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Whirly Mills ManufacturerWhirly Mills Manufacturer for Australia

We are engaged in the design, manufacture and sale of custom whirly mills for companies around the world on our extensive experience of being a gifts idea consultant who has aided our customers in their market tapping. Our clients are for ever telling us they can’t believe the amount of sales revenue generated from a new client over the years, all from one corporate gift idea.

Manufacturer and Supplier for Pinwheels & Custom Whirly Mills

As a professional custom whirly mill manufacturer, we supply a wide array of whirly mills which are ready to be imprinted with your logo and promotion messages at the suggestions of our experienced designer. Fabricated by expert craftspeople using the finest materials and most advanced custom whirly mill production line, the quality and distinction of your promotional program will be assured and you will receive rewarding response from your clients just as we do!

Manufacturer of Whirly Mills and pinwheels for Australia

Print your full colour logo or image on a whirly mills.
Ideal for Branding, Tourism, Promotional Giveways or Event Styling.
This customised range allows you to select specific colours and materials to co-ordinate with your company’s identity.

Custom Whirly Mills austrlia distribution Manufacturer Whirly Mills Custom details - fast delivery to Australia

Pinwheels and custom Whirly Mills – fast delivery to any place in Australia

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Level 3, Shop 3022, Westpoint Shopping Centre, 17 Patrick Street, Blacktown, Sydney

In one – two weeks we deliver to

  • Sydney.
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