Promotional Snap Hooks as Great Gift for Customer

We are now producing promotional hooks with very useful built-in functions on a daily basis. These surprise promotions also attract many companies, groups and organizations that are associated with the new formats as new marketing tools. We also manufacture custom shaped hooks and carabiners. Our custom promotional snap hooks come in sizes to fit just about anything: keys, backpacks, purses, belts, and even zippers. They also come in a wide range of colours. Made of aluminum, these carabiner snap hooks are lightweight and practical.

Promo Snap Hooks as Custom Gifts

Our promotional snap hooks can be printed on one side or two sides. Also, some carabiners’ hooks can be laser engraved. It’s also great to display your company or organization name on one side of the item, and web address or other information on the other side.

Tell us about your business, so we can make custom snap hooks that develop new shapes and functions with a custom name, logo or message on the roost. So far, some of our promotional carabiners hooks include a small flashlight, pen, LED light, small tool kit, compass or pocket knife. Consider your target market and choose a variety that suits their lifestyle.

Promo Laser Engraved Snap Hooks

Promo Laser Engraved Snap Hooks

More space for your logo and names on these carabiner snap hooks for keychains. Laser engraved for two sides.
Item Code: PPSH-120501
Size: 8mm*80mm
Min Order: 1000 pcs

Promo Snap Hooks for Keyring

Promo Snap Hooks for Keyring

These snap hooks for keyring can be perfect as promotional gifts. Inexpensive costs make great value. Available in multiple colors and laser engraved.
Item Code: PPSH-120502
Size: (L)76 mm (W) 40 mm (D)7 mm
Min Order: 1000 pcs

Auto Locking Promo Snap Hooks

Auto Locking Promo Snap Hooks

This snap hook features an auto lock on the gate. You can set your password freely. Available in many more colors.
Item Code: PPSH-120503
Size: 6.5*54*35mm
Min Order: 1000 pcs

Promo Snap Hooks in Custom Shapes

Promo Snap Hooks in Custom Shapes

Custom shaped snap hook with key chain is one of our custom made carabiner clip for non-profit organizations. Available in many colors and custom shapes. Logo can be imprinted.
Item Code: PPSH-120504
Size: hook size 30mm, 38mm, 50mm, 60mm,70mm, 80mm, 10mm, 12mm,15mm
Min Order: 1000 pcs

Promo Snap Hooks with LED Light

Promo Snap Hooks with LED Light

Super bright with one LED light torch function, these promo snap hooks are available in many colors. Laser engraved logo is also available.
Item Code: PPSH-120505
Size: 6*85*40mm
Min Order: 1000pcs

Promo Snap Hooks with Logo

Promo Snap Hooks with Logo

With functional fabric strap and logo imprinted, you can have promo snap hooks, as affordable reward for any event.
Item Code: PPSH-120506
Size: 25mm(width)*16mm(length)
Min Order: 1000 pcs

Professional Snap Hook Supplier

Holding 1,000 square meter plant with strong ability machines support, our capacity of producing quality aluminium snap hook is huge and surely to meet your need. Improving our hardware facility and keeping the market trend, we are always an eligible international snap hook maker to produce your most creative snap hook for your events.

Supplier of Custom Made Snap Hook

Chosen from anodized series-6000 aluminum, our snap hooks are always providing a tough, resistant, rich bright color and finish. We also have the best laser to make brighter and sharper marks on our snap hooks to keep your logo or names be seen at all time.

Supplier Snap Hook for advertising

We offer a relatively lower order quantity than other snap hook supplier. And produce the best quality raw materials, production process, product packaging, and also we will be very responsible to meet your requirements and win your evaluation. We also offer competitive and reasonable prices that you can’t find anywhere else. Plus flexible service to help you with every aspect of design, sample and production and delivery, we control every detail to achieve perfection. We value you and your satisfaction above all else with the mutual benefit of cooperation.

What is Carabiner?

What is carabiner? Carabiner is a metal loop with a spring-loaded gate used to quickly and reversibly connect components. Carabiner, also called a snap hook, is most notably in safety-critical systems. It was first created for climbing in 1910 by Otto Herzog. The word carabiner is derived from Karabenerhaken which means hook or carabin. In addition, carabiner or snap hook is defined as a closed circle made of aluminum alloy. Aluminum alloy is a hard mixture of steel and aluminum. Custom carabiners or snap hooks are small and practical advertising items that can be easily packaged with a product, magazine or you can distribute them at sporting events or trade fairs. Thus, they can be useful promotional gifts for your customers. 

