Custom Made Silicone Products


Custom Made Silicone Products for Your Next Promotion

Check our custom made silicone gifts products below and get your own silicone gifts for your company presentation.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any question about custom made silicone gifts We are looking forward to cooperation.

Custom Made Silicone Phone Case

Promo Silicone Phone CaseThis custom made silicone phone case made of 100% silicone is to wrap around your phone to protect it from damage. We can make it into different shapes according to any phone model. Perfect as give-away to your phone customers. Perfect promo silicone gift.

Unit Price: $0.85USD
Minimum Order: 5.000 pcs
Production Time: 8 working days

Custom Mae LCD Silicone Watch Band

Printed  LCD watch bandThis custom made LCD sport watch is a brand new promotion concept. Made with 100% silicone, this customized LCD watch bandis waterproof which is good for sporting. You can imprint with your logo or any message on it. Your logo can be deboseed, embossed or printed.

Unit Price: $0.65USD
Minimum Order: 500 pcs
Production Time: 7 working days

Custo Made Silicone Key Chains

Customized Silicone Key ChainsAnother good silicone gifts like bracelets, it could be print, embossed or debosse words on the custom made silicone key chains. Make your brand known to everybody with it now! Custom made silicone key chains for your customers.

Unit Price: $0.23USD
Minimum Order:1.000 pcs
Production Time: 7 working days

Custom Made Silicone Cable Winder

Advertising Silicone Cable WinderThis fish bone shape silicone cable winder knows well the turbulent relationship between people and their cables. This custom made cable winder helps you easily tidy up your disorder cable. Get your custom made silicone cable winder and give great gift to your customers.

Unit Price: $0.12USD
Minimum Order:1.000 pcs
Production Time: 5 working days

Promotional Silicone Mouse Pad

Customized Silicone Mouse PadsThis custom made silicone mouse pad is made of 100% silicone and cloth. Any shapes can be made according to your requirement and logo or brand name is allowed to be printed on the cover for any promotion purpose.

Unit Price: $1.95USD
Minimum Order: 1.000 pcs
Production Time: 7 working days

Custom Made Silicone Shaped Bands

Advertising silicone shaped bandsThese colourful custom made silicone shaped bands are made of silicone and die molded in many different fun shapes. The shaped silicone custom made bands also can be whatever shape – letter, animals. They return to their original shape when you take them off the item they are holding (or off of your wrist).

Unit Price: $0.23USD
Minimum Order: 1.000 pcs
Production Time: 7 working days

Custom Made Silicone Necklaces

Promotional Silicone NecklacesIt is possible to manufacture almost everything from silicone, that´s why we can offer you custom made silicone necklaces for your company presentation. Custom made silicone necklace are becoming fashionable and we can produce them for your brand presentation or support you charity event.

Unit Price: from $0,89USD
Minimum Order: 500 pcs
Design and size: custom made
Production Time: 20 working days

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