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This site is intended primarily for companies and advertising agencies, that are interested in advertising corporate cufflinks to order in their own design/shape. We are a Custom cufflinks manufacturer, we provide varieties of products in the cufflinks range.

made on demand cufflinks

Cufflink, also cuff link or cuff-link, is an item of male jewelry and it is used in dress shirts in lieu of buttons on the sleeves. With relatively recent innovation in male attire, the cuff link has replaced the old-fashioned button and silk knot. Cufflink is currently in vogue for formal male wear and requires that the dress shirt be made with French cuffs, whose sleeve ends are longer than the arm to the wrist and may fall to the knuckles when uncuffed.

Custom made cufflinks

Are you looking for an original and luxurious gift? Welcome to the pages where you will find themed and classic advertising cufflinks in the widest offer on the UK internet market.

Custom made cufflinks maker

Firstly, as a custom cufflinks manufacturer, below we’ll introduce you to various styles of customcufflinks we can make for you to order. Laser engraving is one of the easiest ways to logo your company buttons of the future. Another way, for instance, is to insert a image into the bed of the cufflink blank, using resin. The last and most demanding but at the same time the most secure way to order cufflinks is the casting of 2D, 3D shapes.

Why custom cufflinks to promote your brand

However, if you are looking for a promotional item that will have real results and at the same time give your target client a sense of significance, then custom promotional cufflinks are the right choice. Also, advertising is not about finding the largest possible item on which to advertise, but also about what you will communicate with your choice of promotional item and where you will be able to penetrate into the lives of your potential customers. Custom cufflinks are a very suitable item for this purpose.

Customized Cufflinks producer

Also, engraving your logo or the name of your company on custom cufflinks couldn’t be easier. so cufflinks can be made to order in a variety of variants. This type of cufflinks is not only a promo item, but it is also a very fashionable thing that every man will appreciate.

Corporate advertising cufflinks to order

We are the custom cufflinks manufacturer and offer varieties of designs, styles, colors, and shapes of cufflinks on your demand. You will have huge series to chose from according to your standards and wish. lastly, we can print and design according to your company or brand, which is the best and effective part of your promotion. Below you can see some of the promotional cufflinks we provide.

Wooden corporate cufflinks to order

Personalized wooden Cufflinks manufacturer
  • Custom wood cufflinks come in a range of styles.
  • Min. order: 100 pairs/cufflink template Custom manufacturing
  • Min. order: 10 pairs/design of the supplier’s cufflinks in stock-bid HERE
  • Combining Products – Surface treated wood and brass
  • Varying forms – Round, square, right-angled, heart, star, …
  • Versatile shades of woo – Mahogany, earthenware, pine, walnut, plum, ebony.
  • Different types of wood – Wood, Bamboo

Classic corporate cufflinks to order with engraving

Engraved gold cufflinks | Engraved initials cufflinks | ZD
  • Laser-engravable Classic cufflinks. Cufflinks offer a range of variations and designs.
  • Min. order: 100 pairs / cufflink concept custom manufacture
  • Min. order: 10 pairs / design of the supplier’s cufflinks in stock-bid HERE
  • Ingredients – Brass plated with rhodium
  • Diverse types – Round, quadrangular, rectangular, oval, cylinder, stone,
  • Similar colours – Gold, silver, corn, bronze, copper,

Cufflinks custom cast symbols, shapes, inscription

Producer of custom cufflinks
  • Custom cast cufflinks offer a range of designs including symbols, shapes, or inscriptions.
  • Min. order: 100 pairs/cufflink concept custom manufacture
  • Min. order: 10 pairs/design of the supplier’s cufflinks in stock-bid HERE
  • Ingredients: Brass (stainless) with rhodium surface treatment
  • Production type: Casting with a mold and then measuring surface treatment with rhodium.

Colorful corporate cufflinks to order

Maker of customized cufflinks
  • Colorful custom-cast cufflinks provide a number of designs and including words, shapes, or inscriptions.
  • Min. order: 100 pairs/cufflink concept custom manufacture
  • Min. order: 10 pairs/design of the supplier’s cufflinks in stock-bid HERE
  • Ingredients: Treatment brass with surface glaze
  • Production type: Mold casting and then providing colored surface glaze

Corporate cufflinks bed resin-filled to order

Producr of promo cufflinks with your own design
  • The company’s cufflinks, resin-filled bed with numerous custom prints, also for intricate logos or color graphics, give professional workmanship. Min. order: 100 pairs/cufflink concept custom manufacture
  • Min. order: 10 pairs/design of the supplier’s cufflinks in stock-bid HERE
  • Ingredients: Surface-treated brass
  • Production type: The image, the logo, and the decorative item are inserted into the ready-made bed.
  • Various shapes of the bed: Round, silver, angular, bronze, copper.

How to Choose the Right Cuff links?

If you’re searching to buy cuff links, you may be overwhelmed by so many cuff link designs available on websites. Setting a budget would certainly help you limit your choices excluding the expensive, luxurious ones. But still, you’re sure to find many more cuff links within your price range as most decent cuff links are inexpensive here where you can find them.

In addition, Wearing cuff links enables you to customize what you already have and differentiate yourself from others with the same attire, No matter how much your budget is, you can easily buy good ones and wear a different pair every day if you choose from here.

How do you choose the right cuff links to wear? Choosing the right cuff links depends mainly on 2 things – on what occasion are you wearing them, and with what attire. Cuff links are relatively small, but they are very noticeable. So be careful when wearing them. They can literally make or break you.

Gift boxes with print on cufflinks to order

Cufflinks Hot and Cold Faucet Plumber DIY Plumbing Construction Tap Water  Silver and Black Colors PREMIUM Cufflinks WITH GIFT BOX COLLAR AND CUFFS  LONDON Clothing & Accessories
  • Custom cufflinks can be delivered in stylish boxes making the cufflinks, for example, the perfect gift for managers.
  • Minimum order: Print 100 pcs / 1
  • Cufflink boxes with custom manufacturing logo
  • Ingredients – Paper, with polyester.
  • Similar color – Black, brunette, blue,

Custom cufflinks to promote the brand

As a custom Examples of cufflinks are illustrative only. And custom manufacturing offers a plethora of colors, shapes, and styles.
Are you interested in our offer and do you want to have company cufflinks made to order according to your own specifications?
Contact us for a quote.


Thematic advertising cufflinks in stock

Themed cufflinks and a bit of history

The first hints of what might be considered cufflinks were already visible on Egyptian hieroglyphs found in Tutankhamun’s tomb.

However, the biggest increase was recorded by cufflinks out of 20 in the early 60s. Of the 20th century. Since the sixties-20th century begins with the cufflinks crisis. This is due to the General relaxation and simplification of men’s clothing. So, cufflinks have been almost entirely replaced by shirts with cufflinks attached to one, themed cufflinks and a bit of history, or three buttons sewn directly to the shirt. However, In the past few years, it is clear that cufflinks are experiencing a huge comeback. So, as a custom cufflinks manufacturer, it is our duty to provide it again in the market. with the range of products.

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