Returnable Ecological Steel Cups

Indeed we are confident to say that returnable steel cups are the best environmentally friendly solution. For a festival and other events souvenir. Compare to glass or ceramics-based material, the ecological steel cup is more lightweight and unbreakable. As to compete with other unbreakable materials such as plastic, this steel cup will still surpass the plastic-based stuff in almost every category, especially for its comparable price. It is also difficult to recycle plastics, due to the high energy intensity of recycling and different technology processing types used for specific plastic.

Customized ecological steel cups
Steel cup

As compare to melamine, yet it is non-toxic in a small dose, but in long-term use, it turns toxic. Also In the gastronomic industry, melamine-based material has been used for about 30 years, which is not long enough for all possible connections and reactions to manifest. Since it doesn’t have a recycling mark, melamine is also practically couldn’t be recycled, almost half of them end up in landfills. PP polypropylene is also a relatively young material that was first produced in 1954 and, unlike steel, it is not UV stable (yellows and embrittles) embrittles in the frost is poorly recyclable like all plastics. Unlike 9 percent of plastics, about 75 percent of annual production is recycled.

Ecological steel cups for U.K. markets

Moreover, Returnable ecological steel cups are more environmentally friendly. Alternative to other types of returnable cups. It has been used for over 2,000 years in the gastronomy industry. Therefore it can be said that this is a relatively tried and tested material. It is ideal for both hot and cold beverages. These steel cups are also comparable in price to melamine or PP polypropylene cups.

Cups with your own print

Ecological returnable steel cups made on custom demand
Customized Re usable steel cup

However, Steel returnable cups can be printed and engraved or laser. The aesthetic impression and perceived value are significantly higher than those made of plastic. Due to the custom design of branding, it is very likely that the end customer will keep a stainless steel returnable cup as a souvenir. In addition, profit can be generated. With a deposit of 1.7 £ for the returnable crucible, a space of 0.7-1.0 £ of wholesale margin is still created if it is not returned. These stainless steel returnable eco cups and steel cups for hot and cold beverages. Which are suitable for beer, wine, coffee, tea

Returnable crucibles made of a combination of steel and food grade silicone

To serve a hot drink, the returnable steel eco cups are combined with food-grade silicone which forms a thermal insulation layer and can also be used as the lid. So, Silicone parts are custom-made through printing or embossing. The custom modification of the silicone parts of the heat-resistant cups will further enhance the aesthetic superiority of the plastic competition.

Returnable steel ecological cups for hot drinks

Whereas, PP polypropylene cups are not ideal for serving hot drinks. It softens around 135 degrees Celsius, so the deformations can already occur when in contact with hot steam. In Addition, Handling a cup without a thermal

Customized silicone guard for steel cups.
Silicone Guard for steel cups

However, insulation layer is unpleasant for the customer and can burn the hand. In the case of the steel returnable cup, the customers can comfortably hold the cup without the risk of burns because of the silicone tape as its thermal insulation layer.

Individual custom printing for returnable steel cups

Also, individualize the returnable eco cups, the customers only need to send the desired design. so, steel eco cups can be branded by printing, laser, or engraving. this kind of cup is always used by companies to promote their brands and products. However, Ecological steel cups are easy to customize and have a large space for the logo and text. Cups are not expensive but looks very premium as a gift or promotional product.

Printed with customized design and company logo, reusable steel cups. Print your own name or logo. promote your brand with custom made cups
Printable Steel Cups for promotions

Ecological returnable mugs as a souvenir

Ecological steel mugs and cups are suitable for direct and indirect sales. In addition steel returnable cup has a higher aesthetic and perceived value and thus a higher motivation for the end customer to keep the returnable cup in comparison to the plastic one.

Custom full cups for Coffee and Hot drinks

Start from 50 pieces of order, we can make the custom-made returnable cups by engraving or lasering. Also, Custom design with its own branding. Therefore available for stall sales or small-sized enterprises or events. At higher quantities, the silicone parts of the products can also be modified.

