Promo Printed Plastic Hour-glass


Promo Printed Plastic Hour-glass

Made from durable plastic, this printed plastic hourglass is available with times ranging from 8 seconds to 180 seconds (other times are not available). Great for games, promotions or time control for small tasks, our plastic hourglass is available blank or custom printed with your design (including logo, brand name or small graphic) directly on the body or two end caps of the hourglass. Colours and sizes for the whole printed plastic hourglass are your decisions to make.

Colored Promo Plastic Hour-glass

Colored Custom Plastic Hour-glass

This colored promo plastic hour-glass consists of a hexagonal shape container and a glass tube. Colors are customizable. Logo can be printed for promotion.

Item Code: HRPL-120501
Time: 15min, Customizable
Size: 16*8cm
Minimum Order: contact us for MOQ and price

Promo Plastic Hour-glass with Sucker

Promo Plastic Sandglass with Sucker

Wall promo plastic hour-glass is with the similar design as the colored plastic hour-glass. Additionally it has an sucker which enables it to stick to a wall surface.

Item Code: HRPL-120502
Time: 3min, Customizable.
Size: 6*1.8cm (Suction Cup: 3.5cm)
Minimum Order: contact us for MOQ and price

Small Round Promo Plastic Hour-glass

Small Round Promo Plastic Sandglass

Round plastic promo hourglass is the most popular product for its simple design and reasonable price. With logo printed on, it sure is a most promotional item.

Item Code: HRPL-120503
Time: 5min, Customizable
Size: 8.5*2.5cm
Minimum Order: contact us for MOQ and price

Promo Printed Hour-glass in Heart Shape

Promo Printed Sandglass in Heart Shape

Great promo hour-glass in heart shape is well-received as a gift to present love. Love goes round and round and never to an ending. Names can be printed.

Item Code: HRPL-120504
Time: 5min, Customizable
Size: dia 5cm H11cm
Minimum Order: contact us for MOQ and price

Logo Printed and Plastic Promo Hour-glass

Logo Printed and Plastic Promo SandglassDifferent two logos can be situated into plastsic promo hour-glasss. And there can be any letters or logo designed inside, such as a heart on one side and “Happy Birthday” on the other. It’s unique and ideal for promotion

Item Code: HRPL-120505
Size: 6*6*5 cm
Minimum Order: contact us for MOQ and price


Custom Printed Promo Plastic Hour-glass

Promo plastic hour-glass can be custom printed with business logos or signs. It has two sides. The obverse side is usually a logo while the reverse side is a slogan.

Item Code: HRPL-120506
Size: dia 6cm H5cm
Minimum Order: contact us for MOQ and price

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