Personalized Magic Cubes Rectangle – Australia

Advertising diversified rectangle cube

Personalized Magic Cubes Rectangle

Advertising diversified rectangle cube serves the same purpose : promote your events or advertising items, even use it as wedding invitation.

Details of advertising diversified rectangle cube

Size :10.5*10.5*3.5CM
Material :PS
Packing: invdivual plastic wrap
Carton size: 36*32*33CM
Quangity : 100PCS
weight: 11KG
Quantity : 500 pcs 1000 pcs 2000 pcs 5000 pcs
Production time:13days 15days 18days 28days

Advertising diversified rectangle cube producer

We produce this advertising diversified rectangle cube. As promotional cube producer, we continually invent new folding system of the cube. This advertising diversified rectangle cube is made of 8 pcs of small cube. Each small cube is 3.5 cm and you have six pictures on this cube. They are displayed as square pictures. The size is 7x7cm. This advertising diversified rectangle cube is same as the customized square cube that made of 8 small square cubes. They just have the different folding systems. They serve the same purpose : to promote your activities or markting events or advertising items or even use it as wedding invitation.

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