KeepCup Thermal Stainless Steel XS / 177ml | GourmetKava

Comparison of PP polypropylene and steel returnable cups

Frost resistance – PP brittle / steel no

Heat resistance – PP softens around 140 ° C / steel is a heat resistant material

Resistance and stability to UV light – PP is not UV stable, yellowish brittle / steel is UV stable

Toxicity – PP and steel are not toxicant, but steel is a more proven material 2000 years vs 50 years

Degradability – Depends on conditions, but steel is more degradable, especially in salty or acidic environments.

Recyclability – PP is very difficult to recycle / Steel is easily recyclable

Aesthetics – steel is more aesthetic, can be lasered to meet the customer needs / PP is plastic

Material experience – PP around 50 years / steel over 2000 years

Service life – steel has more cycles of use than PP

Storage and storability – steel cups are more storable and due to UV stability it is possible to store even in direct sunlight, unlike PP, which is still brittle in the cold.

Price – branding steel returnable cups is cheaper

Comparison of Melamine and steel returnable cups

Frost resistance – steel and melamine are frost resistant

Heat resistance – above 70 ° C the carcinogenic formaldehyde is released from melamine / steel is a heat resistant material

Resistance and stability to UV light – melamine is not UV resistant / steel is a UV resistant material

Toxicity – Melamine is toxicant in higher doses or in a long-term used/ steel is not

Degradability – similar

Recyclability – steel easily and commonly recyclable / melamine is practically non-recyclable

Aesthetics – melamine is optically similar to ceramics, but it is still a plastic / steel is a traditional material

Experience with material – steel over 2000 years / melamine for about 40 years and its safety has been re-evaluated in recent years

Service life – steel has a longer service life / melamine is easily releasing stains after a surface damage

Shelf life and storability – Steel is thin-walled and therefore significantly more storable than melamine

 Price – steel is cheaper than melamine

Stainless steel returnable ecological cups for hot and cold drinks suitable for markets, festivals and stall sales

Promotional returnable steel cups
Steel Cups with silicone caps

Do not hesitate to contact us for the calculation of steel ecological returnable cups

Product in general

Reducing plastic and other unnecessary disposable waste. The ecological coffee cup is durable, easy to wash, is also dishwasher safe, and, most importantly, looks great. And the reusable stainless steel cup is equipped with silicone lids that perfectly close the cup. The silicone sleeve insulates the temperature. It keeps the cold or hot drink at its initial temperature longer. Don’t worry about having a hot drink, it also won’t burn your hands!

Why use an ecological stainless steel coffee cup? 

Reusable VS. Disposable - Which one is better for the environment?  Returnable steel cups for ecological use
Reusable VS Disposable
  • reducing the consumption of waste, especially plastics
  • does not absorb odors, it is suitable for cold and hot drinks
  • durable, practical, and reusable 
  • dishwasher safe

Maintenance of the cup is easy!

The crucible is dishwasher safe, including silicone parts. We recommend washing the cup after each use. 

Do not use the crucible for heating in a microwave oven.

Material: crucible stainless steel 304L, cover cap and protective sleeve 100% silicone
Volume: 350ml
Weight: 115g
Dimensions: height 10cm, diameter 5.7-7.7cm

A few snippets from Wikipedia and the internet about the materials used to make returnable eco-cups can be seen.

Variants of returnable cups

In Addition, You can have returnable steel cups and mugs made and printed,  or you can order them without printing. We are able to supply the cup in any color and design as a custom series from 500 pieces.

Reusable Cups for promotions and marketing purposes
Varieties of Reusable cups

The standard size of the returnable cups is 0.5 liters, but we also offer 0.2-liter capacity cups. The smaller volume of the returnable cup will perfectly suitable for any kind of drinks, also for the non-alcoholic ones.

Price list and quantity discounts on returnable steel cups

Here are the approximate prices depending on the number of the ordered quantity. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to prepare an individualized offer according to your specific requirements.

