Custom Made Rainwear

We offer a wide range of low-cost custom made raincoats which are ready to have your logo incorporated into the design to give you a distinct, highly visible, and unforgettable brand presence in the rainy season. They all come available in a rich library of colors to suit your taste and that of your clients. Moreover, they are made of eco-friendly plastic. You can print whatever you like onto the raincoats.

Now please check out some of our custom made plastic rainwear or plastic raincoat series given below and we expect your contact with us for more options and any enquiry.

Custom Made Rainwear with Printing

Printed Rainwear

Place your logo on this printed disposable custom made rainwear and give them away on a rainy day. They are well-received and people will help carry your eye-catching promotion messages around.
Item Code: GS-RC 001
Material: LDPE(Plastic)
Dimension: 77 x 140cm
Thickness: 0.02mm
Min. Order: 3000pcs

Custom Made Rainwear with Your Logo

Custom Branded Poncho Raincoat

This hooded rain poncho fits everybody. It is economice, helpful and convenient. It is easy to recognize the brand and logo on it. Custom made sizes, colours and logo.
Item Code: GS-RC 002
Material: Plastic (PEVA)
Dimension: 120cmX 190cm, 90cmX150cm(child)
Thickness: 0.03mm
Min. Order: 3000pcs

Custom Made Poncho Rainwear

Promo Disposable Poncho Rainwear

Printed fully with a company logo, it not only makes itself a great promotional disposable poncho rainwear, but also add attractiveness to this plain raincoat. Colours and logo can be custom made.
Item Code: GS-RC 003
Material: PE (Plastic)
Dimension: 120cmX 190cm
Thickness: 0.03mm
Min. Order: 3000pcs

Custom Made Disposable Rainwear Ball

Keyring poncho raincoat balls are best sellers in the market. The keyring ball is both a package and a decoration which can be attached to handbags. The raincoat and the ball can be customized according to your requirement.
Item Code: GS-RC 004
Material: PE (Plastic)
Dimension: 120cmX 190cm
Thickness: 0.03mm
Min. Order: 3000pcs

Choose Your Packing for Custom Made Rainwear

In addition to the disposable rain ponchos, we produce packs for raincoats as well. At the moment we can provide two types of packing. The first one is the pvc bag and the second is the keyring ball. Both of them can be custom made or printed. Contact us to order your one-off raincoats with the nice packing.

Packing for Customized Rainwear
Packing for Customized Raincoat
rain poncho balls

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