capacity to print on produced paper fan. We use 1, 2, and 4 color presses to print up to 4 colors. We also have large format screen printers to print on your paper fan. So, with our experienced workers, it’s no doubt that we can provide the paper fans that you need for any occasions. However, having customer service and graphics team to follow up your detail requirement, gives us the ability to serve you better and better.

After all these years’ efforts with our quality paper fan, competitive prices and fast response service, we have gained a good reputation over this paper fan industry.

 We ask for a minimum of 3 weeks to produce your order, however, Rush Orders are available for an additional fee, We have a minimum order quantity of 50.

Individually we reserve the right to limit the number of orders that we will accept during a given time because the quality of our product is very important to us! So, be sure to order early. 

Wedding Hand Fans with us

Awaiting your order for personalized paper fan of all kinds to make your next big event!

Giftsservice Studios will help you create a unique wedding keepsake that your guests will cherish. Bridal hand fans made just for you! Some brides have their program printed on the reverse side of their handheld paper fans. And some tie their own festive ribbons onto the natural wood handles to add even more flair. So, even if your gathering will be modest, you can design a custom hand fan — our minimum order is only 100 pieces. Different shapes, your own design… Let Giftsservice be a part of your special day!  
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