Prices are without printing and without VAT (we provide a guarantee of the lowest price)

up to 50 pieces 0.8 £ / piece
up to 1.00 pieces 0.8 £ / piece
up to 300 pieces 0.8 £ / piece
up to 1,000 pieces 0.8 £ / piece
1,000 to 2,000 pieces 0.7 £ / piece
2000 to 5000 pieces 0.7 £ / piece
5,000 to 10,000 pieces 0.5 £ / piece
10,000 and more pieces on request
Returnable crucible 0.2 liter
up to 1,000 pieces 0.7 £ / piece
1,000 to 2,000 pieces 0.6 £ / piece
2000 to 5000 pieces 0.5 £ / piece
5,000 to 10,000 pieces 0.4 £ / piece
10,000 and more pieces on request

Returnable crucible 0.5 liter

We don’t use foils for printing, which do not last very long on the substrate. Especially not when the crucible is being washed in a dishwasher.

Different sizes for steel cups
Steel cups sizes to choose

Stainless steel eco cup for many uses with its own design

The returnable eco cup with a universal print is a suitable solution. Serving a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. The usual use of the returnable steel cups is for various social events such as concerts, festivals, trade fairs, etc. The most common use of these returnable half-liter steel cups is for beer. Therefore, these are ecological beer mugs. Besides, reusable ecological beer mugs are practical and visually beautiful. Returnable eco beer mugs have recently been the popular packaging material for reuse. 

The advantage of a  returnable cup is its ability to use it multiple times.  Further, unlike the disposable cups, returnable-reusable cups must be washed, chemically treated, and disinfected, usually in industrial dishwashers. Hence Returnable-reusable eco cups are often kept by their users and taken home as a souvenir to remind them of the event.

Reusable printed Coffee Cups. Coffee Cups with Lids, Can Be Used As a Travel Mug  or Office Coffee Mug, Lightweight, Eco Friendly, Non-Slip Silicone, 12oz...  on OnBuy
Customized steel Cups

We also offer the possibility of specific printing on these steel returnable cups according to the customer’s desires. At the end of the life cycle, returnable-reusable cups are recycled as steel or iron. 

We provide an order for custom printed steel returnable cups in very small quantities. Ideally, the customers are supposed to send their graphic design at least a month before the intended event. Then we will promptly do our quality work.

We print all motifs individually, even in a small number of orders. The printing process depends on the motifs and quantities, so each request is processed individually.
So we will be pleased to advise you on the selection of branding techniques. However, each of them is suitable for a different purpose and quantity. Our company has a team of experts who have been specializing in this venture for years.
For further questions, please contact us at Gift service.

Printing on steel cups and cups

The motif or logo can be individually customized and placed on the steel cup. Choose a theme, text, color and impressively reveal your personal characteristic. Show your uniqueness!

We offer printing processes that allow you to present the logo of your company or your business partner. With the help of classic pad printing, it is possible to print both small and large quantities of products. We print in four spot colors. The maximum printable area depends on the specific glass or crucible, but is usually 42 x 42 mm.

A steel mug as an advertising medium

A steel mug or cup as a promotional item is a product that is repeatedly used. So repeatedly, your company is in the eyes of customers. A statistic shows that 90% of citizens have a promotional item that they use on average once a day. And Up to 75% of respondents have been using high-quality promotional products for more than half a year.

long-term advertising efficiency.
daily contact.
product benefits for users.
cost savings.
perfect advertising material.

Why stainless steel cups

Unique design of the Eco steel cup

Also, Steel cups are aesthetic and have a high perceived value. It will create a nice and useful item that will increase the value of your company or event brand

Health safety of the backed up steel crucible

The material tested for thousands of years guarantees for its absolute health safety.

The steel returnable festival cup is more durable, more storable than plastic,
and safer than glass.

Steel cups are light, compact but strong and durable. They do not brittle, do not release formaldehyde and are stable.

The returnable steel cup is friendly to nature
and your budget

The steel crucible outperforms the competition in all parameters. The steel cup is really ecological. Unlike plastics, it is indeed recyclable and can be used for more cycles than plastic.

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