Personalized Wooden Sanglass is Unique Promo Gift

Our custom personalized sanglass is crafted out of different kinds of quality wood. And we have sand colored of various kinds for your preference. Each custom personalized wooden sandglass measures differently according to your requirement. You can have your custom wooden sandglass engraved with any designs or letters to make it special. And all of our wooden sandglass will fit in any decor and will enhance that special corner where you place our wooden sandglass

Classic Custom Personalized Sandglass

Classic Custom Personalized Hour-glass

Classic wooden sandglass and custom personalized gives off an old-timey feeling. Logo can be engraved on the wooden surface.

Item Code: HRWD-120501
Time: 3min, Customizable
Size: 5*8.5cm
Minimum Order: contact us for MOQ and price

Personalized Wooden Sandglass in Star Shape

Personalized Wooden Hour-glass in Star Shape

This wooden sandglass is specially personalized to star shape and light blue colour. Other shapes abnd colours are available and if there is not any, we can custom make it at your request.

Item Code: HRWD-120502
Time: 5min, Customizable
Size: Dia 6cm, H11cm
Minimum Order: contact us for MOQ and price

Personalized Sandglass in Wooden Frame

Personalized Hour-glass in Wooden Frame

Personalized sandglass in wooden frame is good for promotion. Theme information can be printed or engraved around the frame.

Item Code: HRWD-120503
Time: 5min, Customizable
Size: 6*2*11cm
Minimum Order: contact us for MOQ and price

Personalized Triangular Wooden Sandglass

Personalized Triangular Wooden Hour-glass

Wooden triangular sandglass is a special design, with a glass tube embeded in each of its faces. The three sandglass are in different colour.

Item Code: HRWD-120504
Time: 3/5/10 min, Customizable
Size: 5*11cm
Minimum Order: contact us for MOQ and price

Personalized Wooden Sandglass Set

Personalized Wooden Hour-glass Set

A wooden sandglass set consists of serveral glass tubes in different colors. It is a timer set which can indicate 3 periods of time.

Item Code: HRWD-120505
Time: 3/5/10min, Customizabe
Size: 9*3*8cm
Minimum Order: contact us for MOQ and price

Engraved Personalized Wooden Sandglass

Engraved Personalized Wooden Hourglass

Wooden sandglass is a perfect item to engrave any pattern or message you would like to convey.

Item Code: HRWD-12050
Time: 10min, Customizabl
Size: Dia 6cm, H13cm
Minimum Order: contact us for MOQ and price

Ancient Personalized Wooden Sanglass

Ancient Personalized Wooden Hour-glass

This wooden ancient personalized sandglass is delicately made and well polished to show a high value of the name engraved on it.

Item Code: HRWD-120507
Time: 10min, Customizable
Size: 6W*13Hcm
Minimum Order: contact us for MOQ and price

Promo Metal Sand Timers

Get the latest promotional ideas and share your opinion

Our promo sand timers are made with excellent metal material which is rust-resisting and durable for years. With the ability to put your logo, brand name or any letter or graphic on our metal sand timers, they have becoming promo gifts for trade show, exhibitions or new product launch meeting as well as decorative items anywhere. We have many designs for the stands of the promo metal sand timers. Colors of the sand inside the metal sand timers are left for your choice. And you can choose to have one or two or three glass tube under the stand of promo metal sand timers.

Square Metal Sand Timer

  • Minimum Order: 500 pcs
  • Unit Price: $3.69
  • Size: 1-3/8”W x 2-15/16”H

Golden Round Metal Sand Timer

  1. Minimum Order: 500 pcs
  2. Unit Price: $4.99
  3. Size: 3-7/16”W x 7-1/4”H

Three in One Metal Sand Timer

  • Minimum Order: 500 pcs
  • Unit Price: $3.49
  • Size: 3-9/16”W x 2-15/16”H

Promo Metal Sand Timer

  1. Minimum Order: 500 pcs
  2. Unit Price: $2.99
  3. Size: 1-1/8”W x 3-1/4”H

Decorative Metal Sand Timer

  • Minimum Order: 500 pcs
  • Unit Price: $3.69
  • Size: 80mm W x 120mm H

Production of Promo Hourglass


Process of producing promo hourglass

After the design and materials are selected by our customers, the body of the hourglass is blown on a glass lathe to a size appropriate for the size (time interval) of the hourglass. The frame is made; depending on its design, it may be a single piece or multiple pieces including a bottom, top, and three or four posts. If the frame is made of resin, molds may be constructed, the resin is poured in and allowed to cure, the pieces are sanded or otherwise smoothed and polished, and they are fitted together. Frame pieces may be fitted to interlock; or they may be glued, bonded, or welded, again depending on the materials involved.

The sand quantity in a given hourglass design or shape is not based on science or a measurement formula. The types of grains, the curves of the glass, and the shape and size of the opening impose too many variables on the rate of flow of the sand through the glass, so the amount of sand can not be mathematically calculated. Before the top of the frame is sealed, sand is added and allowed to flow through the glass for its prescribed time interval. At the end of that time period, sand remaining in the top of the glass is poured off and the glass is sealed.

Quality Control of Promo Hourglass

Quality control is highly important in the manufacture of promo hourglass. Therefore, as a professional hourglass maker, we do all aspects of the work to insure a quality hourglass produced that suit your requirements. And you are also involved in conceptualizing the design and choosing materials and colors. Hourglass is aesthetically pleasing ornament, rather than accurate timepiece.

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