Custom advertising carabiners or snap hooks can be a little help for climbers, fishermen and even occasional hikers. It is also useful for travelers. The snap hooks with your custom logo can help to attach or hang an object and thus free your hands. For example, while climbing a hill, your logo will certainly be saved with a positive memory as a tool that helps the customers. The custom advertising snap hook is a cost-effective gift. Hence so, it is a highly effective way of promotion that you can use in various branches of tourism, hobby or sports.

custom Swivel-eye Bolt Carabiner
Swivel-eye Bolt Carabiner

Choosing a custom advertising carabiners for your customer

Carabiner or snap hook is used firstly as a connecting and hanging element in various activities. For instance, these activities include climbing or yachting. Advertising snap hooks have also found their place in the fashion and advertising industry. Above all, here are some reasons why choosing a custom advertising snap hook for your customers is a perfect choice:

Carabiner Ring
Carabiner Ring

Advertising carabiners are affordable

Carabiners or snap hooks are among the perfect promotional items. And for a relatively low cost, you get a large amount of distribution gifts. In addition, carabiners are very easy to transport. The transportation cost is very low. It is also reflected in the final price of the product that can be afforded. You can then hand out carabiners with your company logo at summer festivals or sporting events

The functions of advertising carabiners for potential customers

No matter what field your company operates in, a carabiner is a useful promotional gift in all industries. A carabiner or snap hook can also be just a simple key ring. It can help connect two or more things. This type of pendant is certainly suitable for a wide group of potential customers. In addition, we can produce a custom carabiner with other built-in functions. Thus will multiply the functionality of the carabiners.

Aluminum Camping Carabiners
Aluminum Camping Carabiners

Advertising carabiners are practical

With today’s competitive advertising industry, the time to deliver an advertising message is an absolutely crucial factor. It separates successful advertising from the unsuccessful one. However, stop using useless promotional gifts that end up in drawers and later in trash cans. After all, the goal of your company is not to overwhelm our planet with other useless things. Here, your custom advertising carabiners or snap hooks are useful. Snap hooks often become helpers on trips and hikes. Therefore, your customers can have their own snap hooks at hand as a form of your company’s gift and care.  For example, snap hook with a drink bottle holder is an important helper on the road.

A snap hook 
 with a Drink Bottle Opener
A Carabiner with a Drink Bottle Opener

Advertising carabiners as a fashion issue

Recently the carabiner or a snap hook has become a fashion issue. Not only for young people who like the colorful and shaped carabiner as a key ring for backpack, bag or sports handbag. Carabiner can also similarly be a cheerful, functional and light gift to order. Moreover, if your target group is young people or active adult, then custom snap hooks are the perfect choice for passing on an advertising message.

Specification of the custom carabiners

Certainly you can customize your carabiners or snap hooks, but generally with the following specifications:

  • Minimum quantity: 
    – from  100 pieces when ordering an existing shape with or without custom printing
     10,000 k s – during custom production (own custom shape, color)
  • Delivery time :  19 days
  • Carabiner shape:  tailored to your specifications 
    – stocks from 100 pieces
    – to order from 10,000 pieces
  • Dimensions:  tailored to your specifications 
    – stocks from 100 pieces
    – to order from 10,000 pieces
  • Material:  anodized aluminum 6000
  • Type : standard or with custom accessories
  • Color:
    – stock from 100 pieces
    – to order from 10,000 pieces
  • Printing:  monochrome, full color, relief, laser (depends on the choice of material)

Approximate price of a carabiner or a snap hook in stock color, for laser printing, bulk, standard shape and size (4.5 × 2.7cm) only from GBP 0.40 / piece. 
The listed price does not include VAT.

The Size of a snap hook
The Size of a Carabiner

Grab your custom carabiners now!

You can make your own design and transfer it to a custom carabiner as you like. Also don’t forget to personalize your carabiner as an identity for your organizations or company. We not only provide customized carabiner or quick hook, but also any other promotional things according to your request.

So, are you interested in our offer and do you want to introduce as well as to promote your company and brand using custom carabiners or snap hooks? Do not hesitate to contact us for a price offer by email:

For our other products, please check it here

In the price request, please state the necessary information for the price offer such as : the quantity, color design or color combination, design and delivery time. All this information will help us to promptly process the price offer just for you.

We are looking forward to collaborating with you! Team Gifts Service

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