Promotional Retractable Clips


Promotional Retractable Clips

Promotional Retractable ClipsAre you looking for a cool alternative to the lanyard? Promotional retractable clips is the one.
Promotional retractable clips is also known as retractable, retractor or sometimes badge reel
which can automatically retract after the string pulled out from the reel. When you are at tradeshows, conferences, meetings and seminars, a roller clip helps to show ID badges conveniently and keep it safe and always on hand.

Promotional Retractable Clips

We offer the largest variety of promotional retractable clips and badge holders. Single imprint and full color process available for all promotional retractable clips and badge reels. These are perfect for point of sale entry at restaurants, security card entry, cash register entry, casino card holder, and door key entry to name a few.

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Various Uses of  Promotional Retractable Clips

Promotioanl retractable clips is not only used as a retractable badge holder or a retractable pull key reel but also popularly used for other applications, such as to carry ski pass, small meters, bottle cap openers, perfume bottles, reference cards, memo card decks, and car remote controllers etc, conveniently with its retractable function.

Custom Shaped Retractable Clips

Plastic Retractable Clips

Promotional Reels with Pen

Promotional Retractable Clips for your Business Promotion

You may notice that there are logos imprinted on the promotional retractable clips. Yes, it can not only bring convenience to you but also promote your company, products and services since retractable badge clips is so popular that it can be easily accepted by people.

Retractable clips are ideal for printing company logos, web addresses, phone numbers, and promotional advertisements. The outstanding promotional retractable clips will make your company Logo or brand name superbly impressive! It is very helpful for businesses, schools, offices, tradeshows, exhibits, promotional giveaways, special events, meetings, and more.

Promotional Retractable Clips Wholesaler

We are specialized in offering an extensive range of wholesale promotional retractable clips which are produced as per the client’s requirements and specifications. As a professional promotional retractable clips supplier and wholesaler, we believe we can provide you the ideal wholesale retractable clips.

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