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Promo Pinwheel

We are using the best of each country he design of New Zeland and ideas, available materials and fast high-end robotic production in China. Thanks to this connection we are able to offer best designs in fast production time, super high quality with the best price.

Promo Pinwheel

Promo pinwheel

Promo Pinwheel

Promo pinwheel is a simple child’s toy made of a wheel of paper or plastic curls attached at its axle to a stick by a pin. It is designed to spin when blown upon by a person or by the wind. It is a predecessor to more complex whirligigs.

How toy pinwheel becomes great promo gifts to kids

Promo toy pinwheel delight children as they spin around, their colors whirring together. Crafting a toy windmill is simple and even the smallest children can do most of the steps( though the pin part needs supervision and asistance). Experiment with different types of paper that you have lying around to see the different effects you can create.

Promo Pinwheel for Your Business

Promotional toy pinwheel is a fun and cost-effective gift idea for your business promotion campaigns. Toy windmills are widely used for garden and living room decoration as well as a favorable gift for kids who will have hours of fun with this from summer gatherings to autumn events.

Custom Made Promotional Pinwheel

Promotional pinwheel is a custom made toy windmill printed with company logo and series of marketing sales messages to advertise your business. In this commercial age when promotional items can be found everywhere, a better way to guarantee that your promotion will be as fun as it is successful is to put your corporate name and logo on toys! Giving these fun promotional items away to kids or to your clients who have young families, you convey a refreshing and innovative company identity. Even for adults themselves, a pinwheel would serve as a reminder to keep a childlike innocence and let their hair down under pressure.

Promo Pinwheel for Your Business
Custom Made Promotional Pinwheel

Promotional Toy Pinwheel Supplier

Specializing in toy pinwheelproducts and professional supplier of promotional toy windmill

Promotional toy windmill, the classic promotional item are available here made in paper, plastic or metallic material, for all occasions. From summer gatherings to autumn events the kids will have hours of fun with this. Our toy windmill for promotional campaign usually consist of 4 blades, design for easy assembly, while you have options for 5 blades, 6 blades,7 blades or 8 blades.

We are producing pinwheel in different shapes, sizes and qunatities contact us for a inquiry.

New Zeland fastest pinwheel suplier

Is wrong idea do the design by Chinese robots and is wrong idea force New zenad desiners to do robotic work.

Enjoy the best from booth words, save money for bear send us your design and idea we will do the rest because we are best.


Eight leaves personalized plastic pinwheel


This eight leaves plastic personalized pinwheel is made of two sheets of leaves, which have four leaves on each. This personalized pinwheel can be any color and any printing logo on it. This personalized pinwheel contains a pistil which you can put any logo and color on it. This plastic personalized pinwheel is suit for any weather even in rainy days due to its plastic blades and the stick, good any promotional events and children events and party. Also can be great décor for any public scenes. This personalized pinwheel is a little bit more complicated than the 4 leaves and 7leaves which only one sheet, but it definitely eyes catching gifts and bright up your party and events.

We can make any different pinwheel or specially according to your design, please contact for detail if you have any special requirement.

Material: the blades are plastic Stick is plastic
Size: 20cm
Quantity :500 price is 1.28USD, 0.86POUND,1.8AUD,1.2EURO.
Quantity:1000 price is 1USD ,0.75POUND,1.45AUD,0.98EURO.
Quantity:2000 price is 0.7USD,0.55POUND,0.96AUD,0.65EURO.
Quantity:3000 price is 0.65usd,0.5pound,0.85AUD.0.6EURO.
Quantity:5000 price IS 0.55USD ,0.4POUND,0.75AUD,0.54EURO.
For more 5000pcs above please contact us for best price.
Delivery time is 18 working days


Advertising Plastic Pinwheel

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Logo plastic pinwheel
Wholesale Plastic pinwheel
Personalized Plastic pinwheel
Imprinted Plastic pinwheel
Custom Plastic Pinwheel

Advantage of our Factory
Different design can be chosen based on your demand.
Standard size to fit all. While any sizes available on request.
More than 12 standard colors for option while custom colors available.
Low cost samples.
Less than 19 days on delivery at min order basis.

Advertising Logo Plastic Pinwheel

This logo plastic pinwheel with five blades is a promotional item that you can not be missed! Logo plastic pinwheel is designed to any parties and events. Printed the logo or messages on the logo plastic pinwheel making it more personal. Available for any color and size.
Item Code: PLPW–120309
Minimum Order: 1000 pieces

Wholesale Advertising Plastic Pinwheel

This wholesale plastic pinwheel is really light and fun to play. Wholesale plastic pinwheel has four plastic blades, durable and eco-friendly. Customized your plastic pinwheel for wholesale, any shape and color are available.
Item Code: PLPW–120308

Personalized Plastic Pinwheel with Advertising Logo

Personalized plastic pinwheel with 7 blades is made of excellent quality plastic material that makes it durable and everlasting. Personalized plastic pinwheel is a wonderful decoration for any parties and occassions. Customized your logo and messages on this personalized plastic pinwheel, wholesale it as business gift to boost your sales.
Item Code: PLPW–120307
Minimum Order: 1000 pieces

Customized Imprinted Plastic Pinwheel

Imprinted plastic pinwheel with four blades is the perfect giveaway to your promotion. Made of 100% excellent quality plastic material, imprinted plastic pinwheel is accepted for any shape and color. It can printed out the pattern or logo on both sides of imprinted plastic pinwheel.
Item Code: PLPW–120305
Minimum Order: 1000 pieces

Plastic Pinwheel as Advertising Product

Custom plastic pinwheel with four blades is a fun and simple toy. Custom pinwheel is made of high quality plastic material, available for any shape and color. Custom your brand name and logo on this custom plastic pinwheel and choose us to be your custom plastic pinwheel printer.
Item Code: PLPW–120306
Minimum Order: 1000 pieces

Personalized Whirlymills Supplier

Look for nowhere else for wholesale personalized whirlymills. We are a trustworthy personalized whirlymills factory who would be able to offer you assorted personalized whirlymills at great wholesale price.

Whirlymills Supplier and Manufacturer

Just fill in the forms to leave us a message We are pleased to quote direct factory price for your personalized wirlymills

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