Printed Paper Bags


Printed Paper Bags

Simply imprint your company’s image, logo or any message you want to deliver through our promotional paper bags to enhance your brand cognition or awareness. By providing you with a highly stylish, reusable and professionally designed promotional paper bag in your companies corporate colors and tailored to your exact requirement, we can make everybody remember your brand name soon after they uses these custom printed paper bags again for shopping. We offer custom paper bags at wholesale prices. Find your paper bags below or contact us for more designs.

Promotional Gift Paper BagPromotional Gift Paper Bag

Enhance your image with custom printed packaging. offers custom printing on a variety of products including:
Material: Kraft Paper
Size: 9*18cm
Minimum Order: 1,000pcs

Custom Made Promo Paper Bag

These printed paper bags are made from a high quality paper and hand finished. With rope handles, they are strong and durable bags. They are 100% recyclable, so ideal for those people wanting a luxury bag, with the environment in mind.
Material: Kraft Paper
Size: 20*25*10cm
Minimum Order: 1,000pcs

Promo Gift Paper Bag

This promotional metal hourglass is so fascinating that it is well-received in the market. Many people keep it
Material: Kraft Paper
Size: 32*23*10cm
Minimum Order: 1,000pcs

Die Cut Handle Paper BagsDie Cut Handle Paper Bags to promote

The handles of this elegant paper shopping bag can be die cut into any shape you like. Die cut handle gift bags are made of recycled content.
Material: Paper
Size: 25.5*32*10cm Customizable
Minimum Order: 1,000pcs

Promotional Printed Kraft Paper BagPromotional Printed Kraft Paper Bag

A printed carrier paper bag, inexpensive, practical, has strong handles and environmentally friendly, this small kraft paper bag absolutley tick all the right boxes.
Material: Brown Kraft Paper,
Size: 36.5*32*10 cm as shown, Customizable
Minimum Order: 1,000pcs

Gloss Paper Bag as Promotional Product

High Gloss Laminated Paper Shopping Bags, with matte film lamination.
Featured side and bottom gussets, cardboard reinforced top and bottom, and coordinating soft cord handles.
Material: Colored Paper
Size: 30*15*30 cm, Customizable
Minimum Order: 1,000pcs

Matte laminated Paper Bag to PromoteMatte laminated Paper Bag to Promote

They are constructed of heavyweight matte laminated stock with matching macramé handles, reinforced fold-over top, and cardboard bottom insert. These bags are great for spas, resorts, corporate gifts and salons.
Material: Matte Laminated Paper
Size: 31*13*23 cm as shown, Customizable
Minimum Order: 1,000pcs

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