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Promotional Flags for Advertising

When it comes to marketing your business in a unique and effective way, there exist several ways to be creative. But when you are organizing an event, there is no better way to reaffirm your marketing strategies than with flags and banners. Banners and flags custom can be very elegant and very effective, when it comes to branding and marketing your products and services.

Promotional Flags and Banners with Logo

Promotional flags and banners are visually appealing so many companies and organizations have chosen to use as a promotional way to drive people to their places of business. Theaters, shops, museums, educational institutions, nonprofit organizations, businesses and large companies and many small business owners use the flags and banners for brand advertising.

Promotional Flags for Outdoor Marketing

Another advantage is their mobility. The flags and banners promotional outdoor can be mounted in the same place for some time and can be transferred to another place the next day. Some of our promotional flags and banners are supplied with mounting posts that are made of lightweight, yet sturdy for installation and assembly.

Promotional Flags and Banners with Logo

Our flags and banners promotional wholesale come in different sizes, shapes and colors, so there are many styles to get your message across and make this marketing method pure income. Let us know your concept and details that must be included in your own custom flags and banners, and we do the rest work for you.

Supplier for Promotional Flags and Banners

The purpose of these flags is personalized or custom banners announcing the physical location of the company or your organization These banners and flags are excellent advertising to get noticed. Well-designed custom flags and banners help your company stand out, becoming a physical landmark and a visual cue for travelers. It’s a great feeling to tell people going to visit your company, “See our banner!”

Flag – manufacture and wholesale

Custom Made Flag


When it comes to marketing your business in a special and effective way there are several methods to get creative. But when you are organizing an event, there is no better way to reaffirm your marketing strategies than by promotional flagsCustom made flag can be very stylish and extremely effective when it comes to branding and marketing your products and services.

Advertising flag is visually appealing so many businesses and organizations have preferred to use them as a way to drive people towards their business venues. Theaters, retail stores, museums, educational organizations, nonprofit organizations, corporations and large business entities and many small business owners are using the branded flag for their promotion.

Another advantage is their mobility. Outdoor flag can be mounted on one place for some time and can be transferred to another location the next day. Some of our promotional flags come with mounting poles that are made of lightweight, yet sturdy materials for installation and mounting.

Flag wholesale

Flag Supplier

Our wholesale flags come in various sizes, shapes and colors, so there are many styles you can choose from to get your message across and turn this marketing method into pure revenue. Just let us know your campaign concept and some details that need to be included in your own flags and we are going to do the rest of the job for you. You can start looking forward to seeing your flag right now!

Promotional Flag

Bring life, color and attention to your special event or business with beautiful custom logo flag. We produce high quality advertising flag according to your specification. Our custom flag series includes hand flag, bow flag, bunting flag, national flag and desk flag. All these wholesale flags are customizable. They will definitely work to get your message across.

Promotional Flag

Contact Us to Buy Flags

Contact us to buy high quality promotional flag at great wholesale prices. Work with us, a trustworthy flag supplier, to make your own style flag and banners.

Advertising Bow Flag

Bow flag is the latest alternative to conventional flags. Telescopic and portable, they provide immediate impact. Feather flag and tear drop flag can be used for any display event such as forecourt display, exhibitions, festivals etc. When in multiples, bow flag can really be an eye catching wonder to behold! As one of the most competitively priced systems on the market, the tear drop flags are all you need to create an eye-catching indoor and outdoor display.

We provide all kinds of outdoor feather flag, printed tear drop flag and flags of all other shapes and sizes.

Personalized Srteet BannersPosted on 

Place your logo and marketing message on the advertising street banner and it will increase your brand identity. Whatever sizes and designs is available according to your specifications.This type of outdoor street banners is mainly used fabric polyester or vinyl which both last a long period.

Personalized Outdoor Steet Banners

We utilize different printing methods such as screen printing and digital printing to produce your promotional street banners for outdoor usage with a high resolution. Large or small your order is, complex or simple your artwork is, our leading technology can always meet your requirements.

Fabric Business Banner                   Personalized Street Banner

Marketing Table FlagsPosted on 

With the rapid increase in international conferences, meetings and formal dinner functions, the demand for table flags has greatly increased.

Custom Marketing Table Flags

Corporate table flags are popular as a way of dressing a conference or seminar venue. Manufactured to order, these custom table flags can be incorporated with any company logo or marketing message. They are an excellent way to reinforce your company identity in your clients mind. They also make great gifts.

