Seven blades customized paper pinwheel

7 blades paper pinwheel

Customized paper pinwheel with 7leaves is made of paper with foils to protect the paper so that it will not get damaged easily when we use it in outdoor. This 7 blades paper pinwheel is popular in many events for promotional usage, like charity fund raising, children products releases, films promotion, any products regards to children release. These seven blades customized paper pinwheel is good for four seasons promotional not like the hand fans or sun glasses are seasonal promotional gifts. This seven leaves paper pinwheel is fun and popular among children teenaged events also good for family events. You can put logo or information on the paper pinwheel blades or the petal. This customized paper pinwheel is ideal promotional gifts for your events.

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Material: the blades are paper Stick is plastic
Size is 20cm
Quantity :500 price is 1.25USD, 0.85POUND,1.7AUD,1.14EURO.
Quantity:1000 price is 0.99USD ,0.7POUND,1.39AUD,0.93EURO.
Quantity:2000 price is 0.66USD,0.5POUND,0.9AUD,0.6EURO.
Quantity:3000 price is 0.6usd,0.45pound,0.8AUD.0.55EURO.
Quantity:5000 price IS 0.5USD ,0.36POUND,0.7AUD,0.47EURO.

For more 5000 pcs above please contact us for best price.


Delivery time is 18 working days

7 blades pinwheels layout

Layout pinwheel with pantone color

Layout pinwheel with pantone color