lollipop, according to Wikipedia, is a type of sugar candy usually consisting of hard candy mounted on a stick and intended for sucking or licking. They are available in several colors and flavors, particularly fruit flavors. With a lot of companies producing custom lollipop with edible flower, the candy now has variant flavors and many different shapes. We can easily find candy to pick for free in so many public places such as a bank and other locations. It is common to have candy with fruit or mint flavors. But have you ever found and tried a lollipop with flowers? Yes, a flower! Certainly, this beautiful thing has a ‘sweet’ look, but does it also have a sweet taste? Many of our lollipops have different flavors, shapes, or colors! To fulfill your curiosity, here we offer you a custom lollipop with edible flowers.

There are many benefits of plants for humans. From the fruit, leaves, seeds, and even flowers. Apart from being often considered to beautify the room, there are some flowers that are edible and even nutritious. Indeed, not all flowers can be safely eaten. There are some edible flowers such as rose, hibiscus, and lavender. Chamomile is not only suitable for a cup of tea, but it is also edible. As well as the flower that we always pick to blow its crown off, the dandelion.

Custom lollipop with edible flower
Custom lollipop with edible flower inside

The Benefits of Custom Lollipop with Flower Petals

How often do you consume candy? Until now, candy is known as the causes of the tooth decay. But, as a fact, candy has several health benefits. Not only good for your health, it is also can be an awesome gift.

1. Candy can bring your mood back!

Work usually will make the mind complicated and stressful. Not to mention the problems at work, school, or home. Of course, it will discourage the enthusiasm and mood for the day. Eating candy, as it has sugar content in it, is effective in getting the bad mood ridden off. It is also restoring the energy back. Moreover, if you have an attractive custom lollipop with edible flowers in hand. A great combination of sugar to your teeth and also a ‘sugar’ to your eyes. It will light your day up.

Customized lollipops made with edible flowers
Custom lollipop with edible flower

2. Eat candies to live longer

It is neither an assumption nor an issue. According to a comprehensive study from the Harvard School of Public Health, it is a fact that consuming candies can make you live longer. Having candies one to three times a month was associated with the greatest health benefits. In addition, our candy is not merely about a sweet treat. It is also mesmerizing as it has an edible flower inside!

3. Make your brains work well

People who have low blood pressure sometimes experience blackout or a state of near fainting. If this happens, immediately consume sugar. For example in the form of this custom lollipop with edible flower. so that blood pressure can rise quickly. Blackout occurs because the supply of sugar to the brain is cut off. Yes, the brain cannot function properly without sugar!

Custom lollipop with flower petals
Custom lollipop with flower petals

4. Custom candy can be a nice souvenir

Make your special day even more unforgettable. You can custom your lollipops with edible flowers and order them with tags. Make your engagement day, wedding ceremony, or baby shower party stands out. For the baby shower party, you may order the sweets’ flowers according to the baby’s gender. All blue for the upcoming baby boy, or pink for the girl. Let the lovely guests reveal the gender of the baby by looking at the flowers’ color inside. Make your day memorable for everyone! You can also use this lollipop as if you have a business as a saloon, playground, boutique, or others. Giving your loyal customers this sweet is an act of gratitude. As well as a promotional item to advertise your business to them and their circles.

Custom-made lollipop with edible flower petals
Custom-made lollipop with edible flower petals

Here we have many options for imprinting your logo on a promotional lollipop. Because the options vary depending on the product. so, we add your logo and imprint to the removable wrapper, envelope, or package packaging on some of the lollies we supply. Some of the lollies we offer, such as the logo and rock lollies. Also, this allows us to imprint your logo or message directly on the candy. We can insert the text you like into the sweet itself, and we can do so in a variety of colors.

Our Custom Lollipop with Edible Flower Offer

Our lollipop has a crystal clear color, with a wooden or plastic stick mounted inside. You can also customize the taste of the candy, so it can be having a crystal pinkish color or blueish. The size of the lollipop’s diameter is variant according to your order. We hygienically wrap the candy with transparent plastic and tie it with a nice strap. We choose numerous edible flowers with different colors. The flowers will also enhance the taste of the lollipop. Remember that we also provide tags where you can write any messages you want to pass to the candy’s recipients.

Custom-made lollipop with edible flower and tags
Custom-made lollipop with edible flower and tags

Grab your custom lollipop with edible flower now!

Make sure to create a memorable occasion with our custom lollipop with edible flower. It is surely a right option to celebrate your special days with! You can also use this lollipop to promote your business.

We are not only providing a custom lollipop with edible flowers but also any other promotional things according to your order.

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