Polyester Table Flag               Paper Table Flag                 Cotton Table Flag

Customized Options for Marketing Table Flags

Material: paper, polyester, satin, or cotton.
Base: Zinc alloy or plastic base in 8cm dia and 28cm flagpole
Flag Holder: for 1 flag, 2 flags, 3 flags, 6 flags or more.
Standard Sizes: 10x15cm, 12x18cm, 14x21cm
Printing: Full color
Confection: Die cut
Min order is 500pcs. Price is as low as $1.49USD/PCS

Custom Banner StandsPosted on 

Banner Stand is one of the most affordable ways of displaying your banners.They are part of the banner display family in that they are a free standing portable display system.Ideal to use for exhibitions, trade shows, conferences, promotional advertising or any where else where you need a display graphic with impact.The adjustable banner stand is made from high resolution graphic printing in vinly material.

Custom Banner Stands Maker

We have banner bases in various style like x banner, L banner, V banner and more.. Check out below for your preferable ones

Promotional BuntingPosted on 

Promotional bunting is also called bunting flags or pennants string. The promotional bunting is one of the best ways to promote your logo, image or event. Bright, colorful, exciting and highly visual, the outdoor bunting stands out from the crowd in every situation.

Promotional Custom Made Bunting

It can be used all year round and has many uses. We can make personalized nylon bunting, PVC bunting, polyester bunting and paper bunting.

Paper Pennant String           Round Plastic Bunting Flag      Polyester Pennant Flag

Customized Options for Bunting Flags

Material: Paper, PP, PE, PVC or Polyester
Double side printing available
Standard Size: 15*10cm, 24*16cm, 46*30cm with 9-18m bunting string
Quantity: 20 pieces / string
Printing: Full color
Shape Available: round, square, pennant or die cut
Min order is 500set. Price is as low as $0.59USD/String

Larger or customized size/requirement, please kindly contact us for details.

Customized Hand FlagsPosted on 

We provide custom printed handwavers, hand waving flags for all purposes. They can be used for different promotions and events, our hand held flags really make your message across in a fun, and highly visual way.

Send us your artwork and see your message flying right in front of your clients. The eye-catching designs make the products highly visual and an ideal way to make your event or stand really stand in out from the crowd.

Customized Options for Hand Waving Flag

Made of paper, 100% polyester, nylon or vinyl with full color double side printing, below specifications is our standard sizes for your reference.

4″x 6″, with 25cm plastic pole or wooden one;
6″x 9″, with 30cm plastic pole or wooden one;
8″x12″, with 40cm plastic flag pole or wooden one;
12″x18″, with 60cm plastic flag pole or wooden one.

Min order is 1000pcs. Price is as low as $0.299 USD/PC

Larger or customized size, please kindly contact us for details

Customized Hand Flags to promote your business

Paper Hand Flags                 Vinyl Hand Waving Flags       Triangle Hand Held Flag

Paper Hand Flags
Vinyl Hand Waving Flags
Triangle Hand Held Flag

Printed National FlagsPosted on 

A national flag or a country flag can be used to symbolize a country. Both public and private buildings such as schools and courthouses often fly the national flag. We have custom made world flags like Africa flag, United States flag, Scottish flag, Greece flag, Brazilian flag, Polish flag, Britain flag, Sweden flag, Holland flag and more during all these years to let the users show their enthusiasm to their countries. For example, many world up fans wave our country flags or world cup flags to show support for their national football team.

Custom Printed National Flags

When there is logo or any special designed artwork on the flag, they are company flags which make public have a fast impression of your company or brand and make your team feel united and proud of themselves.

Satin Africa National Flag    Polyester Country Flag      Nylon Company Flag

Polyester Country Flag

Customized Options for Printed National Flags

Material: 100% Polyester, Nylon or Satin
Standard Sizes: 2’*3′, 3’*5′, 4′ * 6′, 6*9’, 8″*12″, 12″*18″
Printing: Full color
Single or double layer with 2 or 4 grommets.
Min order is 1pcs. Price is as low as $5.99USD/PCS

Larger or customized size/requirement, please kindly contact us for details.

Retractable Promo BannerPosted on 

Retractable banner stands are sometimes called pop-up banner or roll up banner stands because the banners are stored inside the base of the stand. The top rail on the banner is pulled upwards from the base to reveal the banner. Rolling up stands are becoming increasingly popular banner stands because they protect and store the graphic when not in use and they have a clean, neat look. All of our portable banner stands are easy to handle, and quick to set up.

Retractable Promo Banner Maker

We offer a wide variety of sizes and styles to suit every need. They are great for your outdoor events and promotions. With a high resolution, your audience will never miss any point on the scrolling banner.

Roll Up Banner Stands    Retractable Banner Stands  Scrolling Banner

Restractable Banner
Restractable Banner Stands
Scrolling Banner

Customized Options for Retractable Promo Banner

Material: Aluminum base with vinyl picture
Standard Sizes: 80x200cm, 85x200cm, 100x200cm, 120x200cm, 150x200cm.
Printing: full color printing
Provide black oxford carrying bag
Min order is 2pcs. Price is as low as $29.97USD/PCS

Larger or customized size/requirement, please kindly contact us for